Orion Aries Rial

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Orion Aries Rial
Biographical Information

Moon of Concordia

Date of Birth:

19 ABY (age 26)

Physical Description

Human (Mandalorian)




1.6 Metres


62 Kilo




Emerald Green



Personal Information

House Tarentum



Lightsaber Form(s):


Fighting Style(s):


Chronology & Political Information



Dark Jedi Knight


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era


House Tarentum

Personal Ship:


Known masters:

Former Kell Palpatine Dante

Known apprentices:




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Orion Aries Rial currently holds the rank of Dark Jedi Knight in House Tarentum. A Mandalorian orphaned at an early age. Known as a background manner allowing him to remain in the shadows as he gains power.

Character History

The Beginnings

Childhood And Academy Life

Enapace was born on the distant Mandalorian Moon of Concordia. He was found abandoned in a forest at a young age, with no memory on how he got there or who his birth parents were. A man and woman stumbled across him all alone not being able to have children of their own, they adopted him and gave him the name Enapace Rial.

Enapace was raised in the ancient customs of a warrior Mandalorian until the age of eight. When the pressure he was under increased with his father's desire to see him become the absolute best to maintain the honor and pride of the Ancient House of Rial, he started breaking down during a running exercise and was punished by his father who whipped him for being weak.

Over time Enapace started to become very isolated but also incredibly ambitious and cunning, wanting to prove himself worthy of calling himself a Rial. To avoid punishment, he sought solace in the darkness and devoted himself to warfare cutting off all emotion, as it is just a weakness, a crutch and no Rial should rely on it. His father initiated him into the family officially on the boy's tenth birthday, branding him with the seal of the house of Rial as a continuation of the family's tradition giving them a constant reminder that that family is crucial all times.

As time went on Enapace was taught shooting and swordsmanship, and slapped or beaten until he got it right, so now he could shoot three hundred yards, bull's eye every time and hold his own against his father for 20–30 seconds. His father was still never happy with him. At age 11, he participated in a shooting contest and achieved second place, he was starved and beaten for a week by his father for not finishing first, and for publicly dishonoring the Rial name.

Most of the time Enapace remained in control of his emotions and never let his father see him cry and remained in top position. Every now and then, he would release his pent up anger and frustration whenever, he did this he had started to notice things would crack or move without any logical reason behind it. For his studies from the age of 11 and 1/2 his father started teaching him Engineering and Strategy. But all this time, whenever he seemed to let go of his emotions he effected objects around him.

Enapace, at the age of 13, caused the unforeseeable to happen in an act of rage brought on by a whipping on the back, due to not grasping a principle his father had been showing him. He pushed his father through a shed wall and embedded him on a piece of shredded metal from a damaged speeder bike that his father was repairing. From that day on he and his mother went to live with his uncle who was the Patriarch of the House of Rial. He was a strict man, but fair and from entering his uncle's house he was only punished when needed to be. He continued his education with uncle, who expanding it into flight and astronomy, something everyone should know.

Just as Enapace was turning 14 and ½, he had finished the designs to his own mandalorian armor, a tradition in the old families that each male makes their own as a rite of passage. He had left the house to test his armor and to try his luck at a bit of hunting. When he returned, after managing to get two boar and Pheasant, he saw smoke coming from the direction of where the house stood. He hurried to see what the problem was. As he arrived he saw his entire house was on fire. He broke the front door in to try and see if his mother or uncle had been trapped. Using his helmet to block out the smoke, he quickly found two people and recognized them as his uncle and mother. He quickly dragged them outside. Once there he quickly checked his mother for life immediately noticing her throat had been slashed, he hurried over to his uncle to see the same thing had happened to him as well. He screamed "I will find who did this to my family and skin them like the dogs they are" not noticing in anger the sparks flying around him.

Knowing Enapace couldn't stop the fire, as by this point the roof had fallen in, he left it to burn down. Knowing it would never have been a home for him anymore without his family. He took the time to dig a hole for his Uncle’s and Mother’s bodies. He sealed the grave back up and found a stone to use as a marker which he inscribed their names on too. He headed down to the back of the estate to find his uncle's emergency supply stash of money disappearing into the night after retrieving it.

A man met Enapace saying he had been sent by an emissary of an organization called the Dark Jedi Brotherhood and due to Enapace's abilities, he has been offered a place at their academy. He decided to accept the offer and was taken to the Shadow Academy and assigned to the Deneba Campus. He stayed there for 13 weeks studying the basics of the Force and continuing his education in standard studies also allowing him to extend his knowledge in robotics. After his studying he had to take an exam at the SA called The Test of Lore. He passed with flying colours and was assigned to the House Of Odan-Urr but continues to be trained at the Shadow Academy with their professors.

The Brotherhood

Early Journeyman Life

When Enapace passed his Test of lore he was given his House designation and the rank of Apprentice it was a proof that felt good that through the suffering his father put him through he finally had something to show for it. He slowly moved advanced his knowledge basis by accessing the Holonet and discussing Krath lore with fellow members so it surprised him was he noticed by his superiors and he was promoted to his to the rank of Novice and told to carry on with the good work. When he reached the rank of Novice he put in for a transfer from the house of Odan-Urr to the House of Revan and was told he had to have cool down time period for the leaders to discuss. He slowly began researching more into the holonet and came across a writing competition that was held by the Deputy Grand Master. Which He wrote and sent off. He decided to take the Antei Control Centre Basics exam as it interested him and got a pass mark also viewing the holonet he came across a forums section which interest him a place where fellow members could chat and discuss lore and general things. He also went to check his clan channel and discussed with his roll master about promotion requirements and explained he had done what was required. So he was recommended for promotion and after it was cleared by the MAA he given the rank of Acolyte. Since his promotion he came across an article about gaming and spoke to a couple of people and found out he could get credit for using certain games called fire clusters. He also was able to enter into two competitions which boosted his current total. Later on the transfer was approved and he moved to House Revan. He spoke with the Aedile of House Revan and was told that he could enter two more competitions which he did to further boost his total amount to get ready for next promotion. He started on a holonet page for himself listing his actions to date. Continuing on this he advanced and entered a battle simulation sector where he trained for days and was awarded fire clusters. Over a period of time he worked his way up by passing exams at the Shadow Academy and Gaining Clusters of Fire and was awarded the rank of Protector.

Late Journeyman Life

During this time Enapace had been learning more information and making potential allies for the future. After passing the Krath Order exam he was granted the position of Guardian. During this time had learn a lot from the academy and managed to obtain a Dark Maven in Both History and Philosophy pushing his skills and gaining knowledge on different styles of combat. Following the weeks after his ascension to Guardian he had been putting more and more time into battle simulations and managed to Tie for First place in the fencing arena. At this time the Tenth Great Jedi War had Broke out for services during combat and showing courage he was promoted to the rank of Jedi Hunter. During the war House Revan suffered significant losses to there side having there fleet decimated at end of the war House Revan disbanded. This placed him in a curious position without a house so he decided to rejoin Odan-Urr his previous House and seek his fortune there. Unfortunately for him going over to the light side did not work well with plans though he was able to complete a few competitions during his time there he realized that he was not a man who could live by the rules that that the jedi's enforce on themselves.During a routine surveillance scout of the sector his ship's engine were damaged and he drifted into space. He was recently found by a passing ship and was returned to the SA once there he discovered he had been listed as rogue and has now been assigned to House Scholae Palatinae and hopefully this he will be able prove himself and be ordained as a knight. Looking back he decides he wishes to continue on his combat training at the SA as he was raised by a warrior race he may not like his adopted family but he admits they had good principles and acknowledges the knowledge would be useful to have.

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