Nebula Strider (yacht)

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Nebula Strider
Production information


Technical specifications

32 meters

Max speed (atmosphere):

1,200 km/h

Hyperdrive rating:
  • Class 2
  • Backup Class 7




Cargo capacity:

35 metric tons


1 month

  • Yacht
  • Light freighter
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The Nebula Strider was originally owned by a wealthy Shinteran family, as evidenced by various artifacts found aboard. They were apparently killed during the enemy bombardment during the Eighth Great Jedi War before they could evacuate, and the ship entombed in their partially collapsed private hangar. It was discovered by looters scouring the rubble two weeks after the aliens withdrew from Jusadih, and immediately put to use in fleeing the smoldering system. Unfortunately, by that time space traffic was essentially non-existent, and Clan Plagueis had collected itself enough to scrutinize stragglers.

It’s doubtful that the hard-pressed Dark Jedi would have bothered finding a pretext for confiscating a working transport, especially one with a powerful sublight drive. Nonetheless, the “theft” of the vessel was used as a dismissive wave toward legality, ensuring that the shattered Shinteran justice system looked the other way both when the ship was seized, and all aboard transferred to a forced labour detachment on Aerun.

The Nebula Strider was destroyed during evacuation operations from Morroth during the Horizons crisis in 30 ABY.