Mattock Station

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Mattock Station
Production information

Space Station

Possession Item:


Technical specifications

Arx orbit

  • Shipyard
  • Support and supply
  • Dark Council
  • Arx Capital Exchange

35 ABY

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Mattock Station was constructed in orbit above Arx in 35 ABY as the Dark Council established its seat of power on the planet. It is a space station capable of docking larger destroyers upwards of three-thousand meters in length and performing full repairs and construction.

Station Info


Constructed by the Dark Council’s own construction teams in orbit above Arx. Built based on the design of shipyards and docks used by the former Galactic Empire.


ACE, a holding company managed the Regent of the Brotherhood, maintains full ownership and management of the station and all personnel stationed onboard. This includes highly skilled shipwrights, engineers, mechanics, and technicians capable of working on an incredibly wide range of ships allowing the Brotherhood to work with whatever they can get their hands on. The holds of the station, as well as hangars on the surface of Arx below, contain inventory necessary to handle repairs and retrofits.


The work done at Mattock station produces new ships as well as repairs for both the Dark Council and the collective Clans of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. It has the capacity to support day to day maintenance and repair on the entire fleet but struggles in times of intense conflict to keep up with services.


A wide range of shuttles, tugs, and cargo ships are docked in the various hangars of the station at any given time to bring the workers and materials where they need to be. No military ships are assigned to the station, relying on defense from the Iron Forces if necessary.