Marrek Gunstinson

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Marrek Gunstinson
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

19 ABY

Physical Description














Personal Information

Montresor, Kanis Da'uul

Fighting Style(s):


Chronology & Political Information



Dark Jedi Knight/ Apex Brigade Sniper


Dark Jedi Brotherhood


Dark Jedi Brotherhood, Arcona, Shadow Gate, Apex Brigade

Known masters:


Known apprentices:

Codar Sovar, Adam Bolera



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Marrek is a young member of Apex Brigade, joining them as a Sniper. He is now nineteen and a Dark Jedi Knight. His childhood was spent outdoors for much of his time. He had little in the way of formal school but instead was taught by his father how to survive and how to fight. When he joined the Dark Brotherhood he made friends quickly and showed value in the fact that while his schooling was little, he was eager to learn and learned quickly. He has made his way through many courses at the academy and has advanced to the rank of Dark Jedi Knight.


Youth & Adolescence

As a young child Marrek spent much his time shooting sport blaster rifles with his father, his initial training that made him the skill and deadly accurate shot he is today. As Marrek grew, he slowly developed his connection to the force, finding it first in his ability to control his breathing for extended periods of time, then in his hearing, among other things. In his teenage years, Marrek spent a large amount of his time outside of school shooting, or exploring the partially underwater cave systems he had found around his family's house. Several expeditions into the caves didn't always leave him coming home at the end of the day empty handed, on several occasions he would come home with various interesting looking stones and sometimes he would show up with different crystals, not all of which he, or his father, were able to identify. About the age of seventeen Marrek had been exploring deep into the woods near the Family homestead when he was attacked by a massive animal, which raked his face shortly before he was able to lodge a large hunting knife into its jaw and kill it, the two scars that now mar his face are an everlasting reminder of that day. The day Marrek left home, his father sent him with an old family heirloom, an ancient double bladed longsword, and while Marrek had practiced with swords in his past, his father had never before allowed him to touch this sword. After taking the sword, he found his connection to the force to be stronger than it ever had been before.

Joining The Brotherhood

Kanis Da'uul recruited Marrek into the Brotherhood when Marrek was traveling after having just left Corellia at turning eighteen years old. The two met in a Cantina, which was subsequently raided, after Marrek had showed his skill in combat, assisting Kanis, Kanis brought him to join the ranks of the Brotherhood

The Battle for Svolten

Marrek has quickly worked his way up to Acolyte, and is now vying for Protector after showing his worth in the raid on Svolten, serving as a Support Sniper for one of the AIC-4s that went to the planet. Helping to ensure the victory Arcona had locked in with less casualties.

Taking a Master

A few weeks after the capture of Svolten Marrek was taken on by Montresor, to be trained further and have assistance in his rise to Dark Jedi Knight.

The Battle of Ziost

Unlike Svolten, Marrek was ready for the battle of Ziost, he had his equipment prepared ahead of time and he was picking off One Sith before his AIC-4 even hit the ground. His master had transfered to take command of House Plagueis prior to the start of the mission. Both House Plagueis and Clan Arcona had been sent into Ziost though. During the battle Marrek was given a field promotion to Dark Jedi Knight after choosing to protect Arcona's Consul Marick Arconae over his own master. While his master still survived the encounter, the shot that hit the assassin behind Marick alerting Marick to prevent the other assassin from killing Montresor.

His First Apprentice

Marrek's first apprentice was Condar Sovar. Condar showed himself to be a very eager learner and advanced through the ranks nearly as quickly as Marrek had done himself. Shortly after Condar's advancement to Dark Jedi Knight however Condar separated from Clan Arcona, becoming a rogue member of the Brotherhood.

A Life Saved and an Apprentice Gained

During the Battle of Ziost Marrek had saved a Jedi Padawan, by the name of Adam Bolera, from a One Sith Assassin, after the Padawan's master had died from injuries received during the fight Marrek approached Adam and recruited him into the ranks of House Qel-Droma. When the time came for Adam Bolera to choose his master in the House, he selected Marrek.

Physical Appearance

Marrek is extremely tall and thin, standing six feet eight inches tall yet weighing only 187 pounds. His black hair is worn cut short in a military style cut. His face is marred by two large scars the slash diagonal down his face, going from about his left temple to his right lower cheek, one scar going just above his left eye, and the other just below. His eyes were a vibrant fiery sort of red and many found them to be either very piercing or very scary, or a mixture of the two.


Marrek is most commonly found wearing the Obelisk Cadet uniform, under the uniform he wears a blast-dampening vest. Strapped to the belt of the uniform, but usually hidden behind the cloak he wears with the uniform, he would always carry his family heirloom, a double edge longsword, and his personal lightsaber. Marrek's battle uniform is the lightweight polyweave body suit issued to him as a member of Apex Brigade, however he is also known to carry a ghillie suit with him on missions that might require him to take up a hidden position in a natural location.


Marrek has been known to carry a variety of weapons into battle, these weapons range from his sword, a Saber, Slugthrower pistols, Blaster pistols, sniper rifles, and other blaster weapons, as well as a variety of grenades.

As a Dark Jedi Knight his standard load out now consists of a

  • Sorosuub X-45
  • Prax-Arms AXM-50
  • Relby-K23 Blaster Pistol
  • Custom Dissuader KD-30 "Acid Trip" Slugthrower Pistol
  • Personal Lightsaber
  • Thermal Grenades
  • His sword given to him by his father
  • Vibroknife

Personality Traits

He has a very military-like personality being mostly impersonal about things to those that he doesn't know, or doesn't particularly know to trust with anything more. He tends not to speak much to people he is unacquainted to, and when he does speak he tends to come off rather harshly toward them. To members of Clan Arcona that he has become better acquainted to however he might speak more if there is something to be said, and often seems more friendly in general.



Marrek has two fades that have been assigned to him: Shadex Soldown and Benwarr Blatile

IG-100 Unit AB-5

As a member of Apex Brigade Marrek has had IG-100 Unit AB-5 assigned to him.