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before 14.000 BBY

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Sith Pureblood







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Sith Empire

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"You have awakened us from our ten-thousand-year slumber.... Do you believe you can truly defeat us this time?"
―Guardian spirits of the temple

Lord Malignous was a Force Ghost who served as protector of the ancient Sith library-temple on Krayiss II. During the course of the Dark Brotherhood's vendetta against the One Sith, Malignous was defeated and forced to give access to the temple to the Brotherhood.


Not much is known about the person known as Lord Malignous. In life he had been a powerful Sith Sorcerer, eventually discovering the power of eternal life as a conscious ghostly manifestation.

Destroyed in unknown events, Lord Malignous returned to the Sith Library-temple on Krayiss II to seek revenge on those who would steal the Sith's secrets within the temple's archives. Cloaked in black on black robes with a crown of thorns upon his head, the Dark Lord stood as a gatekeeper at the great wooden doors of the library-temple. Summoned through the use of incantations, Lord Malignous only appeared if the library-temple rose from the rocky surface of Krayiss II

Personality and Traits

Lord Malignous was a powerful avatar possessing many of the abilities he controlled during life. A deceased Sith Lord, Malignous' spirit has grown in power over the millennia and sought to collect additional souls to defend the library-temple. Incapable of being defeated through physical means, Malignous remained anchored to a power source unknown at this time.

Force Powers

Lord Malignous was a Dark Lord of the Sith-level combatant capable of manifesting in ghostly form. His abilities included possession (the ability to possess a Force user), drain Force (the ability to steal a combatant's Force pool), and telekinetic wound/kill (the ability to use the Force to wound or kill an opponent).

Behind the scenes

Lord Malignous was designed as an NPC character for the first phase of the Dark Crusade vendetta event.