Lena Rhell

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Lena Rhell
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15 BBY

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5' 9"


185 lbs





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Naval Officer


Grand General


Iron Forces



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Lena Rhell is the leader of the Iron Navy, serving as the Grand Admiral. In this function she serves the dual purpose of being the Fist's advisor on naval warfare and strategy while also commanding the forces of the Iron Navy. Likewise, Lena Rhell is also the Moff of the Arx System, tasked with the operations and defense of the system and its overall military governance.

Character History

Grand General, Moff of Arx System

Lena Rhell was born on Carida during the year 15 BBY. Growing up during advent of Emperor Palpatine's New Order, in the shadow of the Carida Imperial Academy no less, the young Rhell was an ardent Imperialist. Raised on the propaganda and seeing the material wealth and progress made by those like her, she desperately desired to enter the Carida Imperial Academy when she turned 15 and was able to earn a coveted spot.

The rigorous training on Carida hardened Rhell from a headstrong and precocious young girl into an inquisitive yet introspective woman. While most of her peers sought placement at the prestigious Sky Strike Academy for aspiring fighter pilots, Rhell's interests lay elsewhere. Never the most daring trainee or the most outspoken, Rhell always scoured the available data and ruthlessly analyzed her surroundings during every training mission and simulation. Her instructors felt she would be a skilled staff officer, perhaps, or would thrive in a technical role, but they doubted her ability to lead in combat.

As advanced training began and her cadre of students were split into various tracks, Rhell was assigned as an Ensign and posted to a remote military depot near the Unknown Regions. Many of her friends and family saw this as a sign of a dead-end career and a lack of faith by her superiors. However, Rhell took this as a challenge. Upon arriving at the depot Rhell was dismayed to see that the Imperial presence in the area amounted to a squadron of TIE fighters and a small pocket cruiser. However, fate and opportunistic timing would soon provide Rhell with a chance to show her true talents.

The events of 3 ABY and the destruction of the Death Star threw the Empire and the galaxy at large into chaos. Pirate attacks and incursions by various previously undocumented species from the Unknown Regions threatened to erode the borders of Oversector Outer. While most senior officers and strike forces were being recalled to the Deep Core or sent to engage the Rebel forces and curtail the crumbling of Imperial space, Rhell like many countless others in backwater systems, was left without orders. With contact to higher headquarters limited and the death of her superior officer at the hand of a pirate raid, Rhell made the unusual tactical decision to do nothing.

In the weeks after this event Rhell kept the crew of the cruiser and the squadron pilots active in drills and scouting missions, as she worked with each and every staff NCO to study navigation charts, communications data, and energy signals. By doing so she was able to discover not only the hiding place of the pirates but also determine their origin and strategic weaknesses and centers of gravity. Owing to this, she was able with such a meager force to overwhelm and take down a major criminal enterprise. While Lena Rhell imagined she would spend the remainder of her career forgotten, others began to take notice.

As the remnant of the Empire withdrew to the Deep Core and closer to Wild Space, this shifting battle line brought more Imperials to the region Rhell was operating in and the need to secure scarce resources and territory became acute. Officers of what would become the nascent First Order gave Rhell ever increasing responsibilities and missions into the Unknown Regions to study alien civilizations and thwart hostile invasions. Never acting recklessly or impetuously, Rhell earned a reputation for finding her enemies weaknesses and delivering a swift and crippling blow.

Much of Lena Rhell's service with the Imperial Remnant and officers who would become senior leadership of the First Order is heavily classified. However, it is known that agents of the Iron Throne made contact with her at some time after 20 ABY. Rhell had grown alienated by the First Order's renunciation of many of Palpatine's visions and their white-washing of what the Empire once stood for in the minds of those like her - stability, rule of law, justice, and progress. It was this dilemma, being torn between her memories and ideals of what the Empire should be and what the First Order was becoming that drew her to leave and serve the Iron Throne.

How she came to earn the position of the Grand General and serve as the Arx System Moff is unknown to all but the very most senior within the Dark Council. However, it has been speculated that Rhell has been serving far longer than her dossier would imply, and that she may have been orchestrating events within the First Order for a time before her departure.