Legacy (transport)

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Production information


Technical specifications
  • Turbolaser
  • Quad laser cannons
  • Armed transport
  • Command ship
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The ship running under the name Legacy was not a typical vessel in the fleet of the Brotherhood, nor in any fleet known to the galaxy. As the command vessel for the Krath Order, it had been redesigned to benefit the uses of this strange, secretive Order. Where most other vessels are outfitted to house more weapons, greater shielding, or any other number of systems useful to a naval crew, much of the ship itself had been downgraded, to clear out space to house the body of the Krath Order, but also, the items and tools they used in their research, and experiments.

Several areas on the hull of the ship had been outfitted with what can only be called "bubbles," crafted of transparisteel. The "bubbles" are actually observation points, but their secrets were only known to the Krath order. During times of battle, those members of the Order aboard the Legacy were called to take their assigned places within these transparent bubbles. Once all were situated, the Krath High Priest/ess began a ritual to empower his/her Order, who then turned the very Force itself upon their enemies in combat. Truly, it was unknown exactly what sort of rituals the High Priest/ess used, or what their effects were, as none of the Krath Order were very forthcoming in details.

Several areas of the rest of the ship had been expanded, as some of the computer equipment was removed to allow for study and research areas. Great expanses of the ship itself had been turned into nothing more than library halls, to house the literature, and scrolls, among other objects and relics that were discovered along the travels of the command ship of the Krath. In addition, several areas around the ship were, in effect, meditation chambers, where the Krath sought to deepen their contact with the Dark Side. These meditation chambers were also used as exercise areas, as they held enough room for quite a number of Krath to practice combat, and other physical activities throughout their days.