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Kazumi-Ytje Matsumoto
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

10 ABY

Physical Description





1.6 Meters


64 KG





Personal Information




Lightsaber Color(s):


Lightsaber Form(s):

Form 0/Banlanth

Fighting Style(s):


Chronology & Political Information

Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era


Scholae Palatinae

Known masters:




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Character History


Kazumi was born into a family of slaves, who were rightly owned by the Hutts of Tatooine. Living in the Mos Eisley spaceport was no pleasure as her parents were poor as they worked as laborers to the rich and worthy. She never really had the chance to grow up as child, not like one you would find on the more civilized planets.

The little girl was always the odd one out, as there was just something about her what made other kids want to avoid her. Then at the age of twelve, she was discovered to be Force Sensitive by one of the few Jedi that roamed the galaxy. Her parents decided to let her go as they had nothing to truly give her more than her freedom, and she was adopted into the Jedi Order.

By the year 27 ABY, she was quickly torn into the Yuuzhan Vong war and was one of the few young Jedi that fought on the frontlines. Then when the war ended, she had turned into a total different person. When the news had reached her of her parent’s death, Kazumi put the blame on the Jedi and the Galactic Alliance.


Her motives of actions turned from light to dark and she was exiled from the Jedi Order. In that time she had become obsessed with the Dark Lord, Palpatine. She studied his life, and became addicted to his treachery and darkness. In her research, she discovered the Dark Brotherhood and was quick to join its ranks as a Sith.

Now, today as a member of Scholae Palatinae, Kazumi continues her training in the Dark Side of the Force, aspiring to become just as powerful as the dead Emperor.

Character Description

Looking at Kazumi, her appearance is that of an average Zabrak, on her head she has horns and her face is quite ordinary with yellow eyes and black lips, as well as having a well formed body from her training has allowed her to build up some muscles on her body, giving her a slightly larger figure than a normal female. The only distinguishing feature about Kazumi is that she has a nose ring on her left nostril, as well as having five earrings spread throughout her right and left ear’s, five on each side. Though she has no phobias she is not keen on spider’s though this does not do not impede her in any form.

DJB Facts

Obtaining the lightsaber

Preferred Equipment

Kazumi was equipped by a lightsaber which the hilt was an Armory Saber and the Blade Color is red and her Lightsaber Form is 0/Banlanth and as a second weapon she`s equipped by a Sword.

Outstanding Achievements

Anything you're proud of.


Kazumi will be better in English in her real life.