Kamalis Creed

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Kamalis Creed
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Andrelious J. Inahj



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"I will gain the strength to conquer worlds."
―Kamalis Creed

Kamalis Creed is a Sith Warrior, currently serving within Clan Naga Sadow. He is member of House Marka Ragnos, assigned to the battleteam Shadow's Bane.

Character History

"Insert Dramatic Quote Here""
―Unknown Dark Jedi recruiter to Incendus.

Joining the Brotherhood

In 36 ABY, Kamalis Creed came to the Shadow Academy, where he was put into Clan Arcona and House Qel-Droma. He was shortly promoted to Proselyte and assigned to his master, Andrelious J. Inahj.

Operation Rolling Thunder

In 36 ABY, The Chiss military blockaded the Dajorra System. Shadow Gate had been tasked with rigging the power cells of a space station to overload. Scelestus gave each memeber of the team a position to fill as Shadow Gate tread the treacherous halls of the station: Zakath and Legorii were at the front, leading everyone through the attack, Kamalis Creed and Andraste Vivende were to watch the flanks, Cethgus and Walker brought up the team's rear, and Scelestus was to provide general assistance, and later to rig the subsystems to explode. Everybody would board a gunship that would carry the team to the space station. Carrying a blaster and an electrostaff, Kamalis Creed prepared to enter the field of his first combat mission.

After landing in the hangar, Legorii and Zakath wasted little time to establish a beachhead inside the enemy's capital ship. After this light tussle, however, an angry Socorra Erinos scolded the team and urged the agents to take a quieter approach. The team had little resistance from the enemy while making their way through the station, and what little they did have was quickly dispatched by Legorii and Zakath. There were only a few light casualties, yet the team pushed on, eventually encountering an internal security checkpoint. A huge bulkhead separated the team from their goal. Cethgus proposed slicing through the huge sealed door, but the option was ruled out on account of time. It was finally proposed that one team member be captured by the enemy, forcing them to open the door, thus giving the team an opening. Eager to prove himself, Kamalis volunteered. The team knocked out and kidnapped both a Chiss officer and a standard Chiss infantryman to carry out their last-minute procedure.

The guards, under the influence of a force mind trick, were admitted into the internal security checkpoint by their fellow officers, dragging Kamalis in. The rest of the team followed through. To their surprise, there was a single Chiss besides the two carrying Incendus, his finger hovering over the button that would sound the alarm and ruin the entire mission. Legorii imediately aimed his blaster at the Chiss' head, invoking threats. After a tense, slow, and enduring moment of hesitation and desperation passed, the sound of blaster fire revealed a dead Chiss officer, and the entire team exhaled in relief.

Shortly afterwards, Scelestus split the team up to finish the mission. Andraste was to watch the security monitors, Cethgus was to hack the computers and download every file that he could, Scelestus was sent to rig the cells, leaving Legorii, Zakath, and Kamalis to guard and intercept anything that tried to stop them. Minutes dragged on before Scelestus, Andraste, and Cethgus returned to the checkpoint. The team returned to the hangar and boarded their gunship, the sound of blaster fire, Chiss screams, and death ringing all around. The gunship was prepped and ready, and flying out of the hangar, Kamalis left behind his first successful mission, and his first entry into the world of war.

He had begun his journey on the path to glory.

Trials of Loyalty

Andrelious, Kamalis and Strategos’ mission was to retake the Safehouse Jackson, which had doubled as an Ice Cream shop on Port Ol'val. The plan was to use Strategos’ undercover mission as a member of Fly on the Wall to safely disable the defenses of the safehouse, and attack the unsuspecting guards. Andrelious and Kamalis, disguised as simple consumers, would meet and regroup with Strategos who will be donning his undercover persona.

While Kamalis is pretending to look for a gift at a local shop (in which he gets in a slightly heated argument with an old man), Andrelious finds Strategos, and is informed that due to rank, Strategos is not able to access the codes necessary to safely shut down the defenses. Andrelious and his eager apprentice regroup and set off to find the FOTW engineer, Strategos' superior within FOTW. They kill him, causing the mercs to “promote” Strategos and give him the codes.

Andrelious and Kamalis then infiltrate the safehouse in an effort to find Strat. They split up, and while searching, Kamalis is ambushed. He kills several guards, hiding the bodies in an empty room. Soon after, he finds Andrelious and Strategos, and they begin devising a plan, hoping to surprise there enemies. However, the plan is never set in motion; the bodies of the slain guards are found, and the disoriented FOTW soldiers sound the alarm. The team is forced to engage in a direct frontal assault. With the recovered codes, Strategos manages to turn off the automated defenses, and the team proceeds to attack FOTW. Kamalis, Andrelious, and Strategos are forced to fight their way to the room containing the shield-generators, where they are met by dozens of droids and one tough, colossal mandalorian. During the ensuing fight, Kamalis takes over one of the previously disabled defense turrets and shoots the mandalorian at point-blank range, killing him instantly. The mission had been accomplished, and Safehouse Jackson was once more in Arconan possession.

The Dark Crusade: Left Behind

Kamalis Creed's personal warbanner.

After being absent at the time of the Horizons events, the young zabrak had returned to the Arconan ranks, eagerly awaiting the time when he would once again be deployed in a warzone. Having grown weary of basic missions, Kamalis was ready to fight; however, he would soon find that his eagerness would shortly betray him.

Around the time of 36 ABY, the Dark Jedi brotherhood had engaged in conflict with the One Sith, with the intent of regaining lands that were wrongly claimed by their opponent. This engagement took a wrong turn as the relentless clans began competing for domination of the worlds, seeing the opportunity to further their own empires. Clan Arcona had already claimed the Avenger II for themselves, and entering this battle strong, they were prepared for anything.

As Arconan forces began descending upon the desolate planet Krayiss II and beginning the assault, they were found in a three-way gridlock, competing with Taldryan for domination of the system, and pushing back the One Sith forces currently occupying it. Kamalis, a knight by this time, led a small tactical team of 7 Arconan commandos, and engaged in many small skirmishes with the One Sith. Though Kamalis himself succeeded in killing several One Sith apprentices, Arcona lost to Taldryan in the long-haul, and the clan pulled it's forces out, with the next destination being the icy planet Rhelg.

Arcona was once again forced to compete with Taldryan on the alpine territory of the tundra planet, but after the last defeat, the Shadow Clan was not willing to lose. The clan fought with more fervor than ever, securing a victory on the planet, pushing back Taldryan's efforts, brutalizing One Sith forces, and claiming the system as its own. Kamalis had once again served on the front lines, working with Cethgus to combine the brute force of their teams and push back the enemy fronts.

This time the clan would move to the planet Bhargebba. Arcona descended on Bhargebba with fury, ready to destroy any that would stand in their way of taking the planet. Dividing into battleteams and squadrons, the Arconans were a force to be reckoned with. The scope of the conflict was unlike anything they had faced on the preceding worlds. Kamalis served via air-support, assisting the ground troops by flying a transport straight into the midst of the battle, shooting down incoming groups of One Sith and targeting enemy turrets and defense pillars, crushing the spirit of the opposition and crippling their forces. After a long, delicate victory had been secured, Kamalis, who had been severely injured after crashing to the ground and being forced to fend off a massive encroachment of One Sith infantrymen, was left behind by the Brotherhood, assumed to be dead.

Return of the Lone Wolf

After almost half of a year, a mysterious figure appeared on Arconan radars. Kamalis, the lost knight, had returned. After speaking with the Arconan summit, the Zabrak was assigned to House Galeres and placed within Soulfire Strike Team, led by his former master, who was now married with children. To this day, his activities and whereabouts between the time of the battle of Bhargebba and the return of Faust are subject to much speculation and controversy.

Andrelious had begun to have suspicions after hearing that a member of the Arcona Starfighter Corps had disappeared in the Dajorra Asteroid Field during what had been a routine patrol, and this notion was reinforced when Riverche intercepted a partial message from the same area. Andrelious headed to the asteroid field in his own ship, and he discovered that an enemy Imperial-II Class Star Destroyer had been cloaking among the many rocks. After narrowly escaping that threat, the ex-Imperial decided that he would return to that ship with Soulfire. His daughter, Saskia, had been examining IFF codes from the registry at Giletta Spaceport, and copied a Faust code onto an Arconan shuttle, with the intent of sneaking aboard. The plan appeared to work perfectly as the enemy Star Destroyer, which was discovered to be called the ‘’’Oath Breaker’’’, allowed Soulfire to dock.

On arrival on the enemy ship, Soulfire found the flight deck to be devoid of any personnel. Andrelious lead his team into a nearby turbolift, with the hope of an easy mission. The team soon discovered that the lift had been booby trapped, and Soulfire was captured by the enemy.

The lightsaber Kamalis used as an Arconan knight.

The next few hours were a blur. A man called Pepco attempted to interrogate the team. Two personnel, one being the ship's captain and the other a beautiful Togruta, were sent to deal with Kamalis. They were easily dispatched by the cunning Zabraki warrior, who used the force to disarm and relinquish their weapons, sending them to their fates.

As for the rest of the team, Saskia Inahj appeared to be a turncoat, agreeing to go along with the plans of the enemy. Andrelious was furious at his daughter’s betrayal, but as he and the others had also been heavily sedated with Tranqarest, there was little he could do.

Soon after, Andrelious broke free, and with the help of his own captive, he released Wes Biriuk, Kamalis and Riverche, finding that the lower ranked members were being detained on a different level of the capital ship. He was impressed to discover that his old apprentice had managed to overpower the ship’s Captain, despite being only a Dark Jedi Knight.

The freed Arconans made their way to where Soulfire’s equipment was being stored, and were shocked to discover that their lightsabers had disappeared. The female that was helping them, Xyrilia Queslyn, confirmed that this was unusual, and that the sabers had been there and were now apparently unaccounted for. They decided to proceed with their downgraded weapon stock, and after fighting off several groups of Stormtroopers and reuniting with the remainder of Soulfire, Andrelious discovered that they all were in the hands of Granta Prackx, a tall, flame haired female who had served in the Imperial Army. She had also been Andrelious’ lover during his teenage years on Byss, before the Empire assigned them to different parts of the galaxy. It had been thirty years since he had seen Prackx, but it soon became clear that the woman had missed him immensely. With her was Saskia, who had apparently been fooling Pepco all along. Shortly after a rather rushed reunion, Andrelious ran into yet another face from the past, this time his apprentice, Vosh Kon.

At this point, Andrelious' wife, who had convinced Nadrin to take her to the Star Destroyer, also ran into the enlarged group of Dark Jedi. With Prackx switching sides and Kookimarissia joining the fight, Soulfire was completely unstoppable, a colossal force among the enemy.

As the Arconan group made their way to the main hangar, a larger battle was taking place outside. Cethgus, the Quaestor of Galeres, was leading elements of the Arconan fleet against the enemy, and had engaged them in a close quarters naval battle. The fact that Andrelious and others were still on board the enemy Star Destroyer had not deterred the Iridonian from ordering the attack.

During the escape, the team became aware that Pepco had known about the attempted boarding all along - a Whipid named Rotidor had managed to infiltrate the strike team. Andrelious, aided by Prackx, executed the alien in short order and continued to make their way off the ship. In the end, the team made it back to the shuttle that Soulfire had originally used with moments to spare, and were only just clear when the ‘’’Oath Breaker’’’ was destroyed.

With the escape made, Andrelious and the rest of the Arconans rushed back to Selen, a vision of the twins in danger having alarmed the Soulfire Captain and his wife. On their return, they found that the twins, having been left in the care of the recovering Atyiru, had been kidnapped when the Galeres Aedile had run into Sephilios Braxant, who, rather than being the DIA agent he had claimed he was, was in reality a powerful bounty hunter. Uji had managed to catch up with Braxant and the twins, and had been allowed to take the infants to the relative safety of Ood Bnar.

While Andrelious led another team to another distant quarrel, Kamalis retired to the Arconan base on Selen.

Betraying Arcona: Exile to Naga Sadow

"I grow tired of the Shadow Clan. I never left Arcona; Arcona left me."
―Kamalis Creed to his master Andrelious, both Arconan defectors.
Kamalis' lightsaber upon entering Naga Sadow.

Kamalis Creed, a Sith Warrior and an accomplished Arconan veteran by this time, had been spotted meeting with several shadowy figures in the year 39 ABY. The sightings would often happen spontaneously, with the Iridonian soldier often leaving important clan gatherings early to encounter his shadowy confidantes. At first, the meetings were dismissed as unimportant; as they began to happen more often, leaders of the clan would send a spy to follow him. The spies would often come back with no information to share. Kamalis and his mysterious friends were well aware that they were being spied on. The "problem" grew when one of the spies disappeared.

Kamalis was called to a mandatory conference with many higher-ranking members of the clan, including the clan's summit and his master, Andrelious. The leaders of the clan had come to the conclusion that Kamalis may be responsible for the missing spy, and that his meetings with these figures may pose as a security threat to the clan.


  • When commanding a team of soldiers, Kamalis often has one carry his warbanner, in an effort to distinguish himself from his allies and make his presence known to his enemies.
  • Kamalis was the first apprentice of Andrelious J. Mimosa-Inahj.
  • The original name of this character was “Incendus”.