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Date of Birth:


Physical Description





192 CM


110 KG


Red (dyed)



Personal Information
Lightsaber Form(s):
  • Shii Cho (primary)
  • Makashi (secondary)
Fighting Style(s):
  • Dulon
  • Broken Gate
  • Wampa Do
  • Paonga
Chronology & Political Information
  • Spy
  • Assassin






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Ka'Hava'Ve, known socially by the personal name 'Kave', is a Myresi (the native Human inhabitants of Kapsina prior to the biological bombing during the Horizons crisis) Consular Savant currently serving in House Odan Urr.. Illegally trained by Unus Domus before the Weequay's death, Ka'Hava'Ve wandered the galaxy for a time before finding residence on New Tython.

Character History


Kave was raised as a desert nomad; his early years consisted of making sure he had enough water, hunting, raiding, and religious education. His tribe raised children communally, to keep it from splitting up from family disputes, and this varied education meant that he was trained in everything he needed to thrive in the desert. Still, he did have talents as a hunter and raider, and as he grew up that was where his education was focused. This education included religious training. While he provided lip service, the shamanistic religion didn't quite take hold with him. He knew that the city Myresi had an altered belief system, and few, if any, non Myresi shared the beliefs. While he eventually caved and stopped asking questions, his early doubt was well remembered. This, combined with his "Exactly as little as necessary" attitude, didn't sit well with the priesthood, and his formal advancement was heavily stifled due to the heavy mix of religion with his Tribal government.


Ka'Hava'Ves first time on a raiding party was when he was 14. Considered old to start by most standards of other tribes, but his own prefered to make certain they were well educated. Kave began to time his life around the raiding seasons, always making sure he went off for the first raid of every season. By his 19th year, he was leading small parties broken off from the main force. When he was 22 years old, he attacked a small settled Myresi military installation. Though a couple of his men were killed, he managed to capture it, which freed up his party to raid a small town. The loot split between eight raiders was rather high, and Kave established this as his standard method, using small parties to destroy miltiary and police installations so the civilians could be looted freely.

Eventually, his tribe began receiving tribute for the express purpose of staying away. Though he lacked any official rank, at this point he was acknowledged as a defacto warlord, as he had led raids on other nomadic tribes for a variety of reasons, usually waiting until raid season to wipe out their civilians. Wandering warriors began to follow him around, hoping to join in on battles. The success of his raids began to go to his head, and the 28 year old tribal began building an army to invade a full sized Myresi city, intending to establish himself as a petty king.

Meeting the Knight

Relations between Jusadih and the settled Myresi cities were strained at the best of times, however they did pay their taxes. The raiders were often left alone because local forces could deal with them enough and it would take a full generation of occupation and forced integration to remove the base issue. Still, when the technically Jusadain Myresi city states began to be put under threat, the JMR responded, sending troops with the intent of shattering the military and executing Kave. This military group was led by Unus Domus, the Directorate General of the Intelligence Directorate of the JMR. The operation was intended to be a quick strike against the nomadic force, which meant a comparatively massive amount of planning.

When it came to the actual battle, the JMR quickly routed the unprepared nomadic force, using a few fighter runs and a massive amount of snipers. Though casualties on both sides were minor at best, the confusion caused by the night attack caused the majority of the nomad forces to route. This led to a cascading effect, with more and more running simply from seeing others run. Kave was captured, but because the shot simply disabled him, he was brought before Unus.

Technically, the Weequay should have executed him. However, the Weequay sensed his Force sensitivity and gave Kave a choice; a shot at power that would make his ambitions to become a king be nothing in comparison, or a summary execution. Kave went with the former.


On paper, Kave's first few months within Plagueis were as a POW. During that time, however, he was being taught by Unus in all matters of the Dark Side. Though he did share significant portions of his philosophy, Kave continuously railed against the idea of relying on emotion as a source for his power. He focused mostly on keeping himself cool under pressure, and always avoided rising to Unus' bait unless he knew he could draw blood from the Weequay.

After his quick and dirty education, Kave was sent off to Antei for basic training; he returned before much time had passed, similar to his teachers own illegitimate education by Kal Vorrac, and was quickly Knighted.

During the bio-weapon attack on Kapsina, Kave was one of the last ones off. Though it put him in danger, he did take the necessary steps to delay Unus for the express purpose of killing his former teacher. This was, partially, because Unus was one of a few people who knew how to get under his skin, and Kave would never miss the chance to kill him. However, Kave is well aware that no matter how much he tried to justify it, he just really hated the Weequay.

Over time, however, he began to take doubts about Plagueis. They were unable to defend their own system, and the entire Brotherhood was brought low by the actions of a single madman. When a position of Aedile opened, Kave jumped at the opportunity to get some answers, believing a different vantage point would give him the knowledge he sought. He found none. In less than two weeks, he resigned from the post, stating that he preferred someone else in a leadership position during the current events. Shortly thereafter, Kave went missing. As the entire ship was destroyed, and other matters were rather pressing at the time, he was simply declared dead for reasons of practicality.

Outside of the Brotherhood

Though he was not particularly worried, Kave made efforts to disguise himself from prying eyes just in case; he shaved his beard, had his tattoo removed, and cut his hair to only a few inches, dying it red. While he kept the saber for emergencies, he adopted a more typical dress and weaponry, using his imposing stature to act as a cheap bodyguard and ship hand for travelling merchants. His lifestyle kept him from forming attachments lasting more than a couple weeks.

Having copied a list containing the locations of various Force Cults, Kave travelled the galaxy in an attempt to obtain a better understanding of the Force that he worshiped as something beyond a deity. Over time, this morphed his understanding of the Force, and he began to develop a different view of what it meant to follow the Force.

Kave's research mostly took the form of studying old information; library texts, historical records, and occasionally a treatise by a practitioner of one cult or another. He was, however, able to approach two masters willing to debate Force philosophy with them, and Kave considers those two meetings to have been his most important.

Almost a year after leaving, Kave began to look back towards the Brotherhood. Knowing that there was much he could learn within its halls, Kave began to wonder if, perhaps, a return was best.


(To be made up later)


The watchword for Kave's personality is calm, a far cry from the firey rage he experienced as a youth and the cold anger held during his time with Plagueis. When acting as a bodyguard, he had to restrain himself during fights, as his employers would still want to do business with the ones he was fighting. This, over time, bled over to his personality, having him rely more on conflict resolution than his combat techniques.

Kave has begun to resent how he has been viewed; a tool, a weapon, and an asset. As a youth, he was used in the always present conflict between Jusadih and the Myresi. In Plagueis, he was used as all other members of the house. As a bodyguard, he was used for his size and strength to intimidate his employers competition. Though he does not let this fuel anger, it has certainly begun to make him chafe against authority.

While many of his earlier beliefs have changed, Kave retains some core issues. He is adamant in his support of the concept of relative morality, he continues the ancestor worship and shamanistic practices of his people, and though he is no longer certain of how it should be approached, he knows that the Force is the guiding path behind the galaxy.

Oddly, despite no longer considering himself a Dark Jedi, one thing that is almost certain to brighten up his day is when he encounters those who consider themselves such. Kave is almost endlessly amused by their efforts to out-do each other in their levels of darkness. While he knows that not all share such attitudes, those that do are fairly abundant.

Kave considers himself the last remnant of Myresi culture, and his experiences growing up in primitive conditions have made him rather sympathetic towards other tribal individuals and societies. This sympathy is likely also connected to the way that their leaders often have far more limited power than the so called civilized leaders of society.


A large man by nature, Kave's early life resulted in particularly tanned and sun wrinkled skin, the latter partially due to genetics. While the tan has been lost from spending most of his time on space ships, the wrinkles have remained to give him an appearance almost in his early fifties, despite his three decades. His eyes are grey, though this is largely dependent on personal opinion, as some consider the colour to be a peculiar blue. While he used to have a series of tattoos on his left cheek, he has had these carefully removed, and it would take a close eye and practice to determine that something had even been there in the first place. His hair is rather messy, short, and somewhat thin.

Kave has a preference for loose fitting but well secured robes, enjoying the freedom of movement they provide, though he does take a minor issue with all the black enjoyed by much of the brotherhood and prefers brown.


Kave has gone through about seven iterations before this one was finally decided on. While his early military victories may seem impressive, it would be good to remember that this was being done mostly against city states who had to double their police force as a military group (or relied on militia)