Joe Durham

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New Order era.
Joe Durham
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18 ABY (age 21)

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Black (naturally)


Dark Brown

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Gray Jedi




New Order era

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Kromtal Bloodfyre Stormfyld



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Joe is currently a Knight in Clan Taldryan. He was an apprentice to Savant Kromtal Bloodfyre Stormfyld.

Physical Description and Personality

Joe is a dark skinned teenage human male. He has long, black hair. Joe has dark brown eyes. He is skinny and tall with a large X shaped scar on his right cheek.

From a young age, Joe was quiet and insightful, showing noticeable maturity for his age and knowledge on how to deal with most situations. At the same time, Joe was still fairly naïve as a child in many real-world scenarios and as such was willing to learn from his peers on how to differentiate situations. He lives at a distance, observing individuals and ideas without getting directly involved so that he can fully understand them. Although this approach prevents him from becoming close with many people, it enables him to think and act without prejudice or preconceptions, instead evaluating things strictly on their own merits. In Clan Tarentum Joe unintentionally gained many friends and admirers for his genuine concern for others despite his passive nature.

He often thinks about the Force and the origins of the Brotherhood and its future. For this reason, he’s never arrogant about his own abilities or accomplishments; to which, most views or statements he makes are usually well-based, seeing the situation for what it is. He only thinks of ways to gain more power and move up in rank. From this he has no self-righteous loyalty to his clan that was so common among Taldryan; though he loves them and considers them his family and wants the best for them, he knows there are more important things than Taldryan’s personal aspirations. Joe’s dream is to become more powerful than the Grand Masters, though he keeps it hidden from others. Joe is also one of the few members of the Sith to see the Force as a whole and will not hesitate to utilize either the light or dark sides when necessary.

Character History


Joe was born on the Core world of Coruscant. Immediately after his birth, during an attack by the gang Black Sun, Joe’s parents were killed while hiding him. Joe has a midichlorian count of 15,500.

Early Life

Joe was raised by his Aunt and Grandmother on Naboo. As a result of the Black Sun attack Joe acquired an intense hatred for aliens. Around the age of 14 Joe began to hear voices urging him to go to them. Eventually, the voices had increased in intensity and were driving him to the brink of insanity. He stole a shuttle and decided to follow the voices.

Joining the Brotherhood

Arriving in the Yridia system Joe’s shuttle was intercepted by Clan Tarentum’s navy, which forced him to land on Yridia ll. Brought to Castle Tarentum, Sith Bloodfyre realized Joe’s Force sensitivity and offered Joe the chance to join the Brotherhood and learn to control all the voices. Eager to stop the voices in his head Joe eagerly accepted and became a member of Clan Tarentum.

The Syndicate

As a new member of Tarentum Joe had befriended a fellow student at the Shadow Academy named Vicious. Vicious was also a member of a cartel known as the Syndicate. He convinced Joe to join and they became partners. After spending several months in the Syndicate, performing many petty jobs from murder to theft, Joe decided he had had enough of the crime world and left the Syndicate behind to focus on his studies at the Shadow Academy.

The Shadow Academy

Joe was sent to the Shadow Academy for training to become a Knight. Joe learned quickly and advanced through the ranks rapidly as his skill with the Force increased just a fast. Within one month of being sent to the Academy Joe had gained the rank of Proselyte and advanced to the grade of Sophomore. Joe excelled with a lightsaber and had a knack for dual wielding. Joe was also very talented in the combat aspects of the Force. Upon seeing Joe’s immense talent and skill Savant Kromtal Bloodfyre Stormfyld took Joe as his apprentice and advanced him to the grade of senior and promoted him to Neophyte. Joe was also commissioned as an Apprentice Inquisitor in the Inquisitorious. At the Shadow Academy also studied military tactics, and is versed in the more popular strategies used in war and conflict.

Destruction of Clan Tarentum

During the Twelfth Great Jedi War, Clan Tarentum suffered devastating losses. He was forced to flee the Yridia System with his master Savant Kromtal Bloodfyre along with the remnants of Tarentum. Following the aftermath of the Great Jedi War, Joe joined Clan Taldryan along with his master. There he would finish his training to become a Knight.

Knight of Clan Taldryan

After becoming a Knight Joe bought a star Commuter 2000 and named the shuttle the Mathias and transformed it into his personal shuttle. Aboard his new ship, Joe travelled, along with the rest of Clan Taldryan, to the Caelus System. This would be the clan’s new home. Joe would live in a small apartment on the moon Chyron, where he would continue to perform his duties as a member of Clan Taldryan. He also worked as an Inquisitor. During a mission on Chyron Joe encountered a human named Julia, and they quickly developed feelings for each other. Soon after they became lovers.

Dealing with the Syndicate Threat

After the Syndicate had destroyed several important installations on Chyron Taldryan declared that they were now a threat that had to be stopped. Joe was assigned to bring the Syndicate members responsible for the attacks to justice. In the process of doing so he learned that Vicious had risen through the ranks and become the leader of the Syndicate. Eventually Joe captured the ones responsible for the attacks. Feeling betrayed, Vicious ordered his subordinates to find Joe and kill him. In an attempt to find him they killed his friend, Victoria, even though she didn’t know where Joe was. Joe was devasted and vowed to Julia that they would stop Vicious. Soon after they learned that the Syndicate led by Vicious had declared war against the entire Caelus System. In a meeting with the Summit of Clan Taldryan, Joe was ordered to eliminate the Syndicate. This was because of Joe’s familiarity with the group. Soon after this meeting, the Syndicate launched a terrorist attack, with a bomb, against the headquarters of Taldryan. Many Masters, Knights, and Apprentices were killed and many more were wounded. Joe’s lover, Julia, was among the fatalities. Overcome with hatred, Joe travelled to the Syndicate headquarters alone. He fought his way through the building to Vicious’ chambers, killing dozens of guards and destroying large portions of the building. After an intense duel Joe defeated Vicious but suffered severe injuries. He collapsed on his way out of the building. He was rescued by reinforcements from Taldryan, who couldn’t believe he had taken down the entire Syndicate by himself.

RoS: Meridian

During the conflict on Meridian in 36 ABY, Joe was recovering from wounds he had sustained during a sparring session with Warlord Andrelious J. Mimosa-Inahj.

Powers and Abilities

Lightsaber capabilities

Joe has mastered the principles and fundamentals of Niman. He can fight effectively with any combination of weapons and seamlessly with the same type but an equally skilled or better opponent can still detect his off hand. He is skilled at deflecting and redirecting enemy attacks with his lightsaber, and his abilities are bolstered. He often makes use of acrobatic maneuvers in combat, bolstering his body's natural abilities in order to increase his effectiveness. His application of Niman is focused and aggressive, his style being randomized and unpredictable, laced with sudden Force attacks in the midst of complex blade sequences. While his focus and concentration allows him to bring down opponents through sheer tenacity, it also keeps him aware of his surroundings and defend against attacks from other directions. Joe is often able to trick his opponents into overextending themselves and creating openings for fatal counter-strikes. Coupling his tactics with his ability to predict his enemy's actions through through the use of Precognition, Joe is a force to be reckoned with.

Physical capabilities

Joe’s athletic abilities are on par with an amateur Holoball player. He has cat-like grace and balance, and is able to change direction and dodge small projectiles. Joe is able to lift large boxes, carry heavy bags and knows the basics of leveraging his physicality for optimal output. His untrained attacks hurt but do not disorient an opponent. Joe’s endurance is on par with a seasoned military soldier. He can go on long-distance runs daily and rarely get winded unless under heavy duress or wounded. He can come out of a bar-room brawl panting but is able to keep going about his daily activities. Lack of sleep and non-inhibiting wounds catches up with him after a short time.


Joe has a sharp tongue and fires off quips off the hip. He enjoys arguing technicalities with lawyers, and has a knack for deciphering puzzles and riddles. Joe can fend off strong temptations like substance addiction for short periods of time. He can keep his calm while someone fires a gun next to his ear on a battlefield or on the noisy bridge of a capital ship. Joe has seen his share of battles and is versed in the more popular strategies used in war and conflict and can employ them to varying degrees of success. Joe can read write and speak ancient Sith. Joe understands how to push someone’s buttons in order to get what he wants. It may not be exactly what he expects their response to be, but he’s on the right track. He can tell when someone is deceiving him without any Force divination and can notice things others do not after studying something with his full attention. Joe understands the importance of observation without obstruction . He is careful of the subtle nuances that can be observed and where they can lead, but it takes time and effort to form the connections. Joe can obtain several details from an individual with basic techniques that don’t require finesse, like water boarding or shooting someone above the kneecap. Given time, he can effectively extract basic information like the name of an underling.

Force capabilities

Joe can perceive danger several heartbeats in advance and, if able, can not only avoid harm but start to formulate a plan of action to avoid further harm from follow up attacks. Joe can weave his way through a battlefield with the speed and precision of a choreographed dance. In order to accomplish this, he focuses in on the ambient Force of his surroundings to tap into and intuitively perceive the flow of battle. He can track the relative position of a handful of enemy targets within his immediate vicinity whether they are in his line of sight or not. Once a target is flagged, Joe can better handle engaging two opponents within his sphere of awareness. Joe can wield telekinesis in the heat of battle. He can move most objects instantaneously, so long as no opposing force is applied, and sizable objects takes a few seconds of concentration. He can concentrate the Force into a tight coil with an open hand and slam it into the ground to release a small detonation of telekinetic energy. The resulting wave of invisible energy can knockback and stagger foes that are at close range to the epicenter of the telekinetic pound. He can turn his Telekinesis into a powerful blunt weapon that is capable of smashing foes with devestating force. This invisible 'sledgehammer' can shatter a Force Barrier and stagger a foe off balance or knock them from their feet. While as powerful as a haymaker punch, this power is noticeably slower than other strikes, making it easier to dodge by more agile foes. Joe can communicate easily with a single mind, but still requires several seconds of concentration to tap into multiple individuals. Joe can glimpse passive thoughts of a single target while actively concentrating and can pick up on their intentions. Joe must concentrate for only a second in order to augment one of his physical abilities through the Force. A single use will not cause fatigue, but a subsequent use of Amplification in the next several minutes does. However, when Joe uses his Amplify in order to increase his speed, this also frees him of any effects that might otherwise slow him down. When Joe enters Force Rage he can retain his self-preservation instinct, able to change his course of action if continuing to do so will likely cause him grave physical harm. Joe feeds on the energy of combat. With every strike of his weapon, Joe’s adrenaline flares and augments his Athletic skills. As he continues to fight, his swings become faster, his movements accelerating as attacks string together. The use of raw emotion takes away from Joe’s accuracy, and when the battle pauses or comes to an end he experiences temporary fatigue as he comes down from a battle-high. Joe can “see” vague images taking place several weeks in advance that are symbolic of what the future may hold with a slight degree of accuracy, though he has difficulty interpreting these images before events unfold. Joe can easily connect with the Force to detect the proximity, presence, feelings, emotions, and alignment of sentient beings around him. Even a rough measure of an individual's Force strength can be felt. The details are more clear, and can be used to paint a basic picture of understanding of the details presented. His Sense skill is uniquely tuned to picking up subtle clues left through the Force that even the most critical of eyes could miss. These clues flash across Joe's conscious for fleeting moments that trigger without actively using his Sense ability. The more practiced Joe is with Sense, the stronger the details. Joe can influence morale in a single confrontation nearby, and in his line of sight. Joe is able to, through intense concentration, dull pain and soreness as well as delay the toll that an extreme climate would otherwise take on a member of his species. Joe must take several seconds to concentrate and focus his full will to manifest the Force as a protective Barrier. His full concentration is necessary to maintain the barrier. Joe must devote his full concentration in order to reduce his target’s ability to call upon the Force. Joe can slow or hinder the movement of a target with his full attention set to the task. Force Lightning takes Joe several seconds and powerful immediate emotional stimulus to harness. A single use leaves Joe feeling winded, physically, and emotionally taxed.