Jhonario L'assaut

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Jhonario L'assaut
Biographical Information

Nar Shaddaa

Physical Description







185 lbs




Deep Blue

Personal Information

Republic Army, Kharin Jackson (sister), gang "The Force Punks", Clan Naga Sadow, Battleteam Tenebrae

Fighting Style(s):


Chronology & Political Information

Operative/Sith apprentice


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era



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"One night in Ryloth makes the tough guys crumble..."
―Ryl Proverb

Jhonario, the prodigy


Jhonario is very clever. He always seems to take the smart route in doing anything. He will also criticize others who make things more difficult for themselves. In fact, he believes himself to be smarter than most. He is a snob. In rare occasions, he can also be a "grammar nazi."

Jhonario is also very limber and athletic. He likes working out, and making all of his muscles stronger. He likes the feeling of his muscles being sore, in the sense that it means he is becoming stronger.

In terms of sexuality, he is largely aloof. If could even be said that he is asexual. He dislikes and resents his own people's embrace of sexuality in culture. As he grew older, this drove him further apart from his peers. He knew he was meant for more than carnal pleasure-seeking.

Jhonario has two loves: technology and music. He used to play the xantha when he was younger. He also used his childhood droid as a customize-able computer, and did a lot of the upgrading by itself. Unfortunately, this served to further separate him from the "social butterflies" in his peer group.

Jhonario's attitude and general demeanor is usually joking. He doesn't tend to take a lot of things seriously - this includes dangerous situations. At times, he can be a bit snarky, and this can annoy people.

Fighting Style

Jhonario is agile, acrobatic, and hard to catch.

He is trained in Dulon, Hapan, and a bit in Jeswandi; but he now wants to learn Shadow Fist. He is becoming more aggressive as he learns more of the sith arts. His strength comes from a childhood of servitude and military training.


Jhonario was the youngest of two. His older sister, Kharin, was hardly ever around. She escaped slavery when Jhonario was 7, and Jhonario was soon to follow. Jhonario escaped the mining camp with his parents when he was about 12. He had one duty: to set off a large chain explosion around the perimeter. Most of the dirtier fighting was going on inside. The three of them made it off the planet alive with the help of a friendly sympathizer - Jago Yashin, a young and wealthy starship tycoon, who had supplied most of the imperial fleet on the planet with vehicles. After that, Jhonario and his family became nomads, living in imperial colonized worlds under new names.

Family and Friends

Kharin L'assaut

Kharin is Jhonario's older sister. She is free-spirited and reckless; and tends to get herself into trouble.

QRT-64, aka "QWERTY"

The QRT line of droids was produced by Industrial Automaton around the turn of the century as companions for Imperial children. These models were also sometimes given as gifts to members of the "slave races" who were under the employ of the Empire. It was thought that, because these droids contained simpler programming, less civilized races would not be able to use these droids much to their advantage. What IA didn't realize was that these droids were also very easy to mod out, due to the inefficient (some would say primitive) use of space in their design. QWERTY was given to Jhonario at the age of 3. By the time he was 5, it had been upgraded with a complex AI capable of understanding Ryl and basic, as well as a robust, modular speech synthesizer. Archon and Doria L'assaut spared no expense for the education of their children.


The Force Punks

While staying in Nar Shaddaa, Jhonario became involved in a lot of their social conflict. It is nearly impossible to not be aware of the plutocracy in underground circles of the planet. The rich - especially the Hutts - take their pick of territory, while native citizens and natural-born denizens of the planet become disenfranchised. The Force Punks started as a group of friends who enjoyed Nar Shaddaa's nightlife and free spice trade. As more and more aliens moved in to capitalize, the poor were pushed further and further away into ghettos and slums. The Force Punks began to recruit youth - many of whom were force adepts - into a mobile force, capable of making the average hedonistic vulture capitalist very afraid. Jhonario became took shelter with this group as a means to stay safe in the turbulent streets. Eventually, he began to even take their cause.

TFP Leader: Sebastien Ryder

Sebastien became the patron saint of The Force Punks, even though he technically was not born on Nar Shaddaa. He gained a lot of charisma as a leader due to the fact that he is not corrupted by money and stands firm on moral issues. As a leader, he is benevolent. Sebastien is also a force adept and a "aspect zero" - meaning that he has an exceptional ability to handle battle enhancing drugs, nearly twice as many as the average person.


The Early Years

Jhonario was born on Ryloth in the year 10 ABY to a family of Twi'lek slaves. Jhonario's childhood idol was always Darth Vader, and he felt early on in life that he was meant for great things in the universe. Since then he has sought all types of knowledge: in combat, military strategy, and leadership. Jhonario believes that there are two sides of the dictatorship coin, and that sometimes you need to kill in order to make peace. In terms of morality, Jhonario keeps his family closest. All others take a much lesser importance in his mind.

A New Direction

In the beginning of Jhonario's training, he was a Republic agent. He believed allying himself with a strong army would help him grow. Along his travels, he became more exposed to the phenomenon of the force, and came to find out that he himself had some connection to the force. He became more and more aware with the connection between the mysterious One-Sith and his family. The Dlarit Corporation gave him an opportunity to stay in touch with both.