Gregryck Thunderbreath

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Gregryck Thunderbreath
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

45 Years old

Physical Description





1.2 m


18 kg


Tabby, Silver



Personal Information

Alara Deathbane , Rasilvenaira Kaeth StormRaven Jae'lle Miqaz


Vibrolance, Flamethrower, Throwing Daggers, Grenades

Fighting Style(s):

[Teras Kasi]

Chronology & Political Information
Known apprentices:

Alara Deathbane



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Gregryck Thunderbreath is an NPC character who raised Alara Deathbane of Arcona in her early childhood years. In late 35 ABY, after they were separated for a great number of years, he returned to his protege's side to aid her in the Twelfth Great Jedi War. His documented return can be found in Gizka Mystery when he aided Rasilvenaira Kaeth StormRaven and in turn, won her friendship.

Character History

Early Childhood Years

In early 10 BBY, Gregryck was born in the home of --NAME TO BE ADDED-- and --NAME TO BE ADDED-- in the forests of Endor. His family was part of the Tempest Tribe, the noble Village of Endor. As he grew up as a young Ewok, the Force grew stronger and stronger within him. At the age of 14 during his young Ewok classes, he was unable to contain the power within. As he attempted channeling the Force for the first time in a silent meditation study, he couldn't help but burst out in a loud roar that knocked everyone in the vicinity down from the tree and shook most of the leaves off of nearby fauna as well. Since that moment, his fate was decided upon being the medicine man of the village, rather than his original path as future chief. They gave him the title 'Thunderbreath' which struck many hearts of the ewoks and dragons with fear.

Rumors spread across the town that he could possibly control dragons. Upon hearing this, Gregryck decided to try it out and see for himself what his powers could do. He snuck out during the late hours of the night and discovered a Candor Dragon cave on the outskirts of his Tree Village. He was able to control the dragon, but not until after much destruction to the perimeter guarding stations of Tempest Tribe. However, this new-found gift was an enormous blessing in the tribe, and areas of practice and training were built specifically for Gregryck and his dragon friends.

Reaching Adolescence's End

At the age of 18, Gregryck was yub-nub-dubbed the title of medicine man after years of training in the arts and in training with dragons. He became the spiritual head of the camp. On his 23rd birthday, he married a young Ewok noble named --NAME TO BE ADDED-- of the Terra Firma Tribe. The pair were very happy together and soon were pregnant with their very first child.

When the child was almost ready to enter the new family's world, a Sith warship landed near the Tempest Tribe. This caused a large amount of chaos and disruption in the village. Gregryck Thunderbreath was summoned by the elder council to approach the Sith and 'yell' them away. On the mount of his favored dragon Lorynskr, Gregryck headed out to do just that.

The Sith Lord at present named Lord Varigoss promised security and the removal of his resources for the exchange of only one thing: He could sense the Force was strong in Gregryck, and required him to come and train under his leadership. Due to the fear of losing his wife and child, let alone the loss of his entire tribe, he agreed and ascended from the forest floor of Endor to the galaxies above.

From Medicine Man, to Sith, to Krath Adherent

to be added.

A Child to Call His Own


Physical Description

Gregryck Thunderbreath is a grey, tabby-patterned Ewok standing just shy of 4 feet tall. This Krath Adherent's grey/blue eyes hold wisdom of many battles and many years, and almost appear blinded at first glance. His chest bares the mark of a battle from long ago which has since scarred over and balded the fur around it. He hides this scar under his dark-green tunic.

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