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Gray Paladins
General information

Original: Unknown
Restored: Jax Pavan

Historical information
Formed from:

Teepo Paladins




19 ABY


12 BBY

Other information
Notable members:

Laranth Tarak
Jax Pavan
Kajin Savaros
Cole Drayson


Taldryan (allied)


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

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Something (Unknown to 17 BBY)

  • Based on wookiee entry.
Great Jedi Purge
  • 19 BBY: Dissolution of Gray Paladins, Great Jedi Purge began
This is where EU and Tal canon diverge:
  • 19 BBY: Founding of "Whiplash" a resistance movement on Coruscant that included Jedi and Gray Paladins
  • 18 BBY: Kajin is rescued from Darth Vader, but his mind is broken.
  • 17 BBY: One of the last GP, Laranth Tarak, gave her life to save her companions from Darth Vader
  • 17 BBY: Kajin was sent to the Silent, Togruta healers on Shil in hopes to cure him

Resurrection (12 BBY - X ABY)

  • 12 BBY: Kajin is completely healed, but most of his old allies have fallen. He finds Jax Pavan still working as an investigator on Coruscant, and convinces him to abandon the city and start a new resistance with Force sensitives.
  • 10 BBY: They move their base of operations to Dantooine (resurrect the Gray Paladin name to honor Laranth Tarak and Whiplash)
  • 7 BBY: Cole Drayson born on Shil
  • 1 BBY: Abandon the base, as the Rebel Alliance draws the wrath of the empire
  • 1 BBY: Returned to Shil, which remained mostly unmolested by the Empire and continued to build the Paladins, striking out against the Empire then falling back quickly
  • 3 ABY: Drayson is discovered by Pavan to be a Force-sensitive. He's inducted into the Gray Paladins
  • Based on historic EU events
Yuuzhan Vong War
Jax Pavan, overwhelmed by Vong on Dantooine
  • mired in the Yuuzhan Vong War. Luke Skywalker himself reached out to the Paladins, requesting their aid to help refugees escape the warzones and protect them from Yuuzhan Vong, or pirate, attacks.
  • The war saw the death of Pavan, the man who found and trained him, and the one who rebuilt the Paladins.
  • Kajin Savaros, the other rebuilder, succumbed to his rage and began to massacre the ones responsible (not Vong, but the ones who preyed on the situation)
  • Drayson finally engaged Savaros in a duel and at last managed to bring the man back to his senses.
  • By the time the war ended, Drayson felt he needed to separate himself from the Paladins for a bit, and took to wandering the galaxy on his own once more.

30 ABY+ stuff

Gathering Darkness (38 ABY)

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  • No large groups or normal chain of command
  • GPs join as apprentices. After training and completing their Trial, they become full-fledged members of the Gray Paladins and can travel the galaxy as they will.
  • GPs only work in pairs or solo


  • Combination of military training and Force training
  • Apprentices shadow a single GP for a period of x years, inducted at 10-11 years of age

Trials Much like the Jedi Trials of the old Jedi Order, apprentice Paladins had to complete a series of missions, usually solo, to pass their trials and receive the title of Gray Paladin. However, unlike the Jedi Trials that were set by masters, the Gray Paladins determined their trials by events plaguing the galaxy. If their apprentices weren't completely ready to venture out on their own to act as guardians and protectors, then they weren't worthy of the title.

Behind the Scenes

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