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Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

11 ABY

Physical Description





1.70 meters


159 Kilograms


Dirty Blond



Personal Information





sniper-blaster, slugthrower sniper rifle, swords

Fighting Style(s):

Broken Gate

Chronology & Political Information

Trader, Assassin


Acolyte,Protector,Guardian,Dark Jedi Knight


New Republic Era New Jedi Order Era Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era


Clan Tarentum

Personal Ship:

Hadzuska Mirtis Modified YT-2400 light freighter

Known masters:

Raiju Kang



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"Today is a good day to die."

Garloaf is a Dark Jedi Knight of Clan Tarentum. He was also an apprentice to Raiju Kang. Garloaf spends days training on planets to make him a better fighter.

Character History

Early Years

In 11 ABY, Garloaf was born in a small village on Cathar. His mother died in childbirth leaving him to be raised solely by his father who was an ex solder who was specialized in both blasters and slugthrowers as well as stealth. Garloaf learned from his father how to hunt using his claws but also sniper blasters and sniper slugthrowers. At the age of 13 Garloaf knew all he could about hunting and using sniper blasters and sniper slugthrowers. One day when he was out he heard a lot of blaster fire coming from his village so he ran to it, only to find humans killing his people so he grabbed his slugthrower and aimed it at the humans and shoot two and then moved to get the others. He felt like someone was behind him and was about to turn when he was knocked out only to find himself in his home seeing his father dead with a hooded man standing over him, the man told him to sleep and he did but before his eyes closed he saw a lightsaber hanging from his waist. When he awoke he found everyone to be dead so after he buried them all he went to Cathar's main tree-city and found an off world trader and asked him to take him along and that he would work for him.

Teen Years

In his teen years Garloaf spent his working time making trades on what ever planet he was on and hunting on the same planet in his free time. By the time he was 17 he had meet a Bothan female and had fallen in love. But after nine months to gather she was killed and that pushed Garloaf to the dark side even more.

Adult Years

In his early to late 20's not much is know about what Garloaf was doing only being seen when he needed credits. It is thought that he lives on Kothlis in the Ragnook Mountains.

Physical Description

Garloaf is not as tall as most Cathar, But with his Dirty Blond hair he does stand out a little. He has a scar 8 centimeters long on his right cheek. He dresses in a dark robe to cover his armor that is made from beskar iron.


Garloaf is a warrior that can fight hand to hand but likes to stay out of reach of his opponent and use lang range weapons using the force to help him aim better.


Garloaf's E-11 sniper-blaster
Garloaf likes using both his E-11s sniper-blaster and his Karpaki Fifty as long range weapons but has been know to use his claws if his opponent is close to him. He is till learning to use a light saber but does not use it to much as his rifles get the job done. He is all so training to use swords.


Garloaf's armor is made from beskar iron that he had hand made to so it would not get in his way whether he wanted to shot someone get up close to stab them or get in the way of a fist fight.


  • Garloaf is known to play a few instruments
  • Likes to fix old space ships