CS Guide: Feats

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Feats sit at the heart of the character sheets and are probably the most fun to take advantage of. Feats are perks, maneuvers, or techniques your character has that change how a Skill or Force Power behaves. Each Feat is associated directly with a Skill or Force Power and allows you to augment or modify them in different ways. Some Feats allow you to substitute one Skill or Force Power for another in certain circumstances, sometimes at a penalty. Others directly enhance a single Skill in a specific way.

It is through the selection of Feats that we see variation in characters with a similar Skills or Force Powers. As you climb the ranks, you are granted more Feats for your character.

Feats by Rank

The following is a breakdown of the number of Feats that you are able to select as you advance through the Brotherhood ranks.

(Listed by # of Feats at a given rank)


Feat Tiers / Scale

The following flow chart illustrates Feats that feature scaled tiers. A scaled Feat can replace the Feat that precedes it. Both are not necessary, as the degree of progression tied to rank offers similar perks but with a higher value that effectively replaces the need for the previous tier.

Journeyman Equite Elder Grand Master
Concealment Quey'tek Meditation (JM4)
'Hazer' 'Smoker'
Handedness Ambidexterity Alternate Wielding
Lightning Fork It
Stream It
Chain It
Elder Storm
Slow Stun Stasis
Singularity (EQ3)
Suppression Dampen Nullify
Time Out (EL2)
Telekinesis Telekinetic Pound Telekinetic Wave
Saber Throw Telekinetic Combat (EL1)
Telekinetic Mastery (EL3)
Telekinetic Strike
Hammer Time
Terror Debilitating Fear
Aura of Fear (EQ4)
Mind Trick Puppet Master Dominate Mind (EQ2)


You can find the database of Feats on the Character Sheet Reference Database (C-D4WG)