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"The powers of the earth are great, for its strength can be a savior, or the destruction of entire armies. Fire has long-since been thought of as a gift from the gods, to stave back the cold, and usher in the age of man. Water is a tool of life, and brings to us nourishment, and renewed vigor. The wind can be a curse, or a blessing; none are quite sure what the minds of the cardinal winds have in store from one day to the next. And from the skies, electric fire rains down in the midst of the great, and torrential storms that threaten the very sanity of us all. These powers have been sought after, and mastered by the Clan, Taldryan. For long years, they have studied nature, and sought to bend it to their will. Finally, the Dark Side has bestowed these great secrets upon them--and Taldryan is ready to turn Elementalism loose on their foes."

Elementalism was the Clan Force Power School of Clan Taldryan. The Force school was phased out in favor of canon Clan Force Powers.
Elementalism taldryan.png

Minor Tier

Level One: Vortex

The basis of this power allows the practitioner power to manipulate the currents of air to create different effects. A minor user can use it to sweep enemies off their feet, while several adepts working together can fell entire battalion of soldiers. These kinds of winds are only used for non-destructive measures, as they cannot be "controlled" enough for anything else.

Level Two: Fissure

This ability allows a Dark Jedi to shake the depths of the earth creating fissures in the ground. A practitioner can use this power to devastate enemy ground forces by opening up holes in the ground in which to swallow troops and vehicles whole.

Level Three: Water Manipulation

With this power, a Dark Jedi can control how and where a body/gathering of water moves. A Dark Jedi could change the course of a river, or simply move a tablespoon of water around a table as if it were marching on parade. This power allows control enough to cause walls of water; it can stop a waterfall in its tracks as if time itself had been frozen, etc. With this power, bodies of water are at the complete control of the Dark Jedi.

Major Tier

Level Four: Barrier

The Dark Jedi can summon the earth to shield him from incoming projectiles, force powers, etc. When using this power the Jedi is able to will a pillar of earth to rise up in front of him to block most weapons.

Level Five: Combustion

Combustion is the ability to increase the base temperature of any object, including Humans (though this requires much greater effort). . The force behind the power is to ignite rapid movement in the molecules in, or around something, causing such intense heat to build up that the very air around the person, or item, might almost ignite in a conflagration of flames.

Level Six: Lightning Shield

When this power is invoked, a thin shield of electrical energy surrounds the user. Physical contact with this shield will incapacitate any attackers by paralyzing them for a brief period of time, allowing the practitioner to escape or finish his opponent off. Greater power extends the duration of the paralysis effect.

Level Seven: Cyrokinesis

Cryokinesis is the ability to rapidly decrease the temperature of moisture in the air. This power allows for a freezing effect on most inorganic materials.

Inner Order

Level Eight: Pyrokinesis

The ability to create, alter and extinguish fire. One of the most powerful Elemental powers a Dark Jedi may possess. With it, the practitioner can create violent gouts of flame to launch at his enemies to devastating effect.

Level Nine: Levitation

Harnessing the unbridled power of the wind, the practitioner can focus his power into lifting himself and possibly others with greater skill. Though not fully controlled, the Dark Jedi gains the ability of self-propelled flight, however it takes a great deal of power and skill to use for any length of time.

Level Ten: Kinetic Charge

Harnessing the elemental power of electricity, the Dark Jedi can focus his power on an inanimate object to increase it’s electrical charge allowing him to make powerful EMP explosives from anything at hand. With greater power the practitioner can increase the charge vastly amplifying the damage, or charge larger objects.

Level Eleven: Elemental Empathy

Elemental Empathy is the ability to connect with and communicate with nature itself. This power allows the practitioner to learn things otherwise unknowable. The wind can carry the sound of distant conversations; the earth knows the number of troops marching over it. Though one of the most difficult powers to learn, mastery gives the Dark Jedi a powerful edge in any battle.

Level Twelve: Elemental Transference

Like the fabled Grand Master power, a Dark Jedi who has mastered this ability can transfer the essence of any element into himself gaining the properties of that element. Earth increases the physical resistance of the user. Air allows the user to phase through solid objects. Water increases the users dexterity. Fire adds an inferno-like quality to any physical strikes. Lightning increases the users reflexes.