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Nar Shaddaa

Date of Birth:

11 ABY

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175 lbs.


Dark Brown



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Eldan is an Apprentice of House Scholae Palatinae. He is aggressive and often arrogant about his own combat ability.

Character History

Eldan was born on Nar Shaddaa, the Smuggler's Moon. When he was four years, his father sold him to a small-time Hutt named Jagura in ordering to settle a debt. It was Jagura who gave him the name Eldan. Jagura had been collecting child slaves to use in a money-making scheme, where the children would play as homeless beggars and then surrender all of their earnings to the Hutt. Failure to procure an adequate amount of credits was punished with physically abuse. The children were under supervision of Jagura's men at all times, and Jagura threatened death to anyone who attempted to escape.

During his enslavement Eldan befriended two of his fellow slaves: a male Mirialan named Joro and a female Twi'lek named Carsa. The three slaves brought each other comfort and company in spite of their harsh existence, often dreaming of a life of freedom. When Eldan was thirteen, the three devised a plan to escape from their enslavement during the night, when they were inside Jagura's compound. However, they plan went awry, and Eldan saw his two friends shot and killed. Eldan, unintentionally and unknowingly tapping into the Force, managed to escape into the streets of Nar Shaddaa.

Eldan managed to sneak aboard a passenger ship bound for the planet of Naboo. He found more symphathy from the citizens of Theed than from those of Nar Shaddaa. An elderly man named Palik offered to feed and house Eldan on the condition that Eldan assist him at his business, a speeder and ship repair shop. During this time, Eldan learned much about the mechanics of speeders and starships as well as piloting skills from Palik. Palik had Eldan instructed in a Theed school, the first and only formal education he would ever receive. Eldan spent much of his time with Palik's other assistant, a male Echani martial artist named Arkason. Arkason instructed Eldan in the echani arts, and the two became sparring partners. Eldan gained a modest proficiency in echani and achieved a high level of physical fitness.

In 29 ABY, Palik died of old age. In his will, he left everything he owned to Eldan, including ownership of his business. Eldan, however, had little interest of running the business without Palik. Instead, he transferred ownership to Arkason and found work as a guard in the Theed Royal Palace. With the credits left to him by Palik, he also acquired an old N-1 starfighter, which he began to repair and modify.

In 33 ABY, a plot to assassinate the Queen of Naboo was attempted by a group a dissidents. The Royal Palace came under an unexpected siege. However, through a combination of echani melee skills and Force-sensitivity Eldan proved to be formidable warrior, and played a pivotal role in defeating the would-be assassins. His performance in the battle caught the attention of a member of the Dark Bortherhood (who had actually helped orchestrate the assassination attempt) who recognized his Force potential.


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