Draxion Durk

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Rise of the Brotherhood eraExodus era.New Order era.
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Draxion Durk
Biographical Information

Nal Hutta

Date of Birth:

13 ABY (age 26)

Physical Description





1.7 m/5’7”


68 kg/150 lbs



Personal Information

Leg’amous Durk


Valek Durk


Aura Ta'var

Lightsaber Form(s):

Form 3 Soresu


Lightsaber, E-11 Blaster Rifle, DL-44 Blaster Pistol

Chronology & Political Information

Former smuggler




Rise of the Brotherhood era,Exodus era, New Order era



Known masters:

Aura Ta'var



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'Draxion Durk’ is a rather recent addition to the ranks of Odan-Urr. Born into a family of bounty hunters, he went to the Jedi Order shortly after discovering he had some power over what he had heard rumours of before, something called the ‘Force’. He sought out some way of learning of this mysterious ‘Force’, discovering its mysteries, seeking knowledge, and possibly a way of life. Thinking maybe if he could master its secrets, maybe just maybe he would find peace.

Character History

Childhood Years

Draxion Durk, born to bounty hunters named Lag’mus Durk and Valek Durk, was born 13 ABY. Nothing of note really happened until he reached the age of 10. He received a blaster from his parents on the night of his tenth birthday. They walked up to him with a smile and said “Son, you should learn to use this, your life; well it isn’t going to be easy.” That’s when the training began. Before when his parents would go on a hunt he’d stay aboard the ship but after that moment he was brought along to observe and help in tracking down the enemy. Once he was thirteen, he started hunting bounties. His life was ruthless, it was hard, and it suited him nicely. Moreover, it was simple, it was easy, and it was active.

He had a friend once: Galtarn, a Wookiee, who had for the longest time hunted with his family. He was a great shot, he was definitely someone to have at your side, and after all who wants to mess with a wookie?

Draxion learned how to be a decent mechanic from his parents. When his parents’ ship would break down, he was the one to help them fix it. For years he was forced to memorize ship manuals and the procedures for fixing them if they broke down. Eventually he got to repair something by himself. The hyperdrive motivator was shot, and well, he knew just how to replace it. Luckily they had spares, because that would have been a mess to actually fix up.

His training was both cultural and geared toward bounty hunting. He learned the history of the Twi’leks, their culture, and their heritage. He learned about the things that they had faced down like Twi’lek discrimination and the violence the Clone Wars brought on them. He also learned how to shoot a blaster, how to avoid detection by any Imperial who thought to go poking around in their business, and how to appear legitimate in any means. He learned how to fight, he eventually even took up the vibroblade as a form of meditation. It calmed him with its understated elegance and how it could take down hordes if used correctly, if used strategically. He learned how to read people, how to tell when they were about to renege on a deal or change the terms, he learned how to backstab when needed, and how to work with others. He was taught that he needed to be ruthless to survive. He was also taught not to let anyone get too close to him, or he’d risk losing them forever.

Before his ship, he tended to either borrow his parent’s ship for jobs, rent a ship, or even hire a pilot in desperate times. though he also used to compete in swoop races for some extra cash. It was a fun time, it was also a very carefree time in his life. He enjoyed it, and looks back on it fondly.

Bounty Hunting Years

Draxion Durk, practitioner of the Jedi Order, wasn’t always this way. In fact, until recently he was a bounty hunter, flying across the stars. He was quite good at it too. He had a ship called the Firehawk but unfortunately he sold it off in order to pay some debts, his life, well it had never afforded him much. He led a modest lifestyle but nothing fancy. His ship was his home, the place he lived, and it was the first thing he ever truly owned, apart from his blaster of course.

One mission in particular gave Draxion a sense he could be more than just a bounty hunter. It was supposed to be a simple one, bag one rich bureaucrat from his home on Nar Shaddaa, but it had turned sour quickly. Basically the bureaucrat knew of the bounty on his head and had put one on Drax’s head as a form of revenge. It was a wonder he made it out alive but that was the trade. You got put in a bad situation and you dealt with it, the only thing that prevented his death was an odd sense. He could tell that he was in danger before the hunters came so he was able to hide away and ambush them. He never did bag that particular catch, but he wasn’t about to try anytime soon.

He mostly worked alone, occasionally with Galtarn, his one and only friend. He needed to work alone after what happened. The way the wookie looked on the grass after being shot, the smell that the corpse emitted from the burn, and the sound of blaster fire from behind him as he ran back to his ship and tore off into space with his catch. He would never work with anyone after that. It was too traumatic and he didn’t want to lose anyone again. See what had happened with Galtarn is a hunt gone sour, again. He was supposed to hunt down a Hutt, it was supposedly an easy job, and this particular hutt had run afoul of the Black Sun a while back. He wasn’t giving them their cut in the spice trade and they wanted him dead. They were offering a lot of money too. They offered 20 thousand creds up front and 500 thousand more on delivery, but the hutt was on to them. He collected the bounty sure, but it was tough. Damn Hutt was crafty, damn near killed him, killed his friend who was shot while fighting the Hutt’s guards, which was not a pleasant way to die. Making the best of it, with that money he was able to buy the Firehawk as a ship of his own, his pride and joy.

A New Beginning

After he had killed the Hutt, well they didn’t like that very much, and the Hutt cartel blacklisted him from their jobs. He couldn’t take them which slowly whittled away at his ability to keep up living expenses, his ship upkeep, and everything. He ended up having to sell the ship and hole up on Tatooine, getting a job as a barkeep and laying low for the most part, not wanting to draw attention to himself. One day a Jedi came by, Master Gui Sol. Tracing an echo of the Force, he came up to Drax, offering to teach him, and he accepted, eager to learn and possibly overturn his bad luck.

Jedi Training

After learning the basics at the Jedi Praxeum, he was paired up with Master Aura Ta’var after which she recognized his ability as a fencer and taught him form III Soresu. So far, his favorite Force Power would have to be telekinesis, that’s always fun to mess around with.

Physical Description

Draxion Durk has blue skin, green eyes, lekku straight down his back, lean body, and a burn scar along his right cheek.