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Production information

Corellian Engineering Corporation

Product line:

Corellian gunships


DP20 Frigate

  • Corvette
  • Frigate
Technical specifications

120 meters

Max speed (space):


Max speed (atmosphere):

1000 km/h

Hyperdrive rating:
  • Class 2.0
  • Backup Class 16

416 SBD


176 RU

Navigation system:


  • Double turbolaser cannons x8
  • Quad laser cannons x6
  • Concussion missile tubes x4
  • 30 concussion missiles each, standard load.
  • Crew x45
  • Gunners x46
Minimum crew:




Cargo capacity:

300 metric tons


8 months


House Plagueis


Ascendant Fleet

Current Status:



34 ABY

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The Despair was one of six Corellian gunships captured by House Plagueis during the taking of the new Ascendant Fleet. It was destroyed along with the rest of the Ascendant Fleet during an attack in 34 ABY.


Designed to serve more adequately as a vessel of war than its relative, the CR90, Corellian gunships had a greatly reduced amount of space for passengers, troops, or cargo. During their design phase, two words guided the shipwrights and engineers of CEC: Fast and deadly. As such, engines made up half of their available interior space, with the rest reserved for deflector shield generators and weapons systems. Because of this speed and lethality, they were ideal craft for raiders and pirate fleets, but also saw extensive use by the Rebel Alliance and were even used by local Imperial fleets.

The DP20 gunship bore a stock armament of eight double turbolaser cannons, four concussion missile tubes, and six quad laser cannons. This made the vessel useful for a number of reasons. Ideally, it was meant to destroy fighters, bombers, and other snub or shuttle craft en masse; where a capital ship's bulk made accurate strikes against such craft difficult, the gunship could pinpoint and destroy them with much greater accuracy. However, they were also capable of harrying and dealing damage to larger ships, while still being maneuverable and quick enough to evade powerful craft such as Star Destroyers. In Plagueian hands, these vessels have become central to crippling and raiding ships for supplies and slaves.

DP20 ships held accommodations for forty-five crewmen and forty-six gunners; in Plagueian hands, both posts are occupied by Subjugates. In addition, the 120-meter craft always house a Sith, and the crews rotate outward. In the close-knit environment of such a small ship, crew members become akin to families, something that increases the possibility of Subjugate crewmen finding identities and rebelling. To combat this, the crews of the gunships are routinely cycled out or, if necessary, purged. The Sith aboard is both a measure against boarders and a safeguard against slaves; in such enclosed spaces, a lightsaber and the Dark Side make them more than a match for invading soldiers or a crew of lightly-armed slaves.