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How do I create a new page?

Firstly, you need to be registered. This can be done on the Request Account page.

For instructions on creation of a new page, see the Getting Started page.

Who can edit my page?

Any registered member can edit any page, unless it is protected. Users are responsible for their own character pages, but others are allowed to make minor edits (e.g. spelling and grammar).

The Dark Jedi Brotherhood maintains Editing Policies.

Who maintains the DJB Wiki?

The Wiki Tribune staff whose general duties include:

  • Responsible for the Development and maintenance of the Wiki
  • Responsible for the Development of standards and quality control of Articles
  • Polices articles and removes any form of Wiki Vandalism
  • Works with members to ensure content is appropriate for the Wiki
  • Acts as Administrator over the Wiki membership

X page is great! Who wrote it?

Many pages often have multiple authors. To view a list of the edits that have been carried out on a page, including who made them, click the “History” tab at the top of the article.

How do I add a picture to my article?

See the relevant section of the Getting Started guide.

What if I have other questions?

Either ask one of the Wiki Tribune or add your question to this page’s Discussion Page and it will be answered as soon as possible.