Bobecc Varga

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Bobecc Varga
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

14 ABY (age 28)

Physical Description












Personal Information

Hylia Adi Drexia


Rowan Drexia

Lightsaber Color(s):


Lightsaber Form(s):


Fighting Style(s):

Shadow Fist,Jar'Kai

Chronology & Political Information

New Republic Era, New Jedi Order Era

Known masters:

Darth Pravus

Known apprentices:

Seyda Norith



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"If you don't die fighting for something, then you lived for nothing."
―Bobecc Varga

Bobecc is a well trained Human hailing from Corellia, he has slightly tanned skin, with an athletic build. Raised by a smuggler but learned the ways of the dark side of the force. He enlisted in the Dark Brotherhood in 38 ABY, after defending Coronet in battle. Considered a rookie to the Dark Brotherhood, he is learning and working his way up the ranks. Growing with his brothers in Taldryan Bobecc is currently a Warrior and the Aedile of House Ektrosis.

Character History

Early Life

Bobecc Varga, born Judro Drexia in 14 ABY to a former smuggler and his wife on Corellia grew up a smuggler by nature. His childhood can be characterized by juvenile delinquency. Inspired by the stories of the "good old days" that he overheard being told by his father and former associates in his home.This molded Judro's worldview to that of a criminal, with the idealized smuggler persona being his motivation, and a goal to be as good as his father one day. His story began as one of petty thievery (including a near-fatal experience messing around with a stolen blaster) grew to become bona fide smugger by his teenage years. As someone relatively young for the business of crime, let alone smuggling, Judro often dealt with the insufferable comments that he was "Too young," or "Just a kid," from veteran Corellian smugglers. In order to escape the harassment he worked in the shadows and changed his name, from then on Judro was dead, and the story of Bobecc began.

Rising From the Shadows

Smuggling in the shadows proved to be a difficult task, but Bobecc knew that that's what it would take for him to become a great smuggler like his father before him. He was setup in a small cantina by a space port in the Northern Hills. Working as a busboy was the perfect cover, allowing him to make arrangements for smuggling while working. Bobecc was crafty in that he made it seem like he was being ordered around, like he was a messenger and that he had nothing to do with the actual organization that he was building. Coincidentally CorSec would come in and ask employees if they had seen or heard anything, and Bobecc would tell them not only helping eliminate his competition he was building a reputation for himself. If someone needed to smuggle in a shipment spice, or a weapons cache they knew what cantina to go to if they wanted it done.


Bobecc in his early adult years realized he was force sensitive, looking to develop his abilities further he searched for a place to learn. He was then recruited to the Dark Brotherhood by Darth Pravus. Pravus didn't tell Bobecc about the domestic conflict that he was walking into. Blindly he joined the brotherhood in the middle of the 11th Great Jedi War. In the midst of the war Pravus convinced Bobecc to assist his former Clan Taldryan in the fight. Not long after the dust of the war had settled Bobecc had risen through the ranks to become a Jedi hunter. Bobecc later was appointed to the Battleteam Sergeant of the Wardens. Shortly afterwards his leader Raistline Majere was promoted to the Aedile of Ektrosis leaving the vacancy for Bobecc to fill as the new Battleteam Leader of the Wardens.

Physical Description

Bobecc stands at 1.78 meters tall, weighing 70 kilograms. With a thinner frame and an athletic build Bobecc is not overly muscular, but sticks to a regular workout regiment. Once a finely tuned runner perfect for escaping from close encounters. Bobecc grew tired of running though and has put on some muscle so he can stand his ground, taking the fight out of the shadows and becoming more confrontational. Bobecc is a noticably more rugged man, who has a rag-tag thrown together outfit who is careless about his appearance, putting more value into the functionality of his highly used armor. Bobecc has two separate scars on the right side of his face around his eyes. He has piercing steel blue eyes, with messily styled brown hair.