Amulets of Kun

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Kun's Amulets

The amulets worn by the Dark Lord Exar Kun were misleadingly named. Called “amulets”, they were in fact a pair of gauntlets for the hands or a Human or Humanoid possessed of four fingers and a thumb. Fashioned from the thickened and treated leathery hide of a rancor, the joints, palm and back of the hands also had metal banding and sheets, strengthened and enhanced by Sith alchemical processes, and plated with solid gold. This meant that the gloves, while being supple black leather, were also suitable for use as armor, in addition to their more extraordinary powers, and were in many ways a work of art.

These amulets were created by Exar Kun on Yavin IV, using the stolen knowledge of both Naga Sadow and Freedon Naad, and the unearthed Sith alchemical techniques. It is unknown rather he actualled used them after their creation, or if he hid them away. When worn by a Force user, in addition to their protective value, the Amulets allow the wearer to channel massive blasts of Dark Side energy, manifesting as arcs, beams and balls of black fire. Their use, however, is keyed to actual ability of the Force user; a weaker user will conjure weaker attacks, and so forth. Over use of the amulets can be deadly; If a wearer does not remove them and continues to call upon the powers of the Dark Side, the amulets begin to drain the wearers health and vitality, aging them to power the Dark Side power required to manifest such abilities.

The amulets were recovered during the beginning of Clan Exar Kun’s history; the exiles from Clan Alvaak were lead to where the lost artifacts of their Dark Master lay, where they recovered these amulets along with Exar Kun’s lightsaber. After the merger, they were placed deep within Clan Plagueis' vaults.