Ambition (corvette)

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Production information


Technical specifications

100 Meters

Max speed (space):

Attack Speed

Max speed (atmosphere):


Hyperdrive rating:

x1 (Backup x15)

  • Ion cannons
  • Light turbolasers
  • Tractor beam projectors


Cargo capacity:

500 metric tons



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The Ambition was relegated to smuggler interdiction and covert reconnaissance with the ending of the Galactic Civil War. Harboring resentment and unsatisfied with mere police work, the crew increasingly ignored operational boundaries. Ambition began preying on shipping, killing their crews, looting their cargo, and rigging them to self-destruct. It was obvious to all involved that these losses would not go unnoticed for long, thus they eventually decided to make the next score their last for a time.

It came in the form of a sensor blip, which they inferred to be a large ship passing behind an uninhabited planet. Upon closer investigation they discovered a ship in orbit, presumably surveying or awaiting the recovery of ground personnel. With a nearby gravity well to dispose of the evidence, and with either its sensors fully trained on the planet, or short a few personnel, it made an ideal target.

Rocked by a sudden tractor beam impact, and reading the Cruiser’s shields rising just as the order to fire was about to be given, the Ambition found itself exactly where it could seldom afford to be: on the defensive. The opposing ship identified itself as the Penitence, relayed that it was under the command of Dark Jedi, and offered to spare their lives in return for submission. Taken aback by his revelation, and devoid of the time, firepower, and shields to escape to hyperspace, the Captain took only a few moments to agree. The first Jedi borders arrived within minutes, facilitating the ship’s entry into first the Kunian, and later Plagueian Navy. It came to serve in a monitoring role along the main hyperspace route into the [[Jusadih System], invisibly observing and scanning incoming traffic. It was also attached to the Prodigy of Plagueis.

In 27 ABY the ship participated in the Brotherhood’s first calamitous clash at Ante. Though the Ambition survived the pitched battle its stealth hull and ion cannons were damaged from without, and an enemy boarding party ravaged several sections from within. Lacking the means to repair the vessel for the foreseeable future, Plagueis opted to decommission and scrap the vessel.


Awarded to CEK in the Sixth Great Jedi War