Alector Isradia

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Alector Isradia
Biographical Information

Vardor, Nox System

Date of Birth:

23 ABY

Physical Description

Vardorian (Human)







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Chronology & Political Information

Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era


Imperial House Isradia

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"One who has freed themselves from all restrictions has reached perfection, their potential fulfilled. Perfect strength, perfect power, perfect destiny. Imagine it."
Yuthura Ban

Alector Isradia is the son and natural progressive character evolution of Ashura Isradia. Born on Vardor into maze-like feudal system known as the Iperion due to his heritage; he is the first Isradia to be born after the fall the Galactic Empire. He is a symbol of new growth for the Imperial House, and a dawn of a new hope for a dying world as his birth co-opted with an historic event that happened once every thousand years.

He is a highly gifted noble and like most thoughtout the galaxy would rather use his intelligence and social skills instead of direct confrontation. He is currently being trained in the use of Vardorian magic.


"If you are to truly understand, then you will need the contrast, not adherence to a single ideal."

Born in Tol Mustanen on the second week of Elona in 23 ABY, Alector Isradia is the first child to be conceived in House Isradia for over twenty five galactic standard years. His mother, Isabelle Lutah, named him after a famous Vardorian poet who had inspired her when she was growing up. He was also named after his father, Ashura Isradia, much like how his father had been named after his grandfather.

At the time his mother had become pregnant with him, the relationship between his parents was that of fear and hate. Some months earlier Isabelle had been forced to renounce her title and position of power by Ashura, and was made to swear an oath of loyalty to the Imperial House after a failed attempt by House Lutah to take the ancient capital of Vardor, Tol Mustanen, which had been placed under the care of House Isradia.

Alector’s existence was planned by his father to orchestrate the penultimate downfall of the House his mother had been born into; however fate destined Alector for far greater purpose. His parents fell in love, as a changed Ashura swore an oath to honor, love and protect Isabelle. In the tradition of Vardor to swear an oath is sacred, and one is not made lightly as the punishment for breaking an oath can lead to banishment, or even death. Isabelle understood this and swore the same oath back. This was the beginning of an epic romance between the two.

Danger stalked the infant after his birth, as House Lutah went about trying to eliminate him by sending assassins. It was eventually decided for Alector’s safety to move him to Tol Rothan, the capital city of House Isradia. The chance of anyone sending an assassin there was suicide and would likely face the wrath of the Grand Duke himself for violating his home.

Personality & Trivia

Motivation To gain new knowledge and discover the truth behind it.
Personality Honest, Curious, Smart, Inexperienced.
Nature Inquisitor
Hatreds Injustice, Lies, Deceit, Disrespect.
  • This version of Alector's history is different than his family canon version. That version of Alector can be found here.
  • Alector's name is based on the Alectors, a race of people with powers very similar to the Force.
  • Alector possesses a unique tattoo on the back of his left hand, depicting a stylised dragon. This is the symbol of his connection to Cipher.
  • Joseem Maruuch created the 3D images of Alector shown in this article.