Alberigo Outpost

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Alberigo Outpost
General information
  • Unknown creation date
  • Restored in 27 ABY


Physical specifications

Variable (150 - 1000)


25 meters


250 meters


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era


House Caliburnus

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The Alberigo Outpost is located on the Alberigo, one of the two moons of Ptolomea.


Originally created as just a small training facility, the Alberigo Outpost eventually fell into disuse and was largely abandoned by the time of the Vong invasion. However after the Cocytus system was reclaimed from the Vong, Quaestor Rasilvenaira Kaeth StormRaven decided to make use of the moon base, and subsequently commissioned extensive construction to expand and improve the facility, giving it far greater practical uses. Nom with a gradually increasing defensive grid, Alberigo teams up with Dynasty Station to serve as part of the early warning system for Ptolomea.

The Alberigo Outpost consists of three domes linked by underground tunnels and plasteel tubes above the moon's surface. Each dome has its own shield generator, with the main components of the generators underground, for defensive reasons. Each dome is also equipped with blast cannons and missile launchers. The blast cannons are operated independently from the Control Room of each dome, but can be remotely controlled as well from the Station Defense Center in Dome 3. The Missile Launcher Batteries are computer controlled and each dome's computer can handle another dome in case of failure of the tracking systems. Sensors around the perimeter and the Subtachyon Sensor Arrar provide telemetry for the turrets in real time.

The shields of each dome will extend to cover the connection tubes as well. The shields will defend small fighter fire for a while but a capitol ship will wear down the shields in a matter of minutes of sustained fire. The generators of each section can be linked to the other domes in case of power loss or shield loss, controlled in the Dome Control Room and may be overridden at the Station Defense Center in Dome 3. While the overall power output, and shield output would be lowered for both domes that are linked, but in times of emergencies, the commander of the station does have this option.

The entire station is rigged with extremely sensitive air pressure sensors that can detect any hull breach from the slightest variation on the pressure, activating the containment blast doors and sounding a general alarm. This also makes almost impossible for external forces to infiltrate the base through hull junctions or maintenance shafts.

All over the moon's surface there is a grid of sensors providing omni-directional data to the SDC in Dome 3 that is also relayed to Dynasty Station and House Command in Ptolomea. On the poles of Alberigo rests the subtachyon Sensor array, continuously tracking all incoming hyperspace signatures and providing the SDC all telemetry data for the objects in the system, including ship class, hull ID and engine exhaust signature.

In a ring 600m wide around the base there are 128 Blast Cannons operated each with its own controller computer for targeting and fire, but can be also operated from the fire stations at the SDC. 24 Long Range Torpedo Launchers complement the outer defense, barraging the incoming targets, each with the same fire solution and control as the Blast Cannons. All those turrets must be given green light from SDC before firing, preventing accidental fire on any Friend-or-Foe ID miscommunication.


Dome 1 – Hangar Dome (50m radius)

Overview This dome holds the starport for the facility, with all starship related operations and pilot housings. It also holds the Station's heaviest hull armor. Due it's massive structure, this dome also holds the much needed recreation facilities for the whole Station.

Sub Level 2: 6m

A massive cavern holds the generator for this dome's shields and power supplies. The computer core main frame is also located down here. There is a guard detail on this level at all times. Access is restricted to necessary personnel only. There is also the climate control system for the dome in this area. Exhaust shafts lead to the surface where they are heavily shielded with armor to prevent damage to the vital systems.

Sub Level 1: 3m

Storage and laundry facilities are located below ground. There is also a second set of connecting tunnels to the other domes located here, in case of damage to the upper links. Not much else needs to be said of this particular level.

Level 1: 3m

This is considered the "ground" floor of the dome. It contains the living quarters and cafeteria for Dome 1 inhabitants, around 200 including pilots, repair crew and support staff. There are recreational facilities for the whole station such as a movie theatre and a library. Accesses to the two link tunnels for the other domes are located on this main level as well.

Level 2: 3m

This is the home of the Dome Defense Room and the Dome Guardhouse. The Dome Defense Room holds the stations for individually controlled blast cannons, the massive computer that controls the missile batteries and the shield generator primary control for this dome. The Dome Guardhouse is the quarters for the security personnel of this dome, which is twice as big as the other Domes due the security requirements related to the hangars and ships. It also holds a huge area for cargo and personnel quarantine in case of biohazard exposure. The northern sector of the second sub-floor contains the flight simulators and space flight training offices, and is accessible only from Level 1, opened to all flight personnel. It has no direct connection to the security area.

Level 3: 18m

The next section or Hangar 2 is the main ship storage and repair area of the station. While there isn't much need for storage, the area does have a fully capable repair bay. Offices of the Docking Master and Chief Mechanic are also located in this area. There is no outside access for ships to get to Hangar 2. The only way is via the ship elevator from the main hanger. This level also contains a droid repair and power station for recharging and repairs of the stations heavy contingent of droids. The northern wall spans 6 floors of small rooms used for replacements storage as well as repairs workshops.

Level 4: 15m

Dome 1 holds the main hangar of the station. The top area of the dome is the landing area for all incoming ships. There is a large ship-moving elevator for rotating ships in need of repair or storage.

The hanger will also be home to a TIE fighter wing and the necessary mechanics and support staff. There are prep rooms and briefing rooms for pilots along the north wall of the dome. Being the main hanger of the Station, there is also a freight elevator and unloading area for the incoming supplies. Along with the roof access for landing, there are two doors on opposite sides of the dome for fighter launches in times of attack.

Outer Defenses

Due to Dome 1 size, its walls are 2m thick of a reinforced Kiirium Steel alloy, capable of ignoring the impact of a stray snub fighter and limiting the damage of a proton missile barrage. The static defenses consist of three rings of nine blast cannons and three missile launchers around the cylindrical hull. The first battery it at ground level, the second by Level 3 floor and the final around the landing pad on the top.

Dome 2 – Science Dome (35m radius)

Overview This dome is the science section of the station, and it's primarily used for xenobiology and Zero-G experiments for the House's scientists. There are 24 laboratories on this Dome, from small chemistry and alchemy rooms to the massive greenhouse on the Level 4. Every lab is individually controlled for climate and gravity, using artificially inverted gravity to dampen the gravity field of Alberigo. The Jedi of the house have access to these labs for personal use, but must notify the science director of the station to prevent double bookings or a possibly dangerous combination of experiments in the same area.

Sub Level 2: 6m

Much the same as Dome 1 sub level 2 this is a massive cave where the power and shield generators are found. The computer core for the science section is here and spans two levels above in the central axis. Like the other domes, this level uses the same security restrictions and the guard detail for the generator room.

Sub Level 1: 3m

This is the storage and records area of the science dome. The findings of the research teams are kept on hard copy here in case of computer failure. There are also some labs built into the rock of the moon with re enforced armor for the more dangerous experiments that may take place in the science section. The underground links to the other domes are found on this level.

Level 1: 3m

Again considered the "ground" floor of the dome, there are the usual apartments for the scientists and a science library. Dome Control Room is in this level, with the controls for blast cannons and the controlling computer for the missile batteries. The Dome Guardhouse takes all the northern section this level and continues on the next one, with an extensive holding area. The access links to the other domes are found on this level.

Level 2: 3m

This is the xenobiology section of the science department. Here different species of flora and fauna can be found and studied for any application. Many of the creatures found on the station need very strict environmental conditions met for survival, and there for the labs here have containment rooms with specialized environmental controls. There is also a containment area for sentient species that may be taken prisoner and need special environments linked directly to the holding area of Level 1.

Level 3 and 4: 3m each

This is a more traditional lab environment. Several different styles of lab exist on this level, from the small private sized to a couple large rooms for group experiments or instruction on findings. There is a central lab with a tiered seating area for medical observations or teaching as well. Any Jedi of the house may use any lab that is open on this level with notification of the director.

Level 5: 25m

The final level of the Science dome consists of a greenhouse and 2 big airlocks for open space experiments. The greenhouse hull is made by 1m thick transparisteel with Kiirium steel supports.


Because of this dome's security needs and biohazard materials, every corridor contains blast doors that are automatically closed in case of contamination/explosion alarm in the sector, and must be manually open from the outside, to prevent panicking scientist to open the door and contaminate the rest of the Dome. This dome energy grid is the most powerful of the three and its shield is also the strongest, because the nature of the materials inside, preventing direct impacts to the hull, which is only 1m thick Kiirium steel. In case of attack all scientist staff can abandon the laboratories and go to Level 1 quarters for better protection, and once the last one is accounted for, the blast doors are activated. The static defenses consist of 2 rings of 3 blast cannons and 3 missile launchers, one by the ground level and one by the Level 4 floor.

Dome 3 – Command Dome (25m radius)

Sub Level 2: 6m

The generators for the shields and power of the dome are located in this massive cavern, as are the computer cores and back up systems for the command deck of the base. This dome's generator is also used to power the SubTachyonic Sensor Array, located outside the shield generator range so it gets clear signals from whatever object in the system.

Sub Level 1: 3m

Military records for the moon base are kept on hard copy here as well as the necessary storage rooms and the armory. The Station Defense Center also has a back up station on this level. While not quite as spacious or as fully functioning as the main control room, this secondary control room is used in case of loss of atmospheric containment in the main room. At any alarm, a detail will arrive and prep the room for use, but nothing is controlled from here unless necessary. A direct elevator links the two control rooms, with several blast doors on its shaft. Accesses to the link tunnels can be found here as well.

Level 1: 3m

Again the "ground floor" of the dome, with the House bar (named The Raven's Nest in honor of the Quaestor that gave the moon base a new purpose) and the cafeteria for the military personnel is also on this level. Isolated from the rest areas, this level also sports the interrogation and temporary holding facilities, as well as the Dome Guardhouse and the security staff briefing room for guardsmen team leaders to discuss security issues.

Level 2: 3m

This is the main living area for the military personnel attached to the moon base. There are also apartments available to Jedi that may be visiting the moon base for any reasons. The living quarters are often sparse and cold but the visitors are not usually staying long enough to really complain.

Level 3: 3m

This is level contains the briefing rooms and meeting rooms as well as offices for the military of the moon base. It is also the administrative wing of the base so there is a remarkable number of secretaries and fact finders running around this level.

Level 4: 6m

The entire Level is the Station Defense Center, from where the station commander oversees every aspect of the station, as well as communication and space traffic control. In a small room is the security modulator/demodulator for encrypted messages, only accessible by the station commander and his executive officer. Regular communications are relayed to the COMMs sector, where all transmissions in the system are analyzed. In the center of the room is the holotable with real-time holographic renderings of all objects in the system, with all information the powerful subtachyonic sensor arrays can get. Also, a network of small sensors all around Alberigo provide data for the station defense and act as an early warning network for the entire system defenses. In the western sector of the SDC, there are backup stations for all station weapons, including manual overrides for the computer controlled missile batteries, allowing this dome alone to remotely use the entire base's defense grid in case of emergencies. Access to this Level is restricted by 2 checkpoints with blast doors isolating the main elevators to the room proper entrance.


This dome holds the most balanced defense profile of all three, with good armor and shields, with 3 rings of 6 blaster cannons and 3 missile batteries each, the lower on ground level, the second by the level 3 floor, and the last one crowning the SDC.