Adi Ka 'Taramas

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Adi Ka`Taramas
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11 ABY

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Kanis Da’uul

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DJK Kanis Da’uul



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The Beginning

Born in 11 ABY to a poor family on the planet of Corellia. She never really knew her parents, because of the fact that she was taken from them at two years of age. Her adopted family were human and mistreated her. She had two older siblings who would always tease her because she was Cathar. One day when Adi was 6 years of age they had been talking to their friends and played a trick on her. Adi was hurt so bad that she ran away for months on end and no one went looking for her. After that she lived on the streets for about 20 years fending for herself as she tried to survive on her own.


Adi was located living on the streets by a pair of cloaked figures, instead of spitting in her direction or mistreating her, the strangers instead took her in. The Cathar soon discovered these two men were Guardian Marrek Gunstinson and Dark Jedi Knight Kanis Da'uul. The two gentlemen presented her with an opportunity to 'improve' her living conditions, tired of living on the streets and being more mistreated than she had been in her adopted family before she ran away, Adi agreed without hesitation to Marrek and Kanis' Recruitment ploy and she soon found herself inbound on a shuttle to the Shadow Academy not even twenty-three hours later.

The Brotherhood

Academy Graduation

Adi had experienced strange things that she'd never seen or heard before she'd gone to the Shadow Academy, in fact she was still a little shaken from the entire experience, but she stood tall as she was one of the few fortunate enough to walk away from the trials of the Academy. The Cathar mourned the loss of the friends she'd made on the shuttle ride over, but that was behind her as she was now on a shuttle ride to meet the man assigned to be her master, but she had little information on the man, all she possessed was a name and the location of his usual hang out, the Sunken Sarlacc a Cantina located on a planetoid named Port Ol'Val which sat on the outskirts of the Dajorra System.

An unlikely pair

Upon Adi Ka`Taramas arriving on Port Ol'Val, she hastily made her way to the Sarlacc, though she did get lost in the mass flow of tourists. The Twenty-Six year old Cathar who stood at a vertically challenged height of five foot found herself being pushed around in the crowds until she was finally able to escape the sea of people. After exiting the crowd which she'd been stuck in for about a good hour or two, Adi was relieved when she saw the flickering neon sign that read The Sunken Sarlacc, but upon arriving inside, she soon found it was far less than the paradise she imagined it would be.

Mean stares and rude comments welcomed her as she stepped inside the Cantina, she hardly knew how to react as she'd never really hung around a Cantina before, but she had to locate her master.

Finding an open table, the Novice sat down and ordered a drink, a drink that never really came primarily due to the fact a brawl had broken out. A rather large and muscular man slammed into her table and she jumped right out of her chair fleeing back a few steps, a skinny female clothed in armor fit to her figure slowly approached the table and punched down towards the man's chest, a mechanical sound emitted from her arm and the man broke through the table slamming down onto the floor out cold with many fractured ribs, the woman then smiled at her and a cloaked man dressed in Wraith armor approached. A brief discussion took place between the female and Adi, the female then turned to the cloaked male and asked if this was the Cathar they'd been told about, at that Adi was sure she'd found the man she'd been searching for.

A new assignment

Sword given to Adi by her master

Adi had trained under the young Coruscanti Kanis Da'uul for the past few weeks, but despite this fact Kanis began to doubt the skill of his apprentice, so after a day of planning and raking through old grudges the master finally found an assignment that would prove his apprentice's worth and on that note he summoned her to meet him in his apartment for her briefing.

The job was not what Adi had expected, her master ordered her to bring him the head of her target. She'd never taken another life unless she had to in order to prolong her own life, she was not a really violent individual, but she still complied with her master's wishes and tracked down the man known as Nolan Krax a Bothan street thug who thought himself invincible, but she soon proved him wrong when she collected his head in one of the many dark alley ways belonging to Port Ol'Val.

After returning to her master with proof of her success, the master rewarded his apprentice with a momentary praise as well as awarding her with a blade he'd used during his rise to Dark Jedi Knight.