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The 27’s

  • Stashed away along the outskirts of the Besadii Entertainment District is a slum consisting of broken down shacks and alleys. It lays just behind the neighbourhood of employee abodes and contains a small, but powerful, gang of misfits and drug smugglers. During the last Great Jedi War, a member of the Brotherhood managed to infiltrate the group and take out the leader. By the end, she had enough power and influence with the leader’s second to take control of the operation.

The assassin quickly removed a rival gang and stole their territory and several members. She originally called them the 28’s, expanding upon the influence of the 27’s. However, they soon amalgamated seamlessly with the other gang and the name faded.

The Shadow Gate assassin gave control of the gang to a Twi’lek woman by the name of Koekie whom the 27’s follow, fear and adore. Koekie protects and uses her new family in equal measure. They supply information when she requires it and they never need to worry about long term rivalries.

Persons of note

  • Koekie Donder-- M.I.A.
  • Hi-Tek-- A large Humanoid of undetermined origins. His speech is strange and his accent is thick. Leader of the 27’s.

Physical Appearance: Bald head with the exception of a long, thick braid sprouting from the back of his skull. Brown eyes. 6’5. Muscular build. Tanned skin and gang tattoos cover his arms and chest. Status: M.I.A.

  • Frangface/Koek-- 13 year old Zeltron girl. The “runner” and “gossip mongerer”. Personal assistant to Koekie. She is an obvious escape artist. Every time someone catches her, she quickly disappears without a trace.

Physical Appearance: Waist length, green and blue hair. Olive eyes. 4’3. Slim build. Wears bright and colorful clothing. Status: Dead