Semyon Cain

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Semyon Cain
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

12 BBY

Date of Death:

28 ABY (age 40)

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Personal Information

Nemo Dupar

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Chronology & Political Information

Rogue Jedi Apprentice


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era


Crimson Tide

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Semyon Cain was a rogue Jedi who has allied with and taken studies from Nemo Dupar. Semyon had no loyalty to the Crimson Tide beyond loyalty to his teacher Nemo. Still, Clan Plagueis, never having placed a bounty upon him, was aware of him, and actively monitored his whereabouts. He was slain at the Battle of Teryfin in 28 ABY


Semyon Cain was born 12 BBY on Corellia. He was selected for Force training at the Academy branch of Master Luke Skywalker’s New Jedi Order on Corellia. There, while he gained what the Academy considered an uncanny proficiency with the sword, he was declined for further training after his first year because his teachers believed he lacked sufficient grasp of the Force to continue studies as a Jedi.

Cain joined the freighter union and worked the hauls between systems in order to support himself. In his travels he found the Dark Brotherhood and found himself at the Shadow Academy where his interest in the Force was rekindled, albeit from a much different perspective. Semyon was not only impressed, but was then later horrified by even the shallowest depths of the Dark Side while on a mission for the Brotherhood. He fled their association in fear, once again adrift.

In time, Cain would find a group of rogues and mercenaries under the banner of Nemo Dupar. He joined the group more out of the desperation that had become his routine than anything else. He liked his association with the group and with Nemo Dupar. Nemo took and interest in him that would again spark his interest in the Force.

Eventually the group was disbanded, but Semyon remained allied with his teacher. Cain’s facility with the Force grew beyond what the Academy on Corellia had ever thought possible. Nemo had trained Semyon in the ways of a Jedi, though he was a rogue Jedi, something neither the teachers of the Light or Dark Side had ever thought would occur.

Nemo Dupar would often refer to another Dupar, though this meant little to Cain until Nemo and he waited and watched Clan Plagueis, affiliated with the Dark Brotherhood, for weeks on end. Later, Nemo announced to his junior that the pair would be in the service of a group called the Crimson Tide. Any question Semyon has about this association with the Crimson Tide is lost in his loyalty to his master.

During a transfer operation to take Callus Bo'Amar to a political prison, Semyon, along with Alonzo Bodelle and Semyon's Master, Nemo Dupar, were ambushed by Clan Plagueis. Semyon and his Master fought in a lightsaber battle against Nemo's cousins, Galaphile and Dismal Dupar. This would prove to be Semyon's last battle as Dismal literally cut him into pieces.