Nadrin Erinos Arconae

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Nadrin Erinos Arconae
Biographical Information

Nar Shaddaa

Date of Birth:

25 ABY

Date of Death:


Physical Description









Dark Brown


Dark Brown



Personal Information

Arcona, Void Squadron, Erinos Family, Nikola Valtiere


None (yet)

Lightsaber Color(s):


Lightsaber Form(s):


Fighting Style(s):

Force wreaking ball

Chronology & Political Information



Flight Leader


Arcona, Void Squadron, Erinos Family

Personal Ship:


Known masters:

Zandro Savric Erinos Arconae

Known apprentices:

Nikola Valtiere



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Nadrin is the cloned 'son' of Zandro Savric Erinos Arconae, former Consul of Arcona, and is a formidable warrior in his own right. However, unlike his 'father', Nadrin is much more attuned to the Force and far more fragile than Zandro ever was, meaning that he is a fundamentally different fighter, although equally deadly. Currently operating as a Flight Leader in Void Squadron, Nadrin is working to prove himself worthy of his name and his lineage as both an Erinos and a member of the Arconae.


Early Life

Nadrin first memories were those of growing up on Nar Shaddaa, touring small-time casinos with his mother and helping her by acting as a lucky charm of sorts. Even as a youth, the boy had an uncanny ability to perceive things which allowed him and his mother to live fairly well. The early years taught Nadrin some of his more less-reputable skills and caused him to grow up fast and opened his eyes to countless species, languages and experiences.

Each year on his birthday Nadrin would ask about his conspicuously absent father and each year his questions fell on deaf ears until he turned twelve when his mother finally gave in and booked passage for the two of them to a system that the young boy had never heard of before: Dajorra. Upon arrival in the system the shuttle was intercepted by a matte black Star Destroyer and Nadrin and his mother were escorted to a suite and it’s sole occupant; Zandro Savric Erinos Arconae. When the man looked over at Nadrin, something seemed to stir within the boy and he was still trying to work out his feelings when his mother pulled a knife and pressed it to the boy’s throat and threatened the man, saying she wanted an obscene amount of credits or she would kill her son. Nadrin was still trying to work out why such a threat would make the man hand over the money as Zandro lit his lightsaber and attacked, stabbing the woman through the left eye and snuffing out her life in an instant. The Sith turned off his lightsaber and clipped it back on his belt before looking at the young boy with a furrowed brow. He told Nadrin that he was actually Zandro’s son and that while he had always planned to summon the boy and begin training him, he had not intended for it to be so soon. Nadrin, it seemed, was to learn the ways of the Force.

The next couple of months saw the boy begin his training and make rapid progress, picking up control of his newfound powers with an uncanny speed. It was the physical training which proved to be Nadrin’s downfall, with his small stature and lack of any real fortitude meaning that he had to rely heavily on the Force to even get close to the standards he was aiming for. Despite this however, Nadrin’s improvements were many and in only a short time he was ready for field-tests, being smuggled to the Venku Range by Zandro to undertake personal training with the Erinos Clan in an attempt to toughen him up.

The Beating

Nadrin arrived at the range with mixed feelings; he knew that the trials would be tough but he felt that there was a chance he was ready, and he knew that he would need to succeed should he ever wish to follow his father’s footsteps and join Soulfire Striketeam. That wasn’t his only motivation however, as he was desperate to prove to himself more than anything that he was more than just a failure, more than just a lucky token to be abused for financial gain. He met up with the leaders of the Erinos Clan immediately and was struck by their size and ferocity, the passion and power that seemed to roll off them like a veritable wave of energy. Even the youngest members of the Clan were powerful figures to the diminutive Force-user, and for the first time a sliver of doubt slipped into Nadrin’s mind. These Mandalorians were already far more physically adept than he was and they were younger than he, would he have a chance.

As it turned out, he wouldn’t.

The first trial that Nadrin undertook was to journey out into the jungle and try to repel an ambush by several of the Mandalorians as a way of trying to work out how advanced his skills were. For the first few hours the young Sith was able to avoid detection by the roaming ‘enemies’, but before too long he was caught out in the open and took a shot to his chest and his upper left thigh due to his lack of concentration. He was rushed to a medic who managed to patch him up and help to avoid any permanent damage (barring to Nadrin’s pride), and when Nadrin was fit enough to do so, he was summoned to meet the head of the Clan in private. The meeting was brief, with the Chief telling the young boy that while he admired his spirit, he could not in good conscience teach the boy knowing that he fundamentally wasn’t up to the standards that were necessary to live through the trials he would have to complete if he stayed.

The news crushed Nadrin, and he spent the entire time during his journey back to his home trying to work out how to break the news to his father. He only settled on a decision when he finally came face to face with Zandro, and was asked how the training had gone.

He lied.

Death and a New Beginning

Nadrin's return from his training with the Mandalorians was followed swiftly by the outbreak of War within the Brotherhood as what came to be known as the 10th Great Jedi War erupted with the combined might of the Brotherhood's Clans and Houses descending upon Odan-Urr. This meant that Nadrin was left to his own devices once more as Zandro left with Arcona to fight against the Light Jedi, and so the young man began training on his own, delving into his father's records to learn what he could from them. Everything was quiet for a while as he waited for news from the conflict to come through, but from what he heard the conflict would be a brief one, with little chance of too much damage to the Brotherhood forces, however this proved to be false when the Clan returned, minus one or two of its senior members.

Nadrin's training at his father's hands, not to mention open access to all of Zandro's information sources and networks allowed the teenager to swiftly find out what had happened; his father and his uncle Sashar had sacrificed themselves in order to save the Arconan forces and destroy the enemies reinforcements before they could join the battle. Their death's had proved sufficient to end the conflict, but that was irrelevant to the young boy as he felt crushed by the news that his father was now dead, leaving him alone in the world. He had always known that Zandro's death was likely and inevitable, but it still pained him to know that he had died without being able to finish Nadrin's training. Nevertheless, he knew that moping around would do him no good, and his job now was to reveal himself to the Clan, emerge from the shadows and ensure that the Erinos were not weakened too much by 2 of their most prominent members deaths. Donning a deathmask to hide his identity, the young Erinos headed to the Citadel, ready to join Arcona properly.

Unfortunately for the Sith, his arrival in Arcona's ranks coincided with Sashar's son Teroch also coming forward and trying to assassinate Wuntila, accusing the man of murdering his father in order to gain control of the Clan, an act that would spark a feud between the three prominent families within Arcona; the Erinos, the Entars and the D'Tanas. Nadrin, torn between his family and his Clan, decided to try and act as a peacemaker. He stayed above the conflict as much as possible and worked towards uniting the warring families once more and, his efforts combined with those of other members that saw unity as the only way forward, was able to bring the Clan back together as one entity. Animosity was still present but now was kept under wraps, ending the civil war before it could tear Arcona apart.

Physical Appearance

Nadrin is relatively non-descript in terms of his appearance, although with each passing day he comes to look more and more like his father. That being said, he is of average height and normal if slightly lower than normal weight. He possesses a good amount of speed, but he is incapable of packing much of a punch and equally unable to take a beating. Normally garbed in fairly standard Sith Robes, Nadrin's main distinguishing feature is the bone-white deathmask which he wears to cover his face and hide his identity from most. The mask is that of a snarling animal, white apart from some blue marks that adorn it and are added to as Nadrin feels like it.

Nadrin's current Deathmask

Fighting Style


  • Although Nadrin is only 12 in real terms, he ages twice as fast as a normal person as a result of the engineering that was performed when he was cloned from Zandro and as such, is currently 24 years old in terms of his development.