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Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

17 ABY

Physical Description





1.8796 Meters


74.82 Kilograms




Red surrounded by a thin ring of orange

Personal Information

Kann-Katral (Adoptive Father)


Hutt Crime Lords

Lightsaber Color(s):


Lightsaber Form(s):

Djem So

Fighting Style(s):

Echani, Jakelian

Chronology & Political Information

Warrior of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood


Battleteam Leader of Disciples of Dreypa


Dark Jedi Brotherhood

Known masters:


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"My name is Marduss, I have given myself to the study and creation of death, therefore I give my name to Murder."
―Marduss on his name

Marduss is a young Dark Jedi born on Mandalore. He considers himself a murderer, killing for the first time at the age of twelve. The adopted son of a traveling mercenary, Marduss has traveled across the galaxy and is well traveled. While never receiving a formal education before his time in the Brotherhood, to say he is an ignorant traveler or a brutish vagrant would be a complete understatement, as he has studied many of the greatest scholars, generals, and politicians of the galaxy, and has developed a sharp mind because of it.

Often in a relaxed and light mood, his humorous and often sarcastic demeanor acts as a mask to the cunning sociopath that lies within. A deadly pilot, and an even deadlier warrior, to see Marduss as a minor threat can often prove fatal.


Early Life

Born on Mandalore in 17 ABY to two currently unknown parents, the warrior known as Marduss was orphaned in his native city of Keldabe. While to this day he still does not know his lineage, he has speculated that he is the biological sibling of a possible Jedi, but he is unsure if this is true. He was found by a Taung known as Kann-Katral who recognized his connection with the dark side of the force, adopted him, and raised him as his son. He gave Marduss what could be considered his birth name, Daemakk-Katral. While Kann was a mandalorian warrior, he never truly put his adopted son through training, but taught him swordsmanship, the basics of hand-to-hand combat, what could be considered an exceptional schooling on strategy, and encouraged him to hone his connection with the force. When Marduss was six, Kann was sent to Nal-Hutta on a bounty hunting mission where a Twi'lek criminal was thought to be hiding. Not wishing to leave Marduss alone, Kann brought Marduss with him to Nal Hutta, but the two were separated when Kann encountered the Twi'lek. Marduss would wonder through one of Nal Hutta's larger citadels before he was picked up by a group of low ranking Hutt's who attempted to sell him into slavery, despite his plea's. Kann eventually found him as the Hutts were auctioning him off, killed one of the Hutts, and fled the planet, Kann has yet to return to Hutt space since and Marduss has hated the Hutt species from this point onward. At the age of twelve, somewhat of a naive child, Marduss came into a fight with a group of children who considered him weak and an embarrassment to the mandalorian society for his connection with the force and lack of warrior training. Outnumbered by the older and large boys, Marduss was beaten to an inch of his life. It was in his moment of near death that he manifested his power, and in a moment of blind rage, killed his attackers without remorse with a potent but weak amount of force lightning. He had gone unconscious at the time, but, when he awoke he saw the carnage he had wrought, he christened himself Marduss: the incarnation of murder.

A New Embodiment of Darkness

When Kann discovered Marduss's dead enemies, he decided it was time for him to pursue his Dark Side abilities elsewhere. Giving him what little information Kann had of the Dark Side, he tutored his adopted son in star ship combat and brought him to the Shadow Academy through an undisclosed contact. For years, Marduss had studied the Dark Side until he was the only student capable of surviving the Brotherhoods early trials, and was brought in for true training. He has since proved himself an able scholar and tactician, as well as a potent warrior with a yet untapped potential in the force.


For many months, Marduss had trained under his master, Meleu Karthdo, and served him as his apprentice while gaining notoriety and prestige within the brotherhood. During the time of fading light and the battles for ancient Sith artifacts, Marduss had caught the eye's of the leaders and elders within Clan Plagueis and House Ajunta Pall. Seen as a potential leader, Marduss was offered a position as a Battleteam Leader to train and command the Dark Jedi who were not yet Knights. Marduss eagerly accepted this position, and achieved Knighthood not long after he became the student of a new master, Teylas Ramar. Marduss now commands the battleteam on behalf of his house, planning his own scheme's and missions while training these Dark Jedi to be vicious and brutal warriors.

Personality and Traits

Something of an ironic personality, Marduss is surprisingly laid back when he is dealing with many individuals and species, except for Hutt's, which he hates with every fiber of his being. He is polite and comedic when in a group or one on one conversation, but when crossed or thrown into battle, his demeanor changes completely, shutting out all but his anger, hate, lust for power, and drive to kill. When working in groups, however, he becomes obsessed with taking command of his peers and underlings. When the group is being commanded by a higher ranking warrior, he will take orders with an annoyed, but dutiful mindset. He will attempt to become as much of a leader as he can, and will destroy anyone who proves themselves inefficient or cowardly, gladly taking their position if he can. It is unclear what Marduss's goals are, but by his studies, apathetic characteristics, interests in Politics and science, it can be assumed whatever he is planning is diabolical.

Powers and Abilities

Lightsaber Combat

Marduss has been a swordsman since he could hold a bladed weapon, and has spent his time trying to master the Djem So form, which he has become very proficient at. While he is has yet to master any advanced forms, he idealizes the Vaapad style and hopes to master it someday.


A skilled duelist for his age and background, Marduss uses his blade to slice, stab, and eviscerate his enemies with extreme prejudice. While originally his primary weapon, Marduss only calls upon his blade now if he requires a second melee weapon, or when his saber fails.

Force Powers

In battle, Marduss prefers to use Rage, Force Shock, and Terror on his enemies in order to harm them physically and mentally, taking control of the battlefield on any level he can. When in serious pain or badly injured, he will control himself and try to heal his wounds while fighting from a range before returning to melee combat.



In combat, Marduss prefers to use his lightsaber more than any other weapon. However, he also uses a 1.3 meter long straight sword with a basket hand guard whenever his saber is unavailable. The sword is made of aluminum and quadranium, Marduss constructed it at the age of thirteen. While he uses his sword now as his secondary weapon, he also has a belt of thermal detonators for when the situation requires explosives.


Marduss generally wears a black flight suit or a dark colored, decorative robes when not in combat, however, he will wear a centimeter thick breastplate, arm guards, greaves, a bicep guard, and a pauldron composed of durasteel or full body armor if he can get a hold of some.