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Brotherhood Communication Platforms


Telegram is currently the primary means of communication used by the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. Telegram allows members to instant message from a mobile device, tablet, or computer. It works very much like text messaging from any current mobile device, but will only share your mobile phone number if you have the phone number of another member in your device (or they have your number in theirs). Full functionality for pictures, GIFs, and videos is included. A number of useful links to get you started are included below

  • Telegram Web-Client - The Telegram client can be found here for all platforms.
  • Comms 102: Telegram - This useful Shadow Academy course can help teach the basics of operating telegram, and the code of conduct expected of DJB members
  • Brotherhood Chat - A number of common Telegram channels to be found here.


While Telegram remains the primary means of communication in the DJB, Discord is often used as a secondary channel of communication. Discord is a voice-chat and text service and is primarily used by the DJB Gaming community. Like Telegram, Discord is available on all platforms and free to use. Individual clans may also have their own Discord channels, available on a case-by-case basis. All interactions on Discord are expected to abide by the same code of conduct as Telegram.

  • Discord Client - The Discord client can be found here for all platforms.
  • DB Gaming Discord - A permanent link to the DJB Gaming Discord can be found here.


The Brotherhood at one time used IRC as it’s primary means of communication, but has since migrated entirely to Telegram. The resources below are preserved for posterity, but no longer in use.