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Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

17 ABY

Physical Description





1 foot


6 kg


Fur, black



Personal Information

Ashura Sadow

Lightsaber Color(s):

Lightdagger with blue blade.

Chronology & Political Information


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Zosia was a female Force-sensitive Kushiban and the sidekick of Ashura Sadow


Zosia was born on Kushiban and lived an idyllic life for the first fifteen years, not a care in the world as she, her brothers and sisters, her parents sought a life of peace and harmony. Sadly all that changed when profiting slavers looking for new quarry to sell arrived at Kushibah, a new fad for Force-sensitive Kushiban’s had sprung up and these slavers were looking to profit from it. Zosia and her family were unluckily found and she watched them murder her brothers and sisters, in return the emotional shock forced her latent Force-sensitivity to emerge, which unfortunately is what the slavers were hoping to happen.

Stunned and enslaved, Zosia was in mourning for her murdered family and her ”mood fur" had changed pitch black to reflect her state of mind. The slavers began to “recondition” her, in which Zosia had to learn Basic at a fast pace or be punished for failing to do so. The hatred for the slave collar around her neck grew with each passing day, with each demeaning orders she was forced to follow or be shocked for her disobedience. It was near impossible for Zosia to control her emerging powers to do the “party tricks” she was expected.

It was a year later that Zosia was bought by a small circus on Nar Shaddaa, by this time she had been conditioned to do as she was told out of fear of being punished for any disobedience, she was so traumatic that her fur black fur no longer changed colour. Zosia found her role in the circus to be horrifying, following orders with a force smile on her face to please the crowd. Luckily for her the owner of the circus was killed six months later for owning money to various gangsters, unluckily Zosia was sold to a hunter that used her as game for his clients. She was forced to evade hunters in the Vongformed wilderness, as a sentient being was something hunters found an elusive prey until her owner decided otherwise. Zosia was lucky that they used stun or pain settings and not lethal shots, but then her owner wouldn’t let her be killed when she was bring home the credits for him.

This was her life for the next two and a half years, sometimes she would spent months evading experienced hunters who wanted a test their skills. Zosia perfected her camouflage abilities and there were days she actually thought of escaping, every time she was thoroughly punished for trying. It was during one hunt when she had been caught that the paying hunter decided to have a little fun, she snapped and attacked, biting his nose off. The consequence of her actions resulted in her being kicked repeatedly in punishment, Zosia cried out in the Force for help and it was answered. Two lightsaber ignited and slashed through the air, removing limbs and decapitating heads, leaving bodies on the forest floor. Zosia stared up at her savior and shivered as the man glanced down at her, his blood red eyes were void of emotion, he seemed to be deciding if she lived or died.

Moments later her slave collar fell apart as if by an invisible force and he offered to free her in exchange for a life debt. Zosia knew it meant trading one owner for another, but she sensed dark power from him, the same dark power that was blossoming in her. Ultimately she agreed to the exchanged and he introduced himself as Ashura Sadow. True to his word, Ashura freed her and the two of them left Nar Shaddaa for Tython where he trained her to use a lightdagger. While Ashura never actually trained Zosia to use the Force, he did offer her niblets of information for her to improve her skills, it wasn’t much but it was better than nothing at all.

It soon became apparent to Zosia that she would be taking the role of sidekick, while Ashura never became overly friendly with her, he did treat her with kindly and the two of them developed a working partnership that lasted decades.


  • Zosia is the pet form of Polish name Zofia, meaning "wisdom."
  • Zosia can speak Basic and Kushiban
  • Zosia and Ashura's relationship can be described as a twisted and darker bond to what Ash Ketchum and his Pikachu possessed in the cartoons.