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The following page contains summaries of material covered in each Voice Update or Report, as first established by Voice Marick Tyris. For a full archive of Voice Reports, see the News Archive.

Voice Reports

VOICE Marick Tyris


  • Report #1 - Species Approval Policy, Cluster of Ice Updates, Fiction Chat Questions, more.
  • Report #2 - Species again, DB Canon defined, Telegram updates, Fiction poll/results, New Fiction rubric.
  • Report #3 - Rogue One events, new run-on rubric, Dark Council fictional roles, new species added.
  • Report #4 - Fiction archives announced, possessions loadouts and information regarding the Character Sheets, Character Sheet: Chirrut Imwe, Aspect title updates.
  • Report #5 - DB Canon codex article created, voice task force team, project updates, fiction chat highlight.
  • Report #6 - Fiction center announced, Grandfathered CS's, project updates.
  • Report #7 - May the 4th Fiction results, New Run-On Studies exam, NPC Slots, 'Thrawn: quick book review', new species added, project updates.
  • Report #8 - GJWXII ACC Phase I - Updates, short #AskTheVoice section.
  • Report #10 - CS Approval Guidelines: Physical Descriptions, project updates, CS snapshots.
  • Report #11 - GJWXII Fiction Competition Breakdown, project updates.
  • Report #12 - Update highlights, Update to the daily questions in Fiction Chat, #AskTheVoice.
  • Report #13 - Collective Chronicle results and new competitions, Collective Wiki updates, #AskTheVoice.
  • Report #14 - GJWXII epilogue, final Collective Chronicles results, Atra awarded, Collective and Inquisitorius wikis updated.


  • Update #2 - Help wanted: Magistrate position open. Fiction Policy Update (open prompts), CS Approval Guidelines updated.
  • Update #4 - Run-On tips for Rogue One competition, extension.
  • Update #7 - New competition series announced.
  • Update #8 - Updates to Voice Competition Approval Guidelines and Character Sheet approval guidelines. DJB Wide fiction competition update, Sephi Species feat updated.
  • Update #9 - NPC Slot's introduced and explained.
  • Update #11 - New Praetor and New Magistrate selected.
  • Update #14 - Kick-off of the Collective Chronicles.
  • Update #15 - Magistrate Position open and quick hits.