Vaeris Rune

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Vaeris Rune
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??? ABY

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2.04 m


74.2 kg


Dark Brown





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  • Scholar

Dark Jedi Knight



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""Life is certainly an enigma, is it not? The moment you become aware of your own reality you die of despair. Tread lightly, and above all, don't think too much. Your mortality will drive you mad.""
―Vaeris Rune

A Kiffar-Zabrak half breed, Vaeris Rune is a member of Clan Scholae Palatinae who refuses to affiliate with a House. In appearance he is tall and rather thin, with lean muscle that is, truth be told, barely noticeable these days; his shaggy, dark brown hair hangs to his shoulders and hides the burned, scarred remnants of the horns that once crowned his head in proud spikes. Of the original ten, only 4 remain, with the rest broken or burned to stubs that are beyond repair. A scholar by trade and a recluse by choice, he tends to avoid company and is more of a ghost than a truly functioning member of Brotherhood society. His past is a mystery to him, but if one digs deep enough, one can find answers.


Early Life

Nothing is ever easy in the lift of a Force user, and for someone as gifted as Vaeris, that is especially true. His father, a native to Kiffu, vanished without a trace when Vaeris was very young, resulting in his Zabrak-Dathomiri witch of a mother to spirit him away to her homeworld. For the first seven years of his life he was little more than a slave in a clan where his mother's prestige did little to help him; while he was never treated with unnecessary cruelty, he was nevertheless little more than an object. Despite this, his time with his mother's clan was the closest he would ever come to a normal childhood: he had friends, he picked up the ways of the Force by eavesdropping, and all in all he lived as comfortable a life as was possible for a slave amongst Dathomiri witches.

Not to say that he was by any means a normal child. Even at a young age he tended towards bouts of explosive anger that resulted in bizarre things happening without him being aware of them; once, in full view of the older women of the clan who had been fond of him before this instance, a tree in his line of sight exploded in spectacular fashion. Recognizing the Force in him yet bound by clan rules, the women refused to train him and instead threatened to feed him to the largest and ugliest rancor they possessed. He learned to keep his emotions to himself after that, and never questioned why he was not killed outright. Quite possibly they were afraid of him no matter his age but being so young he never bothered to find out.

What he learned of the Force was all theory, however, and would not be of any use until much later. Whether his mother or any of the other females in the clan were ever aware of his eavesdropping he never knew, as shortly after he began doing so, he would be removed from Dathomir for good. It would not occur to him that he could return and by the time he considered it, what remained of his clan would not remember him--nor would they tolerate his presence if they did.