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Zasati Tryezsh
Biographical Information

Gallinore, Hapes Cluster

Date of Birth:


Date of Death:


Physical Description

Human (Half- Hapan)




1.7 m / 5’5’’


64 kg / 141lbs







Personal Information

Rhylance, Vodo Biask Taldrya


Anubis Annedu

Lightsaber Form(s):


Chronology & Political Information
  • Courtesan
  • Smuggler

Jedi Hunter


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

Known masters:

Vodo Biask Taldrya



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"The soul of the troubled Youth was caught in agony, between two quite irresolvable passions, the terror of death and an inexpressible ecstasy. But love, conquering all, overcoming even the anguish of death's grief, was triumphant once again today. Solemnly stretching out his trembling hands to the tender and terrifying Beauty, the Youth exclaimed, 'If death is in your kiss, o beloved, let me revel in the infinity of death. Cling to me, kiss me, love me, envelop me with the sweet fragrance of your poisonous breath, death after death pour into my body and into my soul before you destroy everything that once was me!"
―Alexander Blok, The Silver Age of Russian Culture: An Anthology

Zasati Tryezsh, is a Knight in House Ektrosis of Clan Taldryan who struggles between her desire to be free and her need for the companionship of others. For her, they don't usually go hand in hand and it's a constant battle. Others try to rule over her or control her and a part of her revels in the submissiveness of it. The other part of her wants to stand free of everyone, crush them under her boot and be her own self.



Zasati Tryezsh (birth name: Zasha Ti Danidual) was born in 1 ABY on the planet Gallinore in the Hapes Cluster. Her mother, a Hapan named Zarezsha’lin Danidual, was a lead field researcher. Her father, a Human named Tatim Osechal, was her mother’s assistant. She was only with her parents for six short years. As an only child, the young halfling had a relatively normal childhood by the cultural standards of her world. She was raised with strong Hapan values: males are the lesser sex and that no one, not even family, should ever get in the way of one's rise to power.

Zasati Tryezsh (born 1 ABY) with her parents.

Near the end of her sixth year, her parents were targeted by the Hapes Consortium for taking part in a firedrake smuggling ring. The Consortium’s eyes and ears were ubiquitous across the Hapes Cluster. Her parents committed suicide together to avoid imprisonment and their inevitable execution. She escaped their fate, largely in part to her parents’ foresight. Months prior they had sent her to live with relatives in the Outer Rim Territories.

Zasati Tryezsh 10ABY

Family Ties

Zasati lived with her Uncle Teo and his wife, Lotti, and their twelve children in the city of Valentia on the planet Jelucan. The family lived on the outskirts of the city in an impossibly tiny home. Her Aunt was neglectful and her Uncle was constantly out of work. As the youngest of the children, she was often teased by her human cousins. However, this did little to bother Zasati. Early on she exhibited a greater maturity than her cousins and often tried to pit them against one another when they irritated her.

At the age of nine, her Aunt and Uncle could no longer afford to care for their children. Tryezsh was the first to be sold off to pay their debts. She was sold to Madame Ki'note Siv, the owner of The Blue Monk, a high-end bordello in the Pleasantry District of Valentia. Tryezsh spent the next six years as a servant to the Blue Monk’s most talented courtesan.

Zasati’s Electrotattoo: Mark of The Blue Monk
The Blue Monk

Mark of The Blue Monk

Upon her arrival to the bordello, Tryezsh was branded by Madame Ki'nota before she was allowed to work as a servant to the courtesans. The Madame had an Electrotattoo, in the House Emblem of two twisting lines, surgically branded on her left cheek, forever marking her as property.

At the time, the Electrotattoo was an obscure wonder of modern electronics. Almost considered a cybernetic device, it was comprised of two parts. First, a series of tiny optic transceivers, collectively called Nanoink, were surgically inserted under the skin to resemble the desired tattoo. Next, a sensory implant chip was installed within the brain. This chip allowed the Nanoink optics to communicate with the emotional interpretation area of the brain. The device monitored chemical changes in order to transmit the proper color sequence to the Nanoink. The colors corresponded to a special code known primarily to Madame Ki’nota and the courtesans of The Blue Monk.

The primary use of the Electrotattoos was to brand property. The secondary use was to expose the slave's true emotions and intentions at all times. This allowed their Owner to keep them in check with easy.

Courtesans of The Blue Monk (Top to bottom) Tsetsiva, Kitel, and Zasati, 19 ABY

Zasati Tryezsh, 26 ABY


By the time she was sixteen, she had proven herself to be a loyal and obedient servant to Madame Ki'nota. Tryezsh began her career as a companion to the courtesan Tsetsiva, a Zeltron famed for her singing voice. Tsetsiva trained Tryezsh in the ways of their trade, ensuring that she could dance, sing, entertain party guests as a hostess, and knew the latest techniques to please in private encounters.

When prominent patrons began to ask for the half-Hapan's company, Madame Ki'nota decided to debut her in an elaborate ceremony. She was given the new name: Zasati. An evening with her was triple the going rate in exchange for her company in both private and social settings. It did not take Zasati long to climb to relative power within the bordello. No longer was she treated as a scullery maid, but rather a very important piece of the House's income.

A Courtesan's Comforts

After several years, Zasati was considered to be one of the most adept and attractive courtesans in her the area of Valentia. She was a paramour to the noble and wealthy of society there. More educated and charming than the typical light-skirt walking the streets, her prices were high and she lived in absolutely lavish comfort. She eventually even took on a Sponsor, a Pantoran named Feff Jarrcara, who paid top credit to keep her housed and clothed well. In return, she provided him with regular companionship.

A Beguiling Romance

Feff convinced Zasati to abandon The Blue Monk and run away with him. Young and niave, Zasati was eager to go on an adventure with the man she had grown to love. After the two had fled the city, Madame Ki'nota put a bounty on Zasati's return. Her education was a huge investment made by the House and her departure meant a great loss of revenue. After a few weeks on the run, Tryezsh realized that Jarrcara did not love her the way she loved him. He simply wanted to own her just as Madame Ki'nota did. One night, he attempted to overpower her against her will. This resulted in a struggle and ultimately, his death.

On the Run

With Feff Jarrcara dead, Zasati made her way back to the only other home she'd ever known, Gallinore. Along the way, she stopped to rest at a small cantina on

The Brotherhood

A few years later she crossed paths with a young woman who told her of unseen powers that could restore her honor. Eager, she sought out these powers and found herself introduced to the Dark Brotherhood.

Zasati and Rylance

Upon joining the Brotherhood, Zasati became an Obelisk, mostly because she found that neither the Sith or Krath Orders’ ideals suited her. Soon thereafter, Zasati Tryezsh was transferred into House Ektrosis, where she quickly became acquainted with a handful of its members. She passed five Shadow Academy courses, and eagerly began her advancement in the Brotherhood.

The Return

Physical Appearance

Zasati Tryezsh is a half-Hapan woman of average height. With long legs, gentle curves, and a slender neck to match, Zasati has a lissome figure. Lapis blue eyes stand out in stark contrast to thick black hair, left to tumble over her shoulders. Zasati’s expressive brows accentuate her angular features. Her fair skin is flawless, save for the tattoo on her left cheek. Her voice, rich and sultry, slips over her full lips with a honeyed eloquence.

Distinguishing Marks:

Her left cheek is marred by a tattoo which marks her as the property of high-end brothel owner, Madame Ki’nota Siv. The tattoo design is of two crossed lines which begin just under the eye and drop down to her jawline. The unique ink used for the tattoo shifts its hue between a small range of colors such as reds, blues, and black.


Zasati’s typical attire consists of a dark blue dress, fitted tightly to accentuate her assets. The silken material hugs the edges of her shoulders, exposing her gentle neckline. In addition, she typically wears a slim silver belt fitted with a small pouch, a flask, and a holster for her Blaster Pistol. She favors leather boots with a slight heel but will wear more fashionable footwear for formal occasions. When away from her quarters, she wears a dark mantel over her clothes.

Personality and Traits

"I wouldn’t give you the skin off an emerald grape."
―Zasati Tryezsh

Powers and Abilities

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Lightsaber Prowess

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Force Powers

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Other Talents



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