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M. Lee
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This is about the real life person behind RevengeX Palpatine.


I was born in Charlottesville, Virginia, USA to South Korean immigrants. I have a younger sister and older brother. I have lived in Michigan and North Carolina and am currently a student in North Carolina.

I first encountered Star Wars when my grandparents bought the original trilogy videos, and I remember watching them a lot whenever I went over to visit them. Later, my brother and I began buying and reading the books (we weren't interested in the comics), and there are about sixty of these at our parents' house.

I joined the DJB about a month after my brother discovered it (I was always the "tag-along" kind of brother).



I have competitively swam since I was very young, around the age of 8. Dozens of medals hang on my doorknobs. I have made it to the finals of state championships, qualified for sectional championships, and loved doing it.

Swimming demands discipline, focus, and hours and hours of hard work that are unheard of in most other sports.


I have played violin since I was 7. I played in youth orchestras and school orchestras and gone to long summer camps for music. My favorite violin concerto that I have played is the relatively unknown Goldmark concerto.