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Solas Night Thorn is a Sarkhai Sith Acolyte, of House Tarentum. Solas is a special member of the Brotherhood, as he is only the second member of the Sarkhai race to be force sensitive.

Solas was born on August 12, 17 BBY, on his home-world of Sarkhai. He lived on Sarkhai, with his parents and two younger sisters. for 14 years. It was during those 14 years that Solas' force powers awakened. At age 8 he had traveled to Coruscant with his father and younger sister. While waiting for their father outside of an office, a man attempted to mug Solas and his sister. When the man swung a knife at his siter, Solas sub-consciously lashed out with the force and forced the mans arm, and subsequently the knife, wildly off course. The blade slashed Solas' right forearm from the elbow all the way down to the hand. Solas would then lash out again with the force launching the man into the wall, knocking him unconscious. His father would come out shortly after, and rush his family home. Solas would live a very interesting life. He would never receive formal training in his force abilities, his father would actually encourage Solas to hide his abilites. Then on June 24, 3 BBY, a group of radical extremists launched a coup against the King of Sarkhai. Solas' father served as the imperial ambassador for Sarkhai. This meant that Solas and his family lived in the imperial palace, so they were there when the coup started. While they were all in the palace when the attack started, they were not all together. Solas was at the north end of the palace training with the other young men. His mother and sisters were at home in the family's quarters. and his father was in the council chambers with the other high ranking members of court. This meant that his father was at the epicenter of the attack. Solas' father was executed along with the other council members in the first hour of the attack. Solas was rushing to the family's quarters when an explosion engulfed the living wing of the palace. His mother and sisters died in the explosion. After being informed of his family's death, Solas realized that he would die too if he didn't make himself scarce. So he fled the palace. Then after spending three days hiding out in the mountains south of the palace, he snuck back onto palace grounds. Risking his life to steal a speeder, Solas made his way from the capital city to the nearest spaceport. Chartering a ride on a refugee freighter, Solas traveled off-world. He would spend the next ten years traveling around the outer-rim, never venturing far enough in to be recognized.

This would become Solas' life until he was guided, by his force sensitivity and anger, to the Shadow Academy. Thus begun his life as a Dark Jedi.