Taldryan Powers

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The Jedi An'ya Kuro using Phase to pass through a wall.

This Force power enables users to pass through solid objects with concentrated effort. Strength in the Force allows the user to move faster and through more and more dense objects. It is relatively easier to pass through fabric than it is through durasteel.

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This Force power permits a user to draw heat away from an object, causing its temperature to plummet. Users with more Force affinity can even draw so much heat from an area so as to coat it in ice.

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  • First Tier (Dark Jedi Knight): The user can freeze a small amount of material, a few kilograms worth, or chill about twice that.
  • Second Tier (Equite I - Equite IV): The user can freeze about ten kilograms worth of material, or chill a person to the point of near hypothermia.
  • Third Tier (Dark Side Adept - Dark Prophet): The user can freeze a person solid, or chill an entire room.