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She's Got It Where It Counts, Kid.
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Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

18 ABY

Date of Death:

Not available

Physical Description





6ft 1in




Whiteish Bone spurs


Neon green

Personal Information
Lightsaber Color(s):

one green, armory saber,

Lightsaber Form(s):
  • Banlanth
Fighting Style(s):
Chronology & Political Information

none held


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era



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"I listen very well, that’s why I am smarter than you, and why I will beat you"

Tahlrada is a tan skinned Zabrak from Iridonia. He was born into a family of very proud Zabrak. Many of the family were well known sith or highly ranked imperial officers. Tahl is a tall and muscled Zabrak with some very unusual physical characteristics. Tahlrada has vibrant green eyes that were very uncommon among his family. On top of his eyes Tahlrada is one of very few Zabrak that have facial hair and eyebrows. He prefers to wear a goatee and never messes with his eyebrows even after his parents pride urged him to keep both shaved off and unnoticeable. Tahlrada couldn’t have cared what the other kids said about him. He had a full beard before he turned 16 and started to groom it to look decent at around his current age. He was the only student to graduate from his academy wearing facial hair in more than six hundred years. His blood was as pure as everyone in his family but he was just an anomaly. Tahlrada’s tattoos were subtle and eloquent and stretched the length of his entire body. His eyes were the most heavily tattooed spot on his body. Even his father was proud of how intense Tahl’s green eyes glared out from the black backdrops of his face and furrowed eyebrows. His glare sent most people running when they approached him to make jests at his facial hair so Tahlrada never saw much physical confrontation throughout his academy years. Tahlrada is also ambidextrous which is rare for a pureblood Zabrak. His facial tattoos were a thick black and mostly comprised of thin vibrant lines that ran the course of his entire body only to avoid the armpits and groin area.

Character History



Tahlrada woke to the tell-tale reveille that his father always played to wake them for school. Tahlrada rolled out of his bunk and landed on his feet. He sat down on the lower bunk and slipped on his boots. He turned around and slapped the sleeping figure on the bottom bunk before tying his boots. The younger Zabrak sat up with a start.

“Whatwhatimup,” Tahlrano looked around, “I’m up.”

“Let’s go,” Tahlrada sighed, “its breakfast time.”

The two brothers shambled their way down the hall to the kitchen. Tahlrada took his seat opposite his older brother who seemed to frequent this house more often after he graduated then while he attended the academy.

Tahlrada’s family servant entered the room carrying food. The young woman was a human that his father had bought at auction a year or so ago. She had vibrant green eyes and jet black hair and her very presence made Tahlrada feel better. Tahlrada would never admit it but he was madly in love with the human and had been cultivating a relationship with her for a few months now that had culminated a week or so before that day in a secret kiss between the two.

“So,” Tahlrava looked at Tahlrada, “what courses do you have today?” Tahlrada’s father wasn’t stupid. He knew Tahl’s classes almost better than Tahl did. He also knew today was the end of the semester and because Tahlrada had slaved away at his courses he could graduate a semester early so he wouldn’t have to put up with his father for much longer.

“You know the usual,” Tahlrada played it cool under the gaze of his father who was a trained interrogator and avid supporter of the Galactic Empire. Tahlrada had looked at some recruiting pamphlets but was unimpressed at what the waning empire offered. He met a curious nautolan a few years back who came in search of knowledge of Tahlrada’s grandfather Tahlranis who was a known sith traitor who defected to the light side and formed his own Jedi circle. Tahlrada could still remember a few of his grandfather’s lessons before the man fell to the light side. Tahlrada wasn’t even sure if his grandfather was still alive at that point.

Tahlrada would eventually encounter him if he joined any side of this galactic confrontation. Tahlrada had recently come into contact with a Nautolan force user who had come looking for him. The nautolan had a dark blue tint to his skin and a glint of rage and hatred in his eyes. The curious looking nautolan wore blue and black attire and introduced himself as an envoy of the Dark jedi brotherhood to his father. The meeting visibly took its toll on his father who Tahlrada remembered was furious at the curious looking alien. Tahlrada remembered speaking with the man later on in private about his organization and Tahlrada’s curiosity was peeked. The man explained that his organization was very open about partnerships and that they really didn’t mind the fact.

Tahlrada looked at his father who was staring intently at his son. “I have been talking with the recruiters down at the station,” Tahlrada saw the joy come over his father’s face, “but.”

“But what?” Tahlraga pipped up from across the table as he came up from his plate for air. Tahlrada's brother was tearing into his breakfast like a wild animal that hadn't eaten in days. It reminded Tahlrada of his biology class where they put three predatorily carnivores in a cage for a week to show the students the application of survival of the fittest. After three days the trio began fighting and once the weakest was ascertained the other two killed and ate him for survival. After 6 days the remaining two battled it out where the seemingly weaker one won out and killed and ate the seemingly stronger of the three showing that not only those fit in body but in mind would be the ones to carry on past the brink.

“How about you shut up Tahlraga before me and Tahlrano beat you to death,” one of Tahlrada’s pet peeves was his older brother. Everything about him screamed their father and it infuriated Tahl. Neither of the younger brothers could stand being around their older brother. For all his bluster and bravado he had never left the planet. He had joined the planetary defense force in hopes to rise through the ranks on the curtails of their father's accomplishments.

“Like I was saying,” Tahlrada shot his older brother a glare that was returned with equal intensity, “I am going down there to look over the paper work for enlistment after school today.”

“Good,” the smile on Tahlrava’s face could have been seen from space. The rest of breakfast was filled with small talk on what jobs Tahlrada was looking at. Finally it had to be brought up.

“I am also thinking of taking the force sensitivity test today and see how I score,” you could have heard a pin drop in the room. Tahlrada’s father was a fickle man. He loved the empire but didn’t see the purpose in force users in the galactic empire. “I scored decently last year and you decided that I was too young for the Sith to come recruiting me for their training, I have decided that if the sith offer a better set of skills and pay that I will go that route but if the Galactic Empire puts up a better offer then I will go that route.”

“Son,” Tahlrava shot his son a glare, “if I didn’t send in false records of that test you would have been drug off by the Sith to some experimental facility to be used as a guinea pig in their personal wars between each other."

“Father,” Tahlrava went quiet, “this is my choice, like how Tahlraga would rather stay around home and be a vagabond fighting for your attention even after he graduated.” The insults were heard loud and clear by the entire family and multiple servants. Tahlrano had to actually work to stifle a giggle that drew a glare from Tahlraga. “Anyway father, Tahlrano and I have to head out. We can talk about it tonight when I get home ok.” Tahlrava conceded defeat and offered his son a smirk and a nod. Tahlrava was a fickle man. He loved power and the use of it in force but he also respected those who use restraint of their power to embarrass and out wit their opponents. To him it showed the wisdom to know when to use it to the persons advantage.

Tahlrada left the table and made his way to his room where his bag was. His little brother ran past him with Tahlraga fast in pursuit with a blob of breakfast splattered across the side of his face. Tahlrada couldn’t help but laugh at his brothers as they ended up in the atrium wrestling over the dispute. Tahlrada was not looking forward to tonight when he had planned to flee his home with the Human servant. Tahlrada entered his room where Keera was waiting for him. She approached him with bag in hand and planted a kiss on his lips that centered Tahlrada’s troubled mind.

“I needed that,” Tahlrada offered her a smile before planting another on her lips in return, “make sure you pack all the stuff I told you to.”

“Yes Roddy,” Keera’s nickname for Tahlrada always put a smirk on his face, “I have it all packed and hidden away, ready to go.”

“See you when I get back tonight.” Tahlrada stole one more kiss from the beautiful woman.

“Lets go bantha poodoo!” Tahlrano bellowed up the stairs, “you’re going to make us late...again!”

“I’m coming,” Tahlrada slid down the banister to the atrium landing before he broke into a sprint out the door to his speeder waiting outside. After the two brothers shot of down the street and up into the speeder lanes Tahlrano turned off the music before looking at Tahlrada. Their was a pause as the brothers looked at each other and then watched as their brother and his psychotic girlfriend pulled alongside.

"So Tahlrada," the attractive woman piped up, "What are you going to do after the academy?" Tahlrada recognized the girl from the popular click. It was made up of the most powerful Zabrak families. Her father was a sith lord and she didn't keep any of her plans to herself. She was planning on joining her father and the galactic empire and begin her training. Tahlrada mused to himself how his brother was playing the stupid girl into thinking he loved her so he could gain stature among his peers. Tahlrada created a short fantasy where the girls father killed his worthless brother and his over controlling father for incompetence at their dreary wedding. It brought a noticeable smile across his face as he came back to reality.

"Hey what's that stare for loser!" Tahlraga had noticed the smile and was not pleased, "why are you looking at my girlfriend that way?"

"Oh no reason," Tahlrada returned to his speeder controls as he heard his brother begin to rile up and yell at him for something or another. Tahlrada pulled his attention from the console just as the speeder lane lights turned green and he sped off weaving in and out of small shuttles and speeders on his way to the academy.

As the duo landed at the academy the whole school seemed a buzz with people running to and fro whispering excitingly. From what Tahlrada could make of it his brother was backed against his speeder by an unknown man with a lightsaber. Tahlrada looked at Tahlrano who nodded as the two Zabrak bounded out of their speeder and headed towards the drop-off pad. The arrived just in time to watch the last half of the drama unfold.

A tall man in a robe and clad in armor was standing in Tahlraga's face and neither was budging. The hooded man had Tahlraga at attention and was giving him an earful. Tahlraga saw his two brothers from over the tall mans shoulder and in his eyes was a pleading stare for them to help him out. Tahlrano placed a hand on Tahlrada's shoulder to restrain his brother. For everything his brother was he still did not deserve this siths verbal assault.

"Hey ugly!" The mans head seemed to perk up at the insult, "Why don't you pick on someone more your intelligence range!" The hooded figure turned to find who it was who was shooting insults at him. Tahlrada had already cleared half the distance from the crowd and was standing alone across from the sith whose red saber hummed menacingly.

"And who would you be," The sith's voice was strong and malevolent and it seemed to carry a threatening tone.

"Who?" Tahlrada pointed at himself and looked around which drew some chuckles from the on looking crowd, "Why I am that fine sack of bantha poodoo's younger brother."

"So," the sith turned back around to look at Tahlraga, "this is your savior, your baby brother?"

"Actually," Tahlrada pipped in to irritate the sith, "I am his younger brother, that," Tahlrada pointed to Tahlrano, "is his baby brother and I am not as nice nor as civil as either of them, nor do I care about your worthless title or that fancy toy you wield." More laughter escaped the onlookers which seemed to just anger the sith even more as the hooded figure glared at the crowd in front of him.

"You will care when I plant it in your chest," the Sith began stomping towards Tahlrada who stood his ground with a smile across his face. The sith pulled the lightsaber back to slash across his body and decapitate Tahlrada.

"Stop!" a voice erupted from the crowd and to Tahlrada's surprise the sith stopped inches from his goal. Both of them turned and looked over to where the voice had come from. Standing before Tahlrada was a man who stood no more than chest high to him and looked old and sickly but stood proudly with his chest out which added to the fact that he was short. Tahlrada didn't let that fact fool him though, this man was the real brains of the operation and the wielder of the greater power between the two. He waved the other sith off and made his way to the center of the circle where Tahlrada was currently standing. He paced around Tahlrada who just stared off into space, irritated with the whole situation.

"Who are you?" the old sith finally asked after he had made a few laps around Tahlrada.

"I am Tahlrada Sven," Tahlrada paused before continuing, "Son of Tahlrava Sven, one of your press gang leaders your highness."

"And I assume you know who I am?" Tahlrada replied with a curt nod, "Then why do you not look at me when you speak to me?"

"I don't know," Tahlrada paused, "because you are ugly." Tahlrada offered with a shrug. The comment brought a smile to the sith lords face.

"Fearless in the face of certain death and fearless in the face of a man who could end your worthless existence with a flick of the wrist," The sith lord's voice got really serious as he finished, "That is a trait of a true leader," The sith began to pace around Tahlrada again, "I have heard your name before Tahlrada, I believe it has something to do with your early graduation with the highest marks in a millennium if you pass your classes today."

"Yes my lord," Tahlrada refused to look down at this man. Even through all the bravery Tahlrada could feel fear creeping into his mind and taunting him.

"Yet you come to the aid of family in a crisis whether you know the circumstances or not," Tahlrada's nerves were on edge, "and what would you do if my apprentice removes your brothers head at the shoulders?"

"Oh I don't know my lord, throw a party." A curious look came across the Sith lords face as he pondered the statement.

"Throw one in honor of his life before he was killed?" Tahlrada shook his head in disagreement which drew an even more puzzled stare from the Sith lord, "then why?"

"More like a party to rejoice him not existing to harass us," another smile crept across the sith lords face as he turned to face Tahlrada's brother. His hand began to raise when Tahlrada spoke again, "But."

"But what?" the sith lord turned to look at Tahlrada.

"I would be honor bound to destroy the killer and cut him into little pieces and feed him to a bantha." The sith lords smile was no longer there and a glare of seriousness came across Tahlrada's face as he glared down at the Sith Lord in turn. The air seemed to thicken as the two glared into each others eyes in what seemed to be a match between their souls.

"Well," The Sith lord kept his gaze with Tahlrada who was still glaring intently at the older human, "Then we best not cause trouble then, Darissi!" The girl from before slinked over to the sith lord with her head bowed in homage to the sith lord, "Your father wants you protected and it seems that if your current boyfriend cannot protect you from even my apprentice then you should be with a boy who has no fear of a fight."

"Before you go any farther my lord, I already have a girlfriend and am quite content with not being anywhere near this woman."

"Oh really?" the Sith lords eyes perked up, "you do know who her father is right?"

"Some high and mighty sith lord," Tahlrada paused.

"He is a Grand Moff and Sith Lord and would do any career you choose very well to be in his good graces."

"Sorry my lord," Tahlrada stopped him with an upraised hand, "but I don't like playing at politician, that's what your type are good at, personally I like to just stay out of everyone's way and let them kill each other over nothing."

"You call coming to the aid of family staying out of the way?" The sith lord gave Tahlrada a queer look before continuing, "I will let you get to class but I will have my eye on you." The sith lord turned and waved to his apprentice and as he turned to leave he shot Tahlrada one more glance. It seemed Tahlrada had intrigued the one group of people he didn't want to intrigue.

As Tahlrada went to rejoin Tahlrano someone grabbed his shoulder and stopped him. Tahlrada turned just intime to see his older brothers fist and then a flash of light as the sudden strike stunned him.

"What gave you the right to step in?!?" Tahlraga's face was covered in a veil of rage. Tahlrada knew his brother would never take him in a one on one fight and win so the sucker punch didn't surprise Tahlrada in the least bit.

"Well you were standing there about to get hewn in two over some girl and you were just going to take it so I stepped in to avoid the inconvenience of our fathers wrath after your brutal murder." Tahlrada got up brushed himself off, smiled and rejoined Tahlrano.

“So are we really going through with it?” Tahlrano whispered in his ear. Tahlrada could see the concern on his younger brothers face.

“Yes,” Tahlrada said with a smile, “don’t worry it’s all set up and ready, this time tomorrow all three of us will be well out of this galaxy before our father can even raise his voice in dismay.”

School that day went as well as it could have after the morning altercation with the two sith. Tahlrada ran into the two dark figures a couple of times between classes as the roamed the halls. Tahlrada spent most of his day finishing up final exams and getting them scored. He saw his brother a few times in front of the dean’s office standing next to some poor sap who Tahlrano had a problem with. He seemed to be making the most of his last day in this slave driving academy.

“Here you go sir,” Tahlrada handed the finals proctor his final exam on Iridonian history and waited for him to score it.

“Highest marks again Tahlrada your father should be really proud. Your brother will be angered at the thought that you outdid every one of his records set at this academy in one less year than he did.”

“Thank you Proctor Tennel, it has been fun but I am glad I wont ever have to see this place again.”

“Really, big plans after the academy?”

“Yes sir, probably the Empire but I am taking the force sensitivity test at the recruiting station after I leave here.” The old proctor offered a smirk and a nod before he spoke.

"Oh really," A familiar voice piped up from the back of the room. Tahlrada turned to see the two sith at the back of the room. The big one was standing with a saberstaff laying across his forearm while the old sith lord was sitting on a desk with his lightsaber dangling from his belt, "That must be a coincidence because I was asked to be an assistant proctor for the exam today." An evil smile crept across the mans face as he stared at Tahlrada, "This is going to be fun after all."

Tahlrada made his way down to the gymnasium where they were to administrate the test. He could hear the ominous foot steps of the two sith just feet behind him. He knew this was not going to be fun but he had to get it over with. Tahlrada entered the gymnasium where one candidate was just then being put on a stretcher and carried out of the building.

"The exam seems to have gotten easier," The sith lord said from behind Tahlrada, "In my day if you failed, you died."

The coldness in the man's voice drove the point home and it was only then that Tahlrada realized that he was going to be slated against one of the two accomplished sith behind him. Tahlrada went over to the head proctor who had him sign some things on a holopad and then escorted him over to get the force sensing gear on. It took readings on how much of the force you were exerting.

Tahlrada dawned the gear and chose two lightsabers from the weapons table. One was a dual-phase lightsaber with two preset lengths that he could change during the fight. He clicked it over to the longer length which was a standard length lightsaber. He deposited the other hilt on his belt. It was a Shoto lightsaber for when he would need to dual wield. The other preset length on the lightsaber was a length between that of a standard lightsaber and a Shoto giving it more speed and maneuverability during a fight and easier to wield one handed than the standard length lightsaber.

Tahlrada entered the arena where all of the proctors were already awaiting him. Tahlrada knew it would be a random attack that he would have to sense from someone among the group. All of the proctors carried the same simple hilts of training sabers but each proctor had a different hilt. The head proctor carried with him a curved hilt lightsaber on his belt which made fighting him even more of a challenge if he was his opponent. The variable angles that the hilt allowed him always seemed to confuse Tahlrada and it was definitely one of his week point. The Assistant proctor to the Head Proctors right was carrying guard shoto lightsabers or as they were commonly referred to as lightsaber tonfa. They were a primarily defensive lightsaber but was highly maneuverable which made it a hassle to fight. The proctor to the left of the Head Proctor was the Sith lord from before. He was carrying a very rare lightsaber hilt. In his hand was a cross guard lightsaber. It had the standard emitter but also one that pointed at an angle right next to it but facing the opposite way. Its secondary blade was used to protect the hand but also was used to make the hilt a deadly weapon if used in a jab. Tahlrada's nerves were on edge as he looked at the other Proctors who all seemed to have standard hilts or Saberstaffs. One in particular was the Apprentice from before. He could see it in the mans eyes that he was the one Tahlrada was fighting and laying across his arms was a saberstaff.

Tahlrada gathered his nerves as best he could given the current situation. Tahlrada adjusted his gear and stretched a little for the coming fight. The Head Proctor seemed to be looking over something on his holopad so Tahlrada had a little time to prepare. He gave a quick bow to all the proctors in the room and then locked stares with the Sith lord from earlier who offered a quick wink and a grin. Tahlrada's nerves shot through the roof and he could tell from the wry smirks emerging from the assembled that they could sense his feelings at that moment.

Almost on cue the Head Proctor looked up from his holopad and gave a quick return bow to Tahlrada. "In accordance with the Galactic empires regulations you, Tahlrada Sven have willingly agreed to partake in this test?"

"Yes Head Proctor," Tahlrada's attention was now focused on the Head Proctor and for some reason it calmed him.

"You have completed this exam before?" the Head Proctor looked up from his holopad again at Tahlrada for confirmation.

"Yes Head Proctor."

"Then we shall begin with your force application test," The Head Proctor pointed to the objects in front of Tahlrada, "Move those from the floor to the table please."

This part of the exam was easy for Tahlrada as he reached out with the force and grabbed on to a couple of the items. His grandfather had taught him how to lift small objects with the force when he was a child and he had used it a couple times to hide his older brothers toys when they were children. Tahlrada made quick work of the task and waited for the Head Proctor to continue.

"Well done," The Head Proctor said in his usual robotic like voice, "Now comes your combat test to see if you have any ability with a lightsaber."

Tahlrada had been part of his schools saber team since his first years at the academy. Just a few months before he had won the Iridonian Academy Sabering World Championship in the same arena they were standing in.

"Your opponent was predetermined before you entered and he will attack when ready you have ten minutes to score a hit." All of the Proctors stepped back to include the Sith Lords apprentice. Tahlrada began to doubt he was even facing the large armored man until he heard a tell tale ignition of a saberstaff coming to life. Tahlrada drew out his hilt and ignited it with a flick of his wrist. Tahlrada faced off with the man who didn't seem very knowledgeable with the saberstaff. In fact to Tahlrada he looked kind of awkward with the weapon like this was one of the few times he had wielded it against an opponent. Tahlrada presented his lightsaber before him held in both hands in a defensive stance.

The Apprentice was the first to make his move. He made a short hop forward and slapped at Tahlrada's blade before bouncing back to a distance. They began circling each other like two predators circling a kill. The Apprentice hopped in again and this time attacked with both blade from either directions. Tahlrada could tell the man was smarter than he looked and was testing Tahlrada's simple but effective defense. Tahlrada began to get impatient with the mans slow progression of the fight so Tahlrada switched tactics and stepped forward and attacked the man with a stab that the apprentice easily knocked aside. His second blade came careening in at Tahlrada's face but hit nothing but air. Tahlrada had ducked the predictable attack and dodged back out of the mans striking range. Finally the man waded in to begin the fight.

He lead with a stab that Tahlrada easily deflected the attack downward and adjusted his grip to change his primary hand as he spun his blade and knocked aside the mans downward follow up attack. The man didn't seem phased at the well timed defense of the Zabrak in front of him but instead continued his attack by bringing the primary blade around in a waist high spin as Tahlrada reversed his spin and brought his blade in an arc in front of him. The two lightsabers collided in a blinding flash as the two men exchanged attacks and parries. Tahlrada began to shift to a more offensive stance and to attack the apprentice a more and more as the fight progressed. The Two men seemed evenly matched in the contest of speed and timing so Tahlrada changed his tactics up again and came in with another stab at the mans midsection. The apprentice brought his blade across to deflect the simple attack but hit nothing but air as Tahlrada twisted the bottom of his hilt and the blade shortened about a foot in length. The surprise change in tactics forced the man to turn his body and lean back as he brought the other blade across and slammed it into the shorter lightsaber. Tahlrada let go of the hilt with his left hand and retrieved the shoto lightsaber's hilt from across the back of his belt. As Tahlrada produced the shorter lightsaber he ignited the blade and smacked the two engaged blades to the side. The move surprised even the assistant proctors who were watching the duel. The tactic also forced the apprentice to take a short hurried retreat out of range and reassess his opponent. Tahlrada modified his stance a little and held the shoto saber up high in front of him in a horizontal position above his head with his primary saber at chest level and pointed up and to his left giving him a strong defensive stance that allowed for quick attacks and easy defense. The Apprentice seemed to be puzzled by the weird stance that the Zabrak was taken. After a few tense moments he waded in at the Zabrak with a stab that Tahlrada easily defended with the longer of the two sabers. Tahlrada saw his chance and took it. He took a strong step forward and dropped to both knees and slid under the mans follow up attack from his second blade. With his shoto out front for defense he trailed his right arm behind him and in close to the Apprentice and swiped at the mans leg. Tahlrada could feel the impact of the weapon on the mans thigh. Tahlrada had scored the hit solidly a few inches below the mans hip. As Tahlrada came to a sliding stop he bounded to his feet and spun around in a defensive stance with his shoto low and horizontal in front of him and his lightsaber leveled at the apprentice whose back was still turned to him. Tahlrada expected the fight to go on but the bell rang for the end of the fight. Tahlrada looked up at the timer. He had made the only Contact point in the fight with only seconds to spare. Tahlrada breathed a sigh of relief that the contest was over. He was dripping with sweat and more tired than he had ever been from any competition fight before.

"Good show!" The sith lord bellowed aloud as he clapped vigorously, "That was my favorite fight so far today."

"Tahlrada Sven," the Head Proctor interjected, "Well done from all the Proctors, we will deliberate and score the fight and you will be contacted with our decision."

Tahlrada bowed to the Proctors assembly and bowed to his opponent and left the arena. Tahlrada slowly removed all the sweat drenched gear and placed the two saber hilts back on the table where he had gotten them. There were a dozen or so other students waiting for their names to come up on the board but most were cheering and clapping at Tahlrada. The exams were broadcast all across Iridonia. The planet found it to be a great honor to participate in the exam and so they watched it to support the many young Zabrak that partook in the trials. Tahlrada was so far the only person to score a solid hit without being hit himself. The apprentice had already taken down five others that day in the first few minutes of their respective fights. Each time had been easy opponents who could barely wield a lightsaber against a training droid let alone an apprentice of a sith lord. One of Tahlrada's buddies ran up to him and delivered some news on his younger brother who had been on the opposite side of the gossip spectrum. Tahlrada quickly showered and left the gymnasium area and headed towards the academy's detention center.

Tahlrada waited for about an hour for his younger brother to be released from the Academy’s detaining cells for his blatant throttling of the dean of students.

“You couldn’t have kept it somewhat on the down low could you?” Tahlrano offered him a sarcastic glare before he jumped into the passenger seat of the speeder.

"I don't know why you care, your exam is world news. No one has bested a current apprentice in a fight before." They sped off from the academy with laughter on their lips and joy in their hearts. If all went well they would never return to that school.

Tahlrada brought the speeder to a slow, descending stop on the speeder pad outside their home. Immediately something seemed off about their home. There were a lot of speeders parked outside and none of the servants were moving about doing their chores. Tahlrada entered the front doors and deposited his bag on a hook in the closet. Tahlrano slumped in behind him and followed suit knowing the earful he would catch for his shenanigans at school. Tahlrada stopped as he came into the main room where his father was sitting at the family table. Tahlrada looked around and saw a dozen men in different points in the room. Tahlrada knew all the men that were in the room thru his father as his fathers co-workers and subordinates. Tahlrada knew exactly what this was about and he had prepared to face this but only as a worst case scenario.

"So son," Tahlrada's Father said as he looked up from the datapad before him, "I may not pay that much attention to the everyday things around this home, but someone does."

"Well isn't that heartwarming," Tahlrada shot back sarcastically, Tahlrada could feel his anger boiling up. “I thought I told you I was going down and enlisting.”

"Do not take that tone of voice with me son," Tahlrada's father.

"Don't call me that like you actually acted like a father to either of us," Tahlrada shot back at the lean looking Zabrak, "You have never been a father to me, all you ever did was spoil that bitch of a brother of ours and ignore us." Tahlrada motioned to himself and Tahlrano who was standing a few paces behind him.

"Whatever you may think about me, you know where this family stands on graduates," Tahlrada's father said as he maintained his cold demeanor, "You will accompany me and my friends to the Imperial Recruitment station and enlist in the Imperial military I am not going to let your crush on a human slave jeopardize your future."

Tahlrada’s heart fell into his stomach as a large man stepped aside to show the badly beaten and shackled Keera. Tahlrada looked at the big man who was smiling menacingly.

“Was it you?” Tahlrada pointed at the big man who offered a tell tale grin, “Your life is now forfeit.” As soon as the big man stepped aside Tahlrano took off in a sprint down the hallway and into their fathers study. He easily cracked the safe combination and retrieved a green velvet bag from the depths of it. He came into the room a few seconds after Tahlrada’s threat and placed the cylinder in his hand from behind before he took off sprinting out the front door. Tahlrada looked down at his hand at the small green bag and untied the cord fastening it shut. he dumped the contents of the bag out into his hand, two small colored stones fell from it alone with parts, all cylindrical and in a jumble. Three of the men before Tahlrada ignited red light batons used in riot control and on unruly inmates by the authorities. The thing they didn’t realize was this was his grandfathers lightsaber that their father had dismantled. Tahlrada closed his eyes and the brought the image of the lightsaber to the forefront of his imagination. With a smile Tahlrada reached out with the living force and the parts lifted up before him. The entire room stopped and watched as Tahlrada's glare deepened and his neon emerald green eyes poked out from beneath his furrowed brow. The parts began to meticulously click together as Tahlrada began to smile. A few moments of silence and awe passed before the finished project floated before Tahlrada who reached out and grasped the smooth silver cylinder. Tahlrada smiled as he ignited the lightsaber and watched as a deep emerald blade erupted from the newly rebuilt lightsaber.

“How dare you!” the entire room froze as they looked back at Tahlrava. He hated his father and lightsabers, yet he could never dispose of his last memories of his father. Tahlrada gave the saber a few more quick spins before he charged the big man with lightsaber in hand. Two of the men tried to attack him head on and it ended with them cut down on the floor. The entire room went silent again as a crooked grin spread across Tahlrada’s face. The last man with the light baton came in hard at Tahlrada’s back. He came at the Zabrak from behind with a downward slash aimed at the back of his head but never Connected. The man came to a suddne halt as his face twisted into a grimace and he groaned in pain. He slowly slumped to the floor next to the other two assailants. Tahlrada was now squared up with the man that had laid his hands on Keera.

With a swift swip of the lightsaber the confrontation came to an end before the man could try to react to the attack. The stupid look of bravado and arrogance still on his face as his lifeless body fell to the floor and his head rolled to within inches of his father. Tahlrada shot the other men a look that caused them all to freeze where they stood. One of the men defecated himself in a vocal manor so that the whole room looked at him. Tahlrada smiled as he cut the shackles on Keera’s ankles and wrists before making his way to the doorway to the room where Tahlrano had just sprinted by with a bag in each hand and one strung over his shoulder.

"You brought this on yourselves father," Tahlrada said as he slowly backed out of the room. He was stopped by a voice behind his father.

"You will regret doing this little brother,” Tahlraga stepped from the darkness behind his father, “See father, I told you he would betray our family if we kept that dark haired bitch around."

Tahlrada went to charge his brother but Keera’s hands tightening on his arm stopped him dead in his tracks. He looked over his shoulder at Keera and she gave him a look before speaking, “We need to go Roddy, they have already called friends to help stop us, we need to go.” Tahlrada offered her a nod of agreement as they began slowly backing out towards the door. The group seemed to flow with them as they left they stayed just out of distance from an attack but enough for their overwhelming presence to be known. As Tahlrada got to the open door he offered a smile and exited slamming the door and barring it with a metal bar that his brother had set next to the door.

Tahlrada turned and began sprinting across the landing pad to his speeder. Tahlrano was already in the backseat awaiting the two. Tahlrada landed in the speeder as he deactivated his grandfather’s lightsaber. He looked back at the door to see his father looking out of the windows “Hey we need to get moving bro,” The young Zabrak piped up. “I know Tahlrano,” Tahlrada looked back over his shoulder where he saw his older brother come bursting out of a window onto the landing, “let’s get out of here Tahlrano.” The speeder lurched into motion as his brother came up sprinting up to the speeders bumper. The speeder roared to life and jolted as they accelerated off of the landing pad and into traffic. Tahlrada knew his father’s men would be out in force to try and stop him but it wouldn’t work.

“Go!” Tahlrada’s father yelled at his men “scrapes and bruises only!” The men jumped on speeder bikes and speeders that they had parked out front.

“Tahlrava where do you think your son is going?” One man asked Tahlrada’s father.

“He is trying to escape the city and get off planet,” Tahlrava replied, “Get a hold of everyone and lock down the city. No one leaves.”

"Well this is a mighty interesting turn of events." A voice spoke up from behind Tahlrava. Tahlrava spun about to see who the newcomer was and found himself face to face with four sith.

"What," Tahlrava stuttered, "What are you doing at my home sith?"

"Oh we came to collect your son," the Sith lord offered a smile, "You see your boy would make a fine addition to our ranks seeing as he has already beaten an accomplish sith apprentice in a duel."

"What?" Tahlrava was confused at what had transpired, "What are you talking about my son has never fought a sith apprentice."

"Oh quite the contrary," The Sith Lord smiled evily, "He did today during his force sensitivity exam and he blew the rest of the students out of the water." Tahlrava looked at the sith in horror. "This is a personal matter my Lord," Tahlrava managed to force out.

"I have a question are there anymore in your family that are force sensitive?" The sith lord shot Tahlraga a look who returned it with a glare, "Well that glare is familiar, and I bet if I brought up his test he would have done as poorly as your other son did last year, just under not trainable right?" Tahlrava could feel the heat in his face as embarrassment flooded his nerves.

"Oh," The Sith lord jested, "So it is true all of your children are force sensitive."

"No my Lord," Tahlrava lied thru his teeth to protect his sons from their grandfathers curse.

"You are lying," The sith lord motioned for the three sith with him to take Tahlraga, "I expect you to cooperate and if you find your other son before we do, bring him to the academy where our ship is or we will come and take the other two as well, the crew will contact us if you bring him." Tahlrava could hear the threat loud and clear as the sith boarded a shuttle with Tahlraga.

As the trio rounded a corner Tahlrada brought the speeder to a stop and aimed the speeder down the street towards the city limits. It was a one kilometer straight shot of deserted street that led to the outskirts of the town. The two young Zabrak shared a glance and a nod to each other as they unloaded everything and Tahlrada flipped the accelerator to the speeder and sent it careening down the street at top speed. The trio sat back in the alleyway and watched as the entirety of the press gang blew by. Tahlrada nodded to his younger brother and Keera to make their way farther into the alley. The two Zabrak and the human girl came to an abandoned building where a small transport shuttle was waiting. There was a small crew of three standing around with blaster pistols drawn as the group entered the building.

“Its about time you swamp rats showed,” A tall female human said with a smile as she emerged from the shadows, “I was wondering if you would ever show.”

“We need to get going ma’am,” Tahlrano said as he dropped the bag his brother had packed for him into the transport, “What are we waiting for.”

“For the rest of my pay,” the woman said with a false smile.

“What do you mean ‘the rest’; I already paid you in full!” Tahlrano’s anger and frustration could be heard in his voice.

“Tahlrano, what’s wrong?” Tahlrada said as he entered the small shuttle and deposited his and Keera’s bag on the floor.

“She said she is waiting for the rest of her pay.”

“I didn’t sign up for this attention so my fee has gone up since you didn’t let me know I was going to have to hide from Imperial press gangs that would be pursuing you.” Tahlrada sighed and knew he wasn’t going to get anywhere with arguing with the mouthy human.

“Here,” Tahlrada produced five hundred of the credits he had left and handed them to her, “Is that enough for the added trouble?” The woman counted it and nodded.

“This will have to do.” She shot Tahlrada a suspicious look that was met by Tahl’s brick wall of a glare.

The three men that had been standing guard clambered into the small shuttle. They worked fervently to batten down the hatches before taking their seats in front of the trio. Shortly after that the shuttle lifted off the ground and the left the planet of Iridonia and docked with the smugglers ship and offloaded its cargo.

“Welcome to the Sovereign,” The woman paused as she showed off the ship to the group, “He may be hard on the eyes but if you show him love he will get you wherever you want to go.”

The trio’s voyage was mainly filled with chores and the random drinking contest between the men that manned the Sovereign. Along with the everyday stuff Tahlrada and Keera’s relationship had cultivated to more extra-curricular activities. Their love for each other was evident among the crew and none of the crew of the Sovereign approached the attractive human out of respect for her Zabrak lover. Time flew fast for the group as the ship made its way to Sepros. A week before they entered Sepros the Captain of the Sovereign performed a marriage between Tahlrada and Keera. They sent the documents to the Hutts who legitimized the marriage with slightly legit papers.

They spent their one day honeymoon in the captains quarters that had been offered to them by the captain. Tahlrada promised Keera a proper honeymoon after they found a planet to settle down on or were among allies that could ensure their protection. Keera was content with the one day honeymoon on the medium sized freighter.

About a week after Tahlrada's wedding they entered the system. As they came within sight of Sepros Tahlrano pulled his older brother aside.

“Hey bro, I got to tell you something,” Tahlrano seemed nervous to his older brother and it took him some time to get to the point.

“Well spit it out little brother,” Tahlrada looked at his brother with concern.

“The captain offered me a permanent part of the crew with a cut and everything,” Tahlrano smiled at his older brother.

“Okay.” Tahlrada replied with surprise smeared all over his face. He had a feeling in his gut that told him that this wasn’t his little brother asking him.

“And I took the offer.” Tahlrada went to argue but saw the look in his brother’s eyes and conceded defeat and didn’t argue with his brother. Instead he just chuckled and looked deep into his brother’s eyes.

“Is this what you really want little brother?"

“It is for now,” Tahlrano said with a smile, “Don’t worry about me you are trying to join that jedi group, at least I will be safe on this ship.” The tears that welled up in Tahlrano’s eyes betrayed his true feelings. Tahlrada felt a knot in his stomach as he smiled and looked his brother in the eyes.

“I will always love you little brother so take care of yourself, and don’t get into too much trouble out here,” Tahlrada could feel the tears welling up in his eyes.

“And you keep your head down big bro, give whoever hell,” tears began to roll down his little brothers face as Tahlrada pulled him in for a big hug. A few minutes later a call came over the comm system for Tahlrada and Keera to come to the shuttle.

Tahlrano accompanied the couple to the planet surface where they came into the Sepros Spaceport, after they were finally cleared to offload two passengers instead of three. Tahlrada got up and grabbed his bag before turning to his brother to give him one more hug. Neither Zabrak said a word as they pulled away from each other and looked into one another eyes. It was an unspoken promise to stay safe between the two brothers.

Tahlrada exited the shuttle and walked up to the customs officer and put his bags on the floor next to him. Keera followed suit and placed her bags next to Tahlrada's bag. Tahlrada presented the man with his papers and a smile. The man looked over Tahlrada’s paperwork and looked at his screen after he scanned it. He smiled back to Tahlrada and waved him through. The process was repeated for Keera whom Tahlrada had attained forged documents from the smuggler captain. At the next desk two customs officers went through their luggage and electronically signed his papers with a seal of Sepros. Tahlrada then continued on to the Spaceport bar where the couple sat down at the bar and enjoyed a quick drink.

“So how do you like your freedom Keera?” Tahlrada smiled at the black haired woman.

“Loving it,” She offered a smile and a kiss.

Keera transferred her loving gaze from Tahlrada to a figure behind him. Tahlrada slowly spun around and placed his hand under his jacket where Tahlrada had fashion a custom holster for his new lightsaber to fit under his armpit and out of site. Standing before Tahlrada was a blue skinned alien with thirteen long tentacles sprouting from the back of his head. His black eyes were like swirling dark wells and his smile was slightly creepy.

"Well look what the cat dragged in," Tahlrada said with a smile.

"I'm glad you made it young friend." The Nautolan replied in return, "and who is this lovely woman next to you and can I entice her to getting with a real man?"

"That's funny and this is my wife, Keera." Tahlrada said as he wrapped her in a hug.

"What part is so funny?" The Nautolan acted like he had been hurt by the friendly bantor.

"Hun this is Coop Ter'An of Glee Anselm, he has been my friend for some time now." Keera offered Coop her hand with a smile.

"Well at least she has manners," Coop mused as he shook her hand and bowed.

"So how goes everything Coop?"

"Not well I have fallen from graces and am being hunted by my fellow sith."

"Well that's no good," Tahlrada replied jokingly, "Hey have you ever heard of the House of Odan urr?"

"Yeah some jedi faction the the brotherhood has come in contact with why do you ask?" Coop had a look of surprise on his face.

"Are they looking for recruits?" Tahlrada said with a smile. Coop started to smile and then burst into laughter.