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Biographical Information

Coruscant / Ryloth

Date of Birth:

41 BBY

Date of Death:

23 ABY

Physical Description





1 meter 80


47 kg (at time of Death)



Personal Information
Chronology & Political Information

Rebellion Era


Jedi Order, Ryloth Head Clan, Ryloth Sith Academy

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"The Dark Side of the Force is nothing but the Light Side, but free of restraints. It is not evil, merely a philosophy more pure and powerful than that of the Jedi."
―Scept'ine, teaching the ways of the Sith in the abandoned Sith Academy on Ryloth

Scept'ine was a male Rutian twi'lek, who served as a Jedi Knight in the Clone wars, a head clan member on Ryloth, and a master in the abandoned Ryloth Academy


Life on Coruscant

Scept’ine was born into a middle-class twi'lek family on Coruscant in 41 BBY. The family lived mid-height in the Coruscant ecumenopolis, relatively close to the Jedi Temple. Jedi were common around the area, the large spires of the temple was in view of Scept'ine's family's apartment.

Despite their frequency, however, Scept'ine grew to four years old without seeing a Jedi in person. He grew up fascinated by their abilities, reading every book he could understand to learn more about them, until the fateful day came. A female kel dor Jedi Knight, Sha Koon, caught only a glimpse of him, but could sense the a Force imprint in him. He was swiftly taken back to the temple before he had the chance to really form an attachment to his parents. In the Temple, Scept'ine took the position of Sha Koon's Padawan.

His progress as a padawan was slightly quicker than average for a Jedi of his age. His skills with a training lightsaber exceeded his knowledge of the Force. Sha Koon, the niece of legendary Jedi Plo Koon, served as an excellent master for him.

The Clone Wars

By the time of the clone wars, Scept'ine was nineteen, and developed into the model Jedi, although he maintained the rank of Padawan, and still trained under Sha's excellent mastership. He was using a blue lightsaber, and was incredibly skilled in the forms of Soresu and Djem So, although his Force usage was still poor compared to his lightsaber combat

Both of them were called to Geonosis to participate in Mace Windu's strike team in both the Petranaki Arena and the main battle on the desert world of Geonosis.

Both Sha and Scept'ine survived the battle, never leaving each other's sight the whole time, taking at least 50 battle droids between them, and working together to destroy two spider droids and a Hailfire Droid.

Upon their return to Coruscant, Scept'ine was knighted, and Sha Koon named a Jedi Master. Later, Scept'ine accompanied Sha and a few other Jedi in the investigation into the Confederacy's Cortosis mine on Bal'demnic. The task force and the CIS were driven away by the natives, and they returned to find a shocking revelation. The Republic had turned to an Empire. Everyone in the temple had been slaughtered.

After this, Sha and Scept'ine when their separate ways. Sha left to locate what remained of the Jedi, and bring them together, but her twi'lek apprentice valued his own life too much to fight against a Force that could exterminate a Jedi temple, and fled to the twi'lek home planet Ryloth in 19 BBY.

The Twi'leki Homeworld

Picking a Ryloth spaceport at random, he found himself in a small city name Falie'kaa. Although he knew Ryloth would have a lot of Twi'lek's, he was amazed at their numbers in Falie'kaa, where nearly everyone was a twi'lek. Another thing that interested him was the governmental system, the city was run by a five-man head clan, where if one member dies, the rest were sent to the Brightlands, and a new clan was elected. The Brightlands were the dayside of Ryloth, where the sun shines eternally on a hot, blank desert with no night, and anyone sent there was certain to die.

Scept'ine lived in Falie'kaa for five years before one head clan member died, in 14 BBY. He had become quite a part of the city by re-telling stories of his time as a Jedi Knight, and the massacre on Coruscant. He entered himself for the election of the new head clan, and won the vote by a fair way. Scept'ine and the other four new leaders ruled peacefully over the city until the Empire learned that Sha Koon's apprentice was still alive and part of the Falie'kaa Head Clan in the year 1 ABY.

Reports of a Human encased head to toe in pitch black hooded robes began to spread like wildfire, as the Dark Side followers tracked down the ex-Jedi Knight. Darth Vader's Dark Adept knew of the Head Clan traditions of sending the rest to their death if one died, and sought out one of his four Council members. The head of finance was found in less than two standard days. Using the Force, he convinced him to follow him to an alley, alone. When no-one was looking, he was promptly choked to death by the Adept. As he planned, Scept'ine was exiled to the Brightlands.


Although he could have easily killed the pilot of the shuttle and escaped alive, he had too much respect for the twi'leki traditions to even attempt an escape from the Brightlands. However the tradition was the exile, the death was merely assumed. The Jedi Knight hadn't given up on Life yet. In his time as a Jedi, he had learnt of the location of a Sith Academy reported to have been buried in the Brightlands. The pilot was foolish enough to drop him near it. Or so he thought.

Through the scorching heat, Scept'ine led the remaining three of his head clan towards where he thought the Sith Academy was. Two of them died in the journey, one of starvation, one was killed by a predator, a lylek. Although it drained his mental strength, Scept'ine was able to turn some of the sand into water to prevent dying from thirst. Exhausted and drained, Scept'ine and the only remaining clan member Rovko'ine found the Sith Academy, the building dug into a large cavern in the side of a mountain. It seemed to have been abandoned for quite some time, perhaps millennia. The only thing in the way of food would be to hunt the animals in the desert.

Although the building had been empty for eons, however, the Secrets of the Dark Side still remained, and the lure of the Dark energy seduced Scept'ine into learning from the abandoned holocrons. He had become the Sith Apprentice of a master thousands of years old. He learned the ways of Force Choke, and could conjure small sparks of the legendary power, Force Lightning.

After a day hunting, after three years in the academy, Rovko'ine returned with nothing to eat. Scept'ine's anger got the better of him, and he murdered Rovko'ine through Force Choke. He was left alone. His master had deserted him. His Race had deserted him. All that was left was his hatred and anger. He had become a true Sith.

Resurrection of the Academy

Scept'ine studied the secrets of the Dark Side in solitude for years, and discovered an ancient lightsaber deep in the armory, as well as some old white robes. It would be a replacement for the one he lost in his exile, the ancient red beam shone as good as any. The robes were also in pristine condition and featured electrum bracers on the arms.

Some seven years later, in eleven ABY, Scept'ine was startled to see a fosh traipsing across the Brightlands. He called him over, and was even more surprised to sense an untrained Force Imprint in him. The fosh, Shaikanetsa, had also been exiled from his home planet, but murdered the ship's pilot after he landed in the Brightlands.

Scept'ine took him as an apprentice, and they trained together in the academy, until 18 ABY, when Shaikanetsa found an abandoned ship, fully functional. As the Fosh had become more proficient with the Force, almost as powerful as Scept'ine, they decided to focus their efforts in spreading the word of the Dark Side, and resurrecting the ancient Academy, as joint masters. By this time, many years had passed and it was nineteen ABY. Neither of them knew what had gone on in the galaxy. Alternating recruitment duties, the next two years brought two average apprentices to the academy, but the best was yet to come.

He knew the Force was strong in his race, especially in the females, and that most twi'lek females end up in slavery on the nearby planet of Tatooine. He traveled to the planet's capital of Bestine, and found a topless slave dancer named Tonal'la, who jumped at the chance to escape slavery and train in the Force. Upon realizing she didn't possess any other clothes, Scept'ine gave her his armoured robe to cover herself. She put her old name behind her and went by the name of Impetus, saying her true name brought back bad memories. He allowed her to keep his robes, as a gift upon joining the Academy. She was placed under the mastership of Shaikanetsa.

Two weeks later, Impetus left the academy with her robes and a katana. She returned with a blood-drenched sword, her old slaver subdued as a captive, and a very rare sight. A Force-sensitive Wookiee. Chalirr, who had re-named himself Laurus, became Scept'ines main focus, a Wookiee strong in the Force would be an extremely powerful ally.

The two masters, Laurus, and Impetus carried on recruiting for more students. Impetus proved the most effective, saying that female twi'leks had a way of persuading males. Her recruitments also seemed very fond of her.

The Fall of the Sith

Three years passed after the arrival of Impetus and Laurus, recruitment had totaled nine apprentices in the Academy. While training Laurus in Telekinesis, he heard a shout from Shaikanetsa. A call for everyone to arrive in the academy's cavern, ready for combat.

Four Dark Jedi approached the Academy. They walked with their sabers activated, diplomacy was clearly out of the question. All Sith from the academy rushed out to meet them. Shaikanetsa escaped in the ship, leaving the rest of them to fight. The Dark Jedi tore apart the Sith students, by the time Scept'ine killed one, only Laurus and Impetus remained. The three put up a last fight, attacking in tandem, Laurus and Scept'ine killed another one, but in a flash, a fox-like Humanoid arrived on the scene, his lightsaber passed through the twi'lek's heart, but it was not a clean blow. Impetus and Laurus surrendered, and were asked to replace the men Scept'ine killed, although they clearly didn't have an option, and left with the Dark Jedi.

Scept'ine lay, barely breathing on the cavern floor, where he will rest for the harsh nature of Ryloth to do as it wishes with his body.