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This article details the history of a character who no longer actively takes part in current events.

Rustin Servos
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Character History

The Beginnings of History (7 ABY - 17 ABY)

A typical Reigat.

Rustin Servos was born on the planet Malthor to parents Sierra, and Gavin. Sierra worked as a chemist for JCorp Industries based in the capital city of Malthor, Fabrillan. His father, Gavin, was an Imperial Stormtrooper stationed in the same city.

Growing up Rustin learned from two very different people. His father taught him tactics and how to fight. His mother taught him to learn, to search for more knowledge, and to always question his convictions. One thing they both agreed to teach him was about the Empire, how good it was for Malthor, how it saved their lives. He would, as he got older, take his both of their advice more seriously.

Rustin was always fascinated with the history of his people and of the Reigat. The Reigat were a species of people who lived among the humans on Malthor. They were characterized by their grey mottled skin and their bright blue hair. Rustin befriended one such Reigat, Kell, at an early age. Kell's parents had died at an early age and Rustin felt like the only family he had. Kell and Rustin were inseparable, they would go everywhere together. The friendship had become so close that even Rustin's parents felt like they had a second son. Rustin and Kell learned a lot from each other in the years that followed. It was only in study that they differed. Kell wanted to be a Stormtrooper, like Rustin's father, he wanted to protect people from harm. Rustin understood his friends fascination with it even if he had wished to share his love of history. It wasn't long before Rustin's training with Gavin included Kell. Together they learned how to defend their selves in many ways, they learned standard Imperial tactics, and they learned to trust each other's instincts.

During this time in Rustin's life a lot of things were changing in the galaxy. The Rebel Alliance turned into the New Republic, Courscant had fallen to rebels and back and forth again, and the Empire had crumbled. Malthor though had hardly changed, no wars were fought, no people were massacred, and one day Gavin had put away his armor and it never returned. Still, Gavin and Sierra were fiercely loyal to the Empire and always told Rustin and Kell how decent it had been to them and all of Malthor. They didn't grow up with hate for the New Republic, but they had chosen their side even if their side was very, very far away.

History and Loss on Malthor (17 ABY - ?? ABY)

Rustin and Kell grew up fast and soon they were attending primary and secondary school together. Rustin excelled at most of his subjects, and Kell was right there with him. Although Kell spent most of his time with Rustin, he did have a home with his Uncle and Aunt in an area of Fabrillan known as the Downside. The Downside was, for all intents and purposes, a slum, full of Reigat gangs and swooper bars. Gavin and Sierra had spent many a night trying to get Kell's aunt and uncle to move out, but like most Reigats they were extremely stubborn. Kell didn't mind though, he was used to the chide remarks from some of the more intolerable scumbags. That was his life, (to be continued...)

Digging through History (28 ABY - 35 ABY)

Rustin starting attending the University of Fabrillan with a major in Archeology and History. He excelled at all of the coursework and it wasn't long before he was invited to dig sites all around Malthor. His life, though very hectic at this time, was never boring. It continued in that way until he graduated, finally he was exactly what he wanted to be. But life sometimes has another path for us.

History in the Making (35 ABY)

Shortly after graduating from University Rustin started going to digs off planet. He mostly stayed inside his Sector, but there was always one place Rustin strived to go, Reigalius, the Reigat's home world. After one particularly great discovery Rustin decided it was now time to pack his bags and go on the adventure of his life. Getting to Reigalius was its own fun. Because of the Reigat's well known temper there was not much traffic in and out of the planet. Luckily Rustin was able to get a hold of Kell's uncle and he was able to get passage there on an ore freighter.

Reigalius was everything Rustin had ever dreamed about, and he was the first one in a very long time to want to study this species and their history. He posted some jobs on the holonet there and gathered a crew. There was one place in particular that Rustin wanted to study.

The site was named Kelio Sanguis and it was the resting place of a plot of land thought to be a burial ground for ancient Reigat. Rustin and his team dug for a month, and eventually they hit the jackpot. They found the graves, and they found something they were not expecting. The burial ground was also home to the bodies of another species, that Rustin would later realize were the bones of the Sith.

Before the shock even set in Rustin uncovered a burial pit that covered more space then any fifty combined. Inside the pit he found a curious cube, it was decorated much more elaborately then anything else they had found. He could swear it was begging to be opened. Although the dig continued Rustin always had the cube on his mind. He felt it calling his name, tugging at his very essence. One night he picked up the cube and he concentrated on it as hard as he could. He saw in his mind's eye and key and a lock. He willed he key into the lock and turned it. The cube changed it's configuration, it lit up, and a hologram of a species Rustin never saw before stood on the cubes top.

History of the Sith (35 - 36 ABY)

Rustin learned from the mysterious figure that Reigalius was the home of a slave species of the Sith, the Reigat. He also learned that it was abandoned over four thousand years ago after the slaves revolted. The hologram told him that "Reigat Rage" was the work of Sith sorcery. Rustin absorbed everything the Sith, he found out that was his species, had told him. Though the most important thing was this: Rustin had the ability to call on the Force. Opening the holocron, also learned from the Sith, had imprinted it to him. It would answer any question that he asked it, although its information was several thousand years out of date. The only thing it would not let him know was the name he had gone by in life.

Rustin started learning how to control and focus this new found power with, as he came to call him, the teacher. The teacher didn't preach of the Dark Side, nor did he try to corrupt Rustin. He mentioned the Sith only in passing and never spoke of their exploits or the wars that they had fought. Slowly Rustin all but forgot about the history he was making at the burial site and fully gave into the teachings of the Sith. He was able to push objects in the Force, to lift them; he learned how to control his feelings and make them work for him. This went on for a solid three months before the Teacher had exhausted the limits of its programming. One day the hologram told him he would have to seek out a Master and learn from them, that there was no more the Teacher could teach him. Rustin was distraught, he knew of no others with this power. He had heard of only two in his life, Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine. He knew of only one person who might know more, his father.

Rustin wasted no time getting back to Malthor, telling and showing his parents what he could do now, and asking his father what he should do next. Gavin had heard some years ago of a Brotherhood, a group of Dark Jedi hidden somewhere in the Galaxy. He wasn't sure where they were but he promised Rustin that he would talk to some of the old troopers. It wasn't long before Gavin hit pay dirt; Dravok Taten, an old buddy of his, heard whispers of Brotherhood activity somewhere in the Thustra system in the Sumitra sector. Once Rustin heard this news he did not hesitate to leave. He said his goodbyes to his family and took the first shuttle he could find to Thustra.

Dark Jedi History (36 ABY)

Rustin arrived on Thustra only a week after he had set out. There he began subtly questioning the locals about this dark Jedi sect. No one had seemed to know what he was referring to at all. Frustrated, Rustin took his anger out on a bottle of liquor at one of the many saloons. Half drunk he started moving objects in the Force: a chair, a couple of bottles of ale, one of the patron's hair pieces. Then suddenly he felt a tiny pinch in his neck and crashed onto the floor. When he awoke he was tied to a chair in a very small, very bare room. (to be continued...)

DJB Facts

Rustin is currently serving in the Battle Team Tenebrae as a Flight Member.

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None of importance as of yet.