Rachelle Grimblade

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Rachelle Grimblade
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

23 ABY (age 22)

Physical Description





5'3"/ 1.6m Approx.


118 lbs/ 53.52 kg Approx.




Emerald Green

Personal Information

Ivy Grimblade


Dr. Otto Octus (Deceased)


Aside from her Training lightsaber, She prefers to use close range weaponry and carries a pair of daggers and a whip.

Fighting Style(s):


Chronology & Political Information

New Republic Era, New Jedi Order Era, Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era


Clan Plagueis

Personal Ship:

Sprint-class Rescue Craft "Cat's Meow"

Known masters:

Kelly Mendes



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"You might think I'm Different, and maybe I'm a freak, but I know how to twist you to bring you to your knees."
―Rachelle Grimblade

Rachelle Grimblade was a Cathar female. Abandoned as an infant by her Mother, Rachelle was raised in a laboratory as an experimental test subject. She escaped after the death of her Father during a raid by a Slaver.

Character History

Early Life

Born in a medium sized settlement, Rachelle was the daughter of one of the Galaxy's leading cybernetics surgeons. The story of the events that would change Rachelle's life however, began before she was born. Dr. Otto Octus was approached one day by a slaver calling himself Vestaage, who offered Otto a weekend of pleasure with his most exotic slave in exchange for some cybernetic enhancement surgery. Otto accepted with the added stipulation that he get any cubs from the union. Vestaage agreed and the surgery was performed. The cub that resulted from the union was taken by Otto and raised to follow in his footsteps as a surgeon. This cub, Rachelle as she came to be known, was born the product of a sleazy deal with unsavory slavers.

Tragedy Strikes

When Rachelle was about 10 years old, Vestaage's partner came to her home one day while she was away at school. Thinking that Otto was attempting to hide and help the now escaped slave, the slaver quickly ran Otto through with a vibroblade. With a scream of horror, Rachelle saw her father's death. Turning with a smile that will forever be burned into the cub's memory, the killer turned on the girl. Rachelle soon found herself backed into the corner of the wall behind her as the monster advanced. Rachelle reached into her pocket, drawing the only thing she could use to defend herself, a simple scalpel. Then a determination ignited in the cub's eyes, and with a ferocity neither would expect, she lunged forward. She used her knowledge of Medical treatment and anatomy to expertly sever this Mandalorian's major arteries, and her claws ripped through his throat. As he fell into a bloody carcass, she ran to her father's now lifeless body. She drew the blade and turned back to the man that had killed him. Hatred and agony rushing through her young body and behind her green eyes.

Vendetta Begins and History Unfolds

Searching the man's belongings revealed he was looking for the slave who had given birth to her, a slave that had killed her "master" and escaped. 'So, SHE is the reason this monster came here, the reason Father is dead. The reason for all of my pain, she will know my pain, and curse the day she caused this upon my father,' were the cub's only thoughts. This slave's name was Ivy Grimblade.

Rachelle Grimblade is Born

She would use the name of her target to convince any of Ivy's allies to assist her in locating the one responsible for her father's death, and from that day forward, Rachelle took the Grimblade name, and set her sights on her prey. It has been 2 years since she started her hunt for Ivy, but Ivy has always managed to elude her vengeance. Then came Krath, and the information that Ivy was only a few weeks away and headed for Gand..

---Intercepted Log recording--- ... Another failure, getting closer to target, she is only a few weeks ahead of me this time. The locals are not very forthcoming with the information I need, seems she has worked her charms here as well. No matter, I'm gaining on her, she will face my wrath soon. After interrogating one of her associates I've learned that she's headed for Gand.

I'll be arriving on Gand shortly, I am getting that same anxiety as always. Knowing Ivy, she will be right ahead of me and just slip away again. It's been 2 cycles since I started this hunt, and always she's just beyond my sights. How could a simple X-ceptor stay ahead of me for so long? I arrived on Gand, the locals seem somewhat confused by my appearance and are not very forthcoming with information about my quarry either, though I suspect this is due more to culture, and communication gap than them protecting her. Scanner reads a somewhat small to medium sized settlement, that will be my next stop. She likes those types of places, big enough to blend in and find shelter, but small enough to be able to barter her skills to be of use. -- I'm close, I've found her ship sitting outside a tavern. Seems old habits die hard. This is it, I've decided to wait until she comes out and intercept her once she goes for her ship.

---End Recording---

Confrontations and Revelations

Rachelle has moved beyond her hunt for revenge.. and has even come face to face with her one time prey. She actually learned quite a bit from sitting and talking with Ivy. She had always been told her Mother was dead, only to find that Ivy herself is in fact Rachelle's Mom. This revelation only served to add to the girl's questions and the dark past that she now hid beneath the smile of a healer.

Fall Into Darkness

Rachelle was working in a make-shift clinic when she was about 12 years old, when she witnessed an assassination. She was quickly brought in for questioning about what she witnessed. Little did she know the Inquisitor who was interrogating her was in fact the one who ordered the assassination. The Inquisitor, Kelly Mendes, originally intended to silence the child. During the interrogation however, Kelly realized the child was sensitive to the force, and after several hours of interrogation, and manipulation, Kelly had convinced the child to join the Dark side. The child was then sent to the Shadow Academy to learn the ways of the Dark Side as an Assassin. Now 16 years old, Rachelle has graduated from the Shadow Academy.

Physical Description

Rachelle is rather short by Cathar standards, at approximately 1.6 meters (5 foot 3 inches) tall. This combined with a rather slender build (53.52 kg/ 118 lbs approximately) has in fact lent itself well to her stealthy nature. She lacks fur on most of her body, and her hair is bright reddish and almost always pulled back in a "pony tail" hairstyle. When relaxing however she lets her hair down, and it can be seen to come to the middle of her upper back, right between her shoulder blades. Her Eyes are an Emerald green color, and many have claimed to look into them is to wander in them forever. She Often can be found wearing solid black, "form fitting" pants of a soft material, and matching top.


  • Rachelle is fluent in 3 different languages (Catharese, Basic, and Twi'leki)
  • Rachelle's Cybernetic implant is a 1 of a kind proto-type, the only other one in existence was found to be faulty when the host didn't survive.
  • Rachelle has visible "patches" of fur on her Back, Abdomen, and upper legs.
  • Rachelle's Mother Ivy is actually a Cathar/Zeltron Hybrid, this leaves Rachelle as 1/4 Zeltron and 3/4 Cathar. This is speculated to be the reason she has very little fur and appears almost human.