Nix Sarne

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Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise?
This article details the history of a character who no longer actively takes part in current events.

Nix Sarne
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:


Physical Description





1.8 m


90 kg





Personal Information

Fremoc Pepoi, Ryuk, Brother-Arack Tavar, Davros Korban


Anyone who stands in my way of power.

Fighting Style(s):

street brawl

Chronology & Political Information

Pirate captain, smuggler, slave trader.


Obelisk Trooper


Dark Brotherhood Era


Clan Arcona, Sarne Brothers

Personal Ship:

VT-49 Decimator.

Known masters:

Fremoc Pepoi



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Character History

When Nix was born his father left his mother in search of adventure leaving her to take care of him alone. While nix's mother worked two jobs too support themselves, he was off with the wrong crowd doing the wrong thing. As the years went by on Nal Hutta Nix's mother became very sick and he was forced to find employment to afford her medical needs. No one wanted to hire nix cause of his past as a swoop gangster. Soon the only place that would give him a job was the hutts. This were he entered the service of several Hutts. The first Hutt Nix had ever worked for was Bwahl the Hutt. Bawhl the Hutt was famous for his dealings with artifacts, and had Nix make many runs to sell to potential buyers. Although Nix worked for him he never made enough credits to get the right aid to his mother, she died shortly after his return from Coruscant.

The Years of the first Hutt

After the death of his mother, nix went on to work for Bwahl the Hutt full time. Nix had gained a lot of respect and trust from Bwahl and he was made chief of security and second in command to the Hutt. In the beginning the Hutt had nix running artifacts in large quantities all across the galaxy. On occasion the transport ships would be attacked by space pirates looking for loot and treasure but instead find only death. Nix only let other ships think that they were weak and allowed all attacking ships to board them and then overwhelm the pirates with man power. Over a period of a few years Nix became well known within the pirate community as a force to be reckoned with.

Bwahl the Hutt realized what potential Nix had as a pirate and what fear he struck into others at the sight of his ships, so the Hutt had purchased a Endurance-class fleet carrier to serve as the mother ship. When nix saw the ship the hutt had purchased he knew immediately what his boss wanted from him. In the beginning nix only had a small amount of men he command over but after Bwahl bought the carrier for him the hutts ranks swelled with gangsters that wanted to fly as pirates under nix. The first months were rough for nix and his crew, they only had a few fighters and the Dark Lady was under constant repair but soon their luck was to change. Nix had received word from Bwahl that a mid-sized luxury liner was to leave port from Corellia and make way to Coruscant. Just before the luxry liner was to enter hyper space, the Dark Lady had made its jump from hyper space right next to the liner and opened fire with all ion cannons.

With all camnons firing upon the liner, nix had his fighters deployed to take out the liner's engines. In a matter of a few minutes the Dark Lady had over powered the liner and nix then began to board the ship. When the boarding party was inside the liner nix gave a call for no quarter and that “none shall live to see another day”. While the pirates ravaged, pillaged and plundered all they could carry, nix took a small group with him to the ships vaults to see what extra they could steal. The liner’s vaults held a massive load of Republic credits and other valuables, captain Sarne even had to call for more men to haul away the huge payload.

As the last of the pirates had returned to the Dark Lady and all who was abroad the luxury liner dead, captain Sarne ordered his crew to return to their base on Nal-Hutta. As the Dark Lady jumped back into hyper space all that was left was a floating grave yard of what was a luxury liner.


Positions Held

Commander of Sapphire Squadron, Obelisk trooper for Shadow Gate, Obelisk trooper for Night Raptors

Outstanding Achievements

Anything you're proud of.