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Natro Liwep
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

22 ABY

Physical Description









Medium Brown




Right Forearm

Personal Information

Titanic Thunder

Lightsaber Color(s):


Lightsaber Form(s):

Djem So

Chronology & Political Information

Clan Odan-Urr

Known masters:

Revak Kur



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Physical Appearance

Natro is a fair skinned human with medium brown hair and blue eyes. He has a tall and slender build standing at 1.77 meters and weighs 88 kg. Natro has a scar above his left eyebrow and his right forearm is cybernetic.


Natro was born in 22 ABY on Coruscant to two Jedi knights known as Emilia and Narturo Liwep.

As a child, Natro’s personality was a lot like his Father, who struggled with his emotions. Lilly could sense this pain and loss in Natro. He didn’t have any pets or hobbies, as he was coping with the loss of his parents. Natro would cry and rage to cope with it. Natro did make friends with a Mandalorian foundling named Titanic Thunder.

When Natro was 5 years old, his parents engaged in a battle with Darth Vengeance. Natro tried to protect his parents but Vengeance struck him with his lightsaber and left a scar above his left eyebrow. Natro’s parents were killed, and Natro watched as Vengeance brutally murdered them. Shortly after their demise, Natro’s Aunt Lilly found him, and took him to Corvus where he was raised and trained to be a Jedi. Natro ultimately went to the grey path because of his struggle with his emotions.

Natro was very interested in becoming a Jedi. He was always fascinated with looking up some of the Jedi from the past. He was very interested in the war with the empire and the events that all happened before that. Basically Natro was very into history.

Ties to DB

Natro and his Aunt Lilly would usually spend time bonding, since Natro loved his Aunt (being that she’s the only family he had left). They’d spend time together by just chilling out and snuggling. One day, when Natro was 16, Gui Sol came to Corvus and asked to take Natro and recruit him for the DB. Natro accepted the invitation because he wanted to meet more Jedi. His Aunt also came along with him.

Natro never went to school as a child because he hated it. Later on, when Natro met up with the DB, he started training. He chose his lightsaber crystal, which was purple. Natro uses Djem So for his Lightsaber Style, because his father used it and it helped Natro with his emotions.

Later Life

Natro had learned how to craft from his aunt, as he’d spend time in his hut building lightsabers. Natro’s Aunt sadly passed away from old age, and Natro was devastated. He had lost the only family he had left. One day Natro met Elyon, and they formed a brother-sister relationship, which made Natro very happy. Natro also got to see his childhood friend again, Titanic Thunder. Currently, Natro is training with his new Master, Revak Kur.