Maaks Erinos

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This article details the history of a character who no longer actively takes part in current events.

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Maaks Erinos
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

16 ABY

Physical Description









Grey Brown


Black Krayt Pearls

Personal Information

Arcona, Erinos, Kodiak Clan, Teroch Erinos

Chronology & Political Information
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Almost a blank slate compared to his contemporaries in the Brotherhood, Maaks grew up clear of warfare and tragedy, nevertheless, his future holds a touch of destiny about it.


Born to the adopted Miraluka homeworld, Maaks had an uneventful upbringing, kept safe from the ravages of galactic war by both the planet’s isolated location and his parent’s meticulous efforts to keep their family out of the spotlight. His mother was an artisan and his father was a local fisherman, which granted them modest financial security. There were few events of note, however this left Maaks feeling unfulfilled, frustrated and bored. Unfortunately, his parents were very, very accepting and any attempts by the youth to express himself through teenage rebellion were met with patient understanding and affection, further infuriating him. During the Yuuzhan Vong invasion, Alpheridies was kept mercifully safe due to it being secreted away in the Veil, and much of the Vong attention was focused on nearby Hapes, however Maaks, like all Miraluka, could sense the war raging through the galaxy and felt drawn to the conflict, anything to escape the mundane monotony of his life on Alpheridies. His chance came when a resupply vessel from the Arconan hermit fleet landed on Alpheridies, and he stowed aboard it, feeling an urging from the force.

Upon arriving on the Clan’s flagship, he was immediately arrested by the ship’s security and nearly executed on the spot, however luck once again shone on him, as the Consul at the time, Sashar Arconae, prevented it, as he sensed considerable force potential in the youth. Thus, his training began.

The Blind following the Blind

Initially, Maaks was sent to the Shadow Academy and passed basic training, as he was physically able and potent enough in the force to graduate, however all of his instructors noted how he lacked the killer instinct most Dark Jedi possessed. Thus, he did not make many friends there. Sashar, hearing that Maaks was in danger of being picked off by one of the more vicious Apprentices, called him back to the Dajorra System, where he immediately took him on as an apprentice of his own. Reluctantly, the Consul agreed with the Shadow Academy Instructors’ prognosis, Maaks did indeed lack the X factor needed to take a life and be a truly effective soldier, and instead sent him to Dxun for Mandalorian training under several of his brothers there, including Kieran Kodiak Erinos and Juda Kodiak Erinos.

Alone with the Son

Maaks made fast friends with Teroch, Sashar’s son and they trained together. Other than that, he spent his time improving himself, honing his accuracy and speed. Throughout the months spent training, he was pushed to his limit in mind and body but still refused to kill. Instead, he made an unspoken agreement with himself: that he would be strong enough to never need to kill or be the death of someone. He watched his body grow firmer and his connection stronger, feeling true freedom for the first time in his life.

The Stars Do Beckon

An old acquaintance of Sashar’s, Dash Kuatir, attracted the attention of Sashar Erinos. Having been a former lover, and a well known Bounty hunter, his sudden, blatant appearance attracted enough attention for Sashar and a squad of armed allies to investigate. Whatever it was that Sashar had been interested in turned sour as a firefight ensued. It ends in a death, a boy younger than Maaks and an apprentice to one of Sashar’s allies. The loss was preventable, however, and Maaks’ inability to take a life, even where his allies were concerned was the cause of death. Maaks solidifies his belief that killing is fundamentally wrong.

The Great Void

Specific documents ascertaining to the movements and actions of Maaks Erinos were cut short after a number of years. Few knew where he was, what he was doing - or even if his allegiances remained with his home clan. He was presumed dead until he mysteriously returned one fateful night.


Maaks is tall for his age, wrapped in a tight formation of muscles meant for speed and agility. His hair is a burst of light brown at a medium length, and his skin is sunkist. He has been known to be embarrassed by his eyelids as it is unusual for his species so he chooses to wear coverings such as metallic visors or dark sunglasses. There are two black krayt pearls within his eye sockets, gifted to him by his master upon his Dark Jedi Knight rank.

Psychological Profile

Every impish, Maaks seemed to always have a brighter future on the horizon and took on every challenge as best he could. He was incredibly loyal to those he admired and was usually the one to stick up for the underdog.

On the inside, however, he was a mass of confliction. Having left the only life he had ever known, and by choice no less, guilt weighed over his days constantly. He thought of his family often, but the families in mind that caused the worst grief were of the people whose lives had been dismantled by the very Brotherhood he loved. The conflict made him useful, pushed him further, reached out to power in all of its forms to protect whatever he could.

The Force

Maaks’ connection to the force defined him from a very young age. There was no corner left shadowed as to his knowledge as he and his family worshipped both Ashla and Bogan, welcoming both into their lives equally.

This effectively solidified Maaks’ position as a Grey Jedi throughout his career and he had no qualms about dipping into either pool.

Thanks to his natural vision coming from the Force, Maaks excelled in hand to hand combat. His awareness of his surroundings made him difficult to hit, and though he wasn’t a heavy hitter he would employ the Force to enhance his blows. however, this did not make Maaks a close combat fighter, as he preferred to act from the outside and fully observe. His true talents lay in Battle Meditation, having been introduced to it by his master. By connecting to his allies, he synced with their personable talents and helped them to fight. Like a puppet on a string he guided them. Their aim was sharper, their endurance stronger and their dodging ability greatly improved.


Fighting never sat well with Maaks, and his fighting style reflected that; preferring to direct and support from a distance rather than inflict any of the damage himself. He utilised an array of Slugthrowers, Blasters and Dart Guns to give him maximum flexibility and rarely used his lightsaber if he could help it.