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Korriz system



Rotation period:

21 hours

Orbital period:

541 days





Primary Terrain:


Points of interest:

Tritos Nal's Forge

Native species:


Immigrated species:




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Old Sith Empire

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The planet of Korriz is located on the western edge of Sith Space and nestled within the borders of the Stygian Caldera. Positioned at the tail end of the Descri Wris Hyperlane, Korriz was considered a backwater planet. Sith Lords and their retainers utilized the planet as a retreat world due to its seclusion and its relatively short distance from the holy world of Ziost.

Uninhabited, Jaguada remains a nearly untouched jungle world with only a few Sith Temples dotting the planet’s surface. One such temple belonged to the Sith Lord Tritos Nal and was utilized as a workshop. Known as a master of Sith Magic and proficient in Sith Alchemy, Nal forged weapons and artifacts within his workshop. These weapons included a priceless sword created for the Sith Lord Garu.

In 37 ABY, the One Sith hired the Sun Guards of Thyrsus to establish multiple basecamps on the planet’s surface. The Sun Guards have unloaded heavy equipment on the planet to include scout walkers, speeder bikes, and prefab garrisons. A heavy contingent of warriors have established a position within Tritos Nal’s forge.


Korriz is a jungle world with nearly untouched jungles, forests, and tropical regions. The planet is plagued with high rain fall resulting in large swaths of flood lands during the rainy seasons. The high level of precipitation has resulted in the deterioration of most ancient structures, to include the majority of the remaining Sith Temples.

Points of Interest

Tritos Nal’s workshop

Tritos Nal’s workshop is a multistory facility that has remained protected from the environment through the Dark Side of the Force. Nearly intact, the workshop possesses an exterior defensive wall, guard towers, and nearly impregnable doors. The interior of the workshop possesses ancient Sith architecture to include lost sith runic designs and patterns.

The One Sith

The Sun Guards of Thyrsus

The Sun Guards of Thyrsus are known through the galaxy for their black armor, terrifying brutality, and nearly perfect record within combat. The sun guards utilize an uncountable number of weapons and tools that are often designed for specific missions. The rank and file sun guards utilize extendable vibroblades that are concealed within their gauntlets, boot and knee spikes, heated fist guards capable of burning flesh, flame throwers, poison dart shooters, cortosis double bladed pike weapons, and various models of blasters.

Sun Guards are experts in the echani style of hand-to-hand combat, ruthless in their approach, and will accept whole sale slaughter to accomplish their mission.

Biskaran Pirates

The Biskaran Pirates were hired to patrol space above Korriz and prevent follow on Dark Jedi Brotherhood forces from supporting elements on the planet’s surface. The Biskaran Pirates utilize a random collection of modified Cloakshape fighters to conduct patrols while their operations are based out of a Clone Wars era Recusant-class light destroyer.

The Biskaran Pirates have employed large fields of LX-4 proton mines in near orbit and within the Descri Wris Hyperlane. The pirates are capable of preventing small forces from fleeing the Korriz, but they will be unable to match a full scale invasion fleet.

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