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Jaredi Edius
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5023 BBY

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1.8 Meters


185 Pounds



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Jaredi Edius was a Jedi during the Great Hyperspace War, but due to his addiction, he fell to the Dark Side and stalked the galaxy for 10 years, only to fall in hibernation on the planet Ambria.

Character History

The Jedi Order

When Jaredi was young, he was discovered by the Jedi Order and taken to their Academy on Ossus, where he was promised a life of guarding the weak and fighting evil, a life he thought he wanted. Jaredi wasn't known for his prowess with a lightsaber, or his mastery over acrobatics, but he was known for his telepathy, his mind tricks. His master often said that while he could not kill a Sith with a saber, he could kill the Sith by invading his mind. Due to his Anzat heritage, he was a master at telepathy already at an early age, and his abilities were only fueled with the Force, allowing him to control the minds of young Jedi with relative ease. His peers would excel in combat and the use of the Force, and Jaredi would silently and carefully feed off of them, feasting upon their soup and gaining their power.

It wasn't long until he was stronger then any other Jedi of his level, his prowess with a saber was unmatched, his mastery over the force unrivaled. His power, however, came with a price. His master knew what the Anzat was doing, and instead of stopping him, his master decided to feed him the weaker Jedi, thinning the herd so that the Jedi would not have to reassign them to be librarians or scholars, saving the High Council time and allowing them to take more aggressive action against the Sith during the Great Hyperspace War, something Jaredi would long to fight in, but would never receive the chance. His price was not the fact that he couldn't fight in the Great Hyperspace War, his master deemed him unready to fight against Dark Side Adepts, instead he would travel to the Battlefields after the actual battles, and he would meditate on what he thought his lesson was.

More and more Jedi died, and Jaredi grew more and more in power, still feasting on his brethren, only now they were no longer the weak Jedi that would be scholars or librarians, but his Masters enemies within the Order, other Jedi Masters that his Master would incapacitate and give to Jaredi. While Jaredi was practically basking in the Dark Side, his mind becoming warped through his meditations, his Master was off fighting in the Great Hyperspace War, trying to capture as many Sith as he could, not because it was the Jedi way, but to feed his machine that he created.


After the Great Hyperspace War ended, the Council decided to examine those that fought and those that didn't. Jaredi and his Master were of the most prominent cases that the Order looked at. The Young Jedi, who at first couldn't even wield a saber, was now as proficient in the Arts of Combat as some Masters, and his Master, who before was a shining example of a Jedi, had become angry and paranoid. It was the Order's ruling that they be sent into Exile, and as a punishment, they would be sent to a planet barren and devoid of life.

Ambria, the planet of exile chosen for the two Fallen, was once filled with numerous plant life and creatures, but due to a Dark Side Witch and her experiments, the planet was destroyed and is now a desert planet. Before the exile, and his stay on Ambria, Jaredi always considered himself a Jedi. The only reason he drank the soup of the Jedi was cause his Master lied to him, saying they were Sith spies, and while some were, most were not. It wasn't until the moment he stepped on Ambria, when all the Dark Souls shouted out to him, did he realize what he was. His Master, who stopped being paranoid and angry the second he stepped on Ambria, began to apologize to Jaredi. The Young Jedi only festered with hatred, feeling betrayed by his former master.

The Death of A Master

Although the two became highly distant to each other, Jaredi always kept an eye on his former master. The Young Jedi, due to his Master's routine feeding, had extreme potential to be a powerful entity within the Force. His master knew this, and began to concoct ways to eliminate the threat, his old paranoia coming back. Constantly, the Master planned of how to destroy the monster that he created, and when all hope was lost, he remembered a small lake that was not far from his camp that Jaredi always meditated near. It was here that his Master would try and kill him, throwing him in the Lake and ridding him of a powerful enemy.

The Old Jedi finally made his way to the Lake, finding Jaredi levitating over the pristine, calm water. The Lake that Jaredi routinely went to was in fact infested with ancient Dark Souls, followers of the Ancient Sith Witch that destroyed Ambria, forever trapped in the waters. It was because of this, that Jaredi meditated here. Each day, Jaredi would learn something from the disembodied voices, mostly history, who they were, or what they did, but occasionally they would cough up a nugget of useful information, for instance the fact that Jaredi's master was planning on killing him. Jaredi was actually surprised at the time it took for his Master to swallow his old pride and attempt to kill Jaredi.

His master wasted no time attacking Jaredi, who quickly cut his masters hand off. Jaredi, who had now completely given himself to the Dark Side, picked his old master up by the throat, and slowly began drinking his soup. It was this moment that Jaredi had passed every test and trial he gave himself. With everything done, he laid in wait, hibernating next to the Lake that held the Dark Souls that had helped him, waiting for the time for him to come out of Hibernation.

The Brotherhood

Awakening from his slumber, Jaredi appeared vastly different. The Dark Side had invaded his body, changing his skin from a healthy pink to a sickly gray. Before, he had no blemishes anywhere on his body, but when he awoke his skin was filled with decay and dark spots where his blood congealed under his skin. His eyes, once a dark brown, were now cloudy and white, and his hair, once silky and soft, became coarse and unkempt. His nails became claws, his teeth turned yellow, and his skin around his eyes were stained with his own blood. His nerves were destroyed in the 5000 year long hibernation, allowing him to never feel pain.

With his new appearance, Jaredi realized many societies would not take him in, so he stayed an exile, an outcast, and he feasted upon Force Sensitives, not for power, but for revenge. It wasn't until he met Shin'ichi Endymiron Keibatsu that he decided to put his power and knowledge to use, helping the Dark Brotherhood gain power, and in turn, he would gain power.