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Outer Rim Territories


Sith Worlds


Jaguada system



Rotation period:

27 hours

Orbital period:

357 days





Primary Terrain:

Barren desert

Points of interest:

Darth Gravid’s Abandoned Fortress

Native species:


Immigrated species:


Major imports:


Major exports:


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The planet of Jaguada is the lone inhabitable planet within the Jaguada System. Located in the Sith Worlds region of the Outer Rim Territories, Jaguada falls along a junction of the Kamat Aeget and the Kamat Krote hyperlanes. Despite its strategic positioning along two hyperlanes, Jaguada remained relatively unpopulated due to harsh climates and barren terrain.

The Sith Lord Gravid and his apprentice Darth Gean established a fortress on Jaguada to house ancient Sith artifacts and knowledge. The fortress provided solitude for Lord Gravid in his pursuit of greater understanding of the Force. Gravid’s meditations led to his eventual acceptance of the Light Side of the force and the rapid deterioration of his sanity. In an act of madness, Gravid determined the only possible way to ensure the success of the Sith Order would be for him to destroy its artifacts. Gravid utilized a Force bubble to defend his fortress and began to destroy artifacts, holocrons, and tombs within his possession. Darth Gean eventually breached the fortress and destroyed her master, but not before he was able to set the Sith order back generations.

Nearly 400 years later, a single city was formed on Jaguada to support traders along the Aeget and Krote hyperlanes. The city allied with the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the clone wars and would later house a garrison of clone troopers during the Galactic Republic. In 37 ABY, the One Sith prepositioned mercenaries from the infamous Kaleesh Kolkpravis within the lone city on Jaguada. A Horde sized military unit of 400 Kaleeshi have established guerilla tunnels and trenches near Darth Gravid’s fortress. Intelligence indicates that the Kaleeshi have also sabotaged the ruins of the fortress and emplaced improvised explosive devices, mines, and booby traps.


Jaguada is a barren desert planet incapable of supporting large population. The planet’s lone city is a transitory hub for traders, smugglers, and military forces utilizing its junction position upon two hyperlanes.

Points of Interest

Darth Gravid’s Fortress

Darth Gravid’s fortress has deteriorated into scattered ruins with one central hall remaining. The structure is crafted from materials brought from off planet and has been protected through the Dark Side’s unnatural abilities. Several underground passageways exist in various states of disrepair. There is a potential that these passageways lead to unexplored vaults or treasure rooms.

The One Sith

The Kaleesh Kolkpravis

The Kaleesh Kolkpravis are a mercenary organization that has sworn allegiance to the One Sith. Relentlessly martial, the Kolkpravis do not possess a word for downtime or retirement. The Kolkpravis warriors spend a lifetime training in guerilla tactics and small unit maneuver. The warriors are fearless and have developed the mental capacity and determination to go to extremes in order to reach missions success. This includes suicide attacks, which are highly encouraged as a battlefield tactic.

The Kolkpravis warriors based on Jaguada are led by a Tarkhan. Despite the Tarkhan’s command authority, the Kolkpravis utilize a decentralized mission command philosophy and depend on the initiative of their warriors. Kolkpravis fighters honor rank advancement above all else and will utilize any means necessary to rise within their own ranks.

Biskaran Pirates

The Biskaran Pirates were hired to patrol space above Jaguada and prevent follow on Dark Jedi Brotherhood forces from supporting elements on the planet’s surface. The Biskaran Pirates utilize a random collection of modified Cloakshape fighters to conduct patrols while their operations are based out of a Clone Wars era Recusant-class light destroyer.

The Biskaran Pirates have employed large fields of LX-4 proton mines in near orbit and within the Kamat Aegit hyperlane. The pirates are capable of preventing small forces from fleeing the Jaguada, but they will be unable to match a full scale invasion fleet.

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