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Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise?
This article details the history of a character who no longer actively takes part in current events.

Jaden 'Nathanial' Cardie
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Jaden Cardie is a Protector in the Independent House Odan-Urr. He is the first of 2 children born on the planet Coruscant in the year 13 ABY. His mother and father where murdered by members of the swoop gang 'Kirlan Kar' when Jaden was 8 years old. With no living relatives Jaden was forced to live on the streets and learned all the basic skills of life on his own. In the year 21ABY Jaden was found by an ex-jedi Colorn Bmarr and was bought to the Brotherhood promptly to begin his force training.

He is an ex Imperial office hailing from the Imperial Directorate, a keen military strategist and veteran from the Vong Wars.

Jaden Wears the customary robes of the Jedi and wields a Solid blue lightsaber.


Jaden's Homeworld

Early Life

Jaden was born in the year 13ABY to Freeda and Carlo Cardie, his parents were ex-officer so of the Empire and with the death of Palpatine in 4 ABY had renounced their faith and commissions with the Empire. When Jaden was 8 years of age Jaden's parents were killed in an attempted mugging in the underworld of Coruscant. After his parent's were killed he was forced onto the streets, Jaden tried to make a living selling goods as a street vendor but with the fall of the Empire Coruscant's security dropped dramatically and anyone with any sort of credits in the open was an easy target. At the age of 5 Jaden's sister Cythinia succumbed to Danthomier fever and died shortly afterwards. Jaden was all alone in this huge city planet. It wasn't until a passing freighter pilot who just happened to be an ex-student of the Sith Academy known as the Dark Jedi Brotherhood passed and sense the unusual amount of force present in this small malnourished boy. Jaden reluctantly followed the pilot to the academy where Jaden began his training.

Sith Academy and Imperial Service

After roughly 2 years of intense Sith training Jaden found that the academy was holding him back from becoming the Sith he dreamed of being. Jaden became rouge and ran to the remnants of the Empire. After passing all the exams at the Imperial Academy Jaden began rising through the ranks of the Imperial Directorate. After serving for 2 years as an Ensign and Lieutenant in the Imperial Operations Centre Jaden was given the opportunity to head out on one of the smaller escort frigates moving cargo including prisoners from outer-rim territories into the Imperial Sector. Jaden Hated this job but at least it was in space. After spending 18 months ferrying the Cargo seamlessly Jaden's convoy was attacked by a band of New Republic Fighters, after half the pilot wing was destroyed in the first wave, Jaden himself took a fighter into battle. Upon returning to the Imperial Command Jaden was honoured with a set of Pilot wings and was promoted to the Rank of Commander. Jaden was then given a command of his own, this time instead of prisoners and dodgy cargo he was in charge of rapid fighter deployment from Mobile battle stations. Jaden had taken a keen interest in fighter piloting had earned the call sign lucky-break from his fellow pilots, although he rarely flew Jaden became respected by his fellow pilots as on of the best COs they had ever had. Jaden was a Wing Commander with over 200 flights under his belt just before the Vong attacked. After the initial battles of the war the Empire fighting by themselves had lost over 43 Star Destroyers and countless Frigates and fighters. The Fighter command of the ID was swallowed by the Navy as the Empire could not keep 4 different sections alive at once. With the assimilation of the Fighter Crops Jaden was promoted to the Rank of Captain and placed in charge of the ISD-Chimoria. It wasn't long before Jaden became of the most respected captains in what was left in the Imperial Fleet, within 4 months of taking charge Jaden and his crew had liberated 4 ex-imperial outposts ad destroyed close to 100,000 Vong weapons. The ISD-Chimora was renamed the Relentless in honour of his father's Star Destroyer. In the year 29 ABY as the Vong war was coming to a close, the Relentless came under heavy attack from over 500 Vong attack craft, the ship was lost within minutes. Jaden himself piloted a Imperial Gun boat into battle to hold off the remaining Vong forces. After a 27 hour dogfight Jaden crashed on the planet Byss, heavenly wounded Jaden made his way to the legendary Bast Castle, the last remaining fortress of the legendary Jedi and Sith Lord Darth Vader. Sheltering from the acid rain Jaden activated the emergency beacon from the castle and began to pass the time by reading the tens of thousands of Sith and Jedi Holobooks found in the vast halls. After a week with no-reply Jaden began to search the castle for supplies and some sort of escape from the planet. After venturing into a large hall that once housed the throne room Jaden found the skeletons of 4 what looked like Dark Jedi but without the customary robes and or any markings of a tribe. Jaden found a dusty lightsaber laying by the left hand of this unidentifiable force user. Igniting it he found that the blade looked somewhat dull, as if the lightsaber was mass made and cheap. After searching through the rest of the castle Jaden managed to find a small complement of Tie-X1 fighters however these craft were heavly damaged and would need a fair amount of work if these were his means of escape. For over a year Jaden rebuilt a fighter from bits and pieces he could find around the castle. In his downtime Jaden re-learnt how to fight with a lightsaber. Even though he was trapped in this dark evil castle Jaden had never felt closer to the light. After what seemed a life time Jaden managed to reapir the engines and hull of the tie-fighter and with the flick of a few buttons the loud screeching sound of a the twin ion engines came to life and the craft began to lightly hover. Disengaging the engines Jaden ran through the halls of the castle grabbing any supplies he could find along with a set of dark jedi robes he found on a dummy in a back room, dawning the robes Jaden boarded the tie-fighter that Darth Vader himself had once piloted he set off on the long trip back to the Imperial Sector.

After returning to civilisation, Jaden had found that the Empire had placed him as MIA, 98% of his crew had been killed when the Relentless blew up over Byss.

Return to the Order

Jaden found that with the fall of the ID he had no direction, he turned back to the Dark Jedi Brotherhood but this time chose to follow the path of the light. Although his effort at the moment towards his studies is lacking he continues to count as an active member of the DJB.

The undercity where Jaden spent most of his time after the death of his family.

DJB Facts

Left the DJB after 2 years of training to join the Empire

Returned but left the darkness to become a knight of the light

Carries a blue lightsaber

Has had 2 masters, after the death of Cado H'nar.

Positions Held

Member of house Scholar Palpatine

Member of Independent house Revan

Member of House Odan-Urr

Outstanding Achievements

I came back


  • Did you know that Jaden was given shelter by a hermit in the underworld of Coruscant.
  • Jaden was a gunner on the ISD Planater before becoming Capatin of the ISD Imperia
  • Served as a temporary General on the high command after the ID leader was murdered.
  • carries a blaster as well as a lightsaber